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  1. GM Note - I picked the M2012 out from the main rulebook on p55 I wanted to use stuff that everyone would have access to even if they didn't have lots of the supplements. The stats I'm using are for a weapon chambered for the 7.62 (nato?) round. Rif +2 N P 7.62(6d6+2) 30 4 VR 400m 1400eb. BUT because I'm a nice guy and no expert on firearms, I'll go with Phipps' suggestion of increasing the ROF to 30 it'll also no doubt make the weapon even MORE illegal which'll make it Rif +2 N P 7.62(6d6+2) 30 30 VR 400m 1400eb. And yes Mr.Vito is being generous, however one mi
  2. Behind the steel and concrete tower, in a cordoned-off area Thumper fires at the huge pile of building aggregate, the bullets dissappearing into the sand. They'll end up in the very fabric of the building never to be seen again. The HKs seem as accurate as any 12mm SMG can be. A couple of workers look round but pay very little attention, they're all used to this sort of thing, some of them may even have been with Vito Construction since the city was founded nearly 30 years ago.
  3. Tony walks Rat to the nondescript van and slides the side door open. On the floor lies an equally nondescript tarpaulin. Tony throws it back to reveal a selection of firearms. Thumper and Neko automatically move to flanking positions and nod to each other as they pickup the guards stationed out of the way a few cars over to keep this bit of the parking lot private for the time being. A couple of guys in jeans and military surplus jackets, so not to look too out of place on a construction site, with what look like Ingram Mac14s, with the silencers removed they're small and concealab
  4. A round trip to DaSilva Electronics gives the team access to whatever electronic devices they require. A new computer for Rat and the components to enable Shrap to fix Neko's smartglasses as well as any miscellaneous gear that the team decides it needs. By 3:30 pm the van is heading back Southwards to one of the inner city redevelopments being undertaken by non other than Vito Construction. The construction site's parking lot is busy but Thumper spots Tony and points over Bloodbath's shoulder as the viking guides the van over to where the mafioso stands beside a black classic 90's B
  5. This is just a thank you post to the players and readers of the game for sticking with it for so long inspired by Snowtiger's post in the game about Neko getting a chance to prove himself. I just want to let folks know that even though I run a very "steady" game (maybe read that as slow ) I want to continue running it as long as there are folks who want to play. I have "episodes" sketched out for all the PCs even though it's seemed to center on one or tow of them so far. I just hope folks will stick with it as the story arc unfolds. Having said that, I'm not gonna railroad anyone int
  6. Well one thing I'd ask is what do they want from their old characters? Is it a shot at revenge? Is it a second chance? Or is it just some more adventures in familiar shoes? If it's the revenge thing, and it'll lead to a fun story then I say go for it, have them cloned, or brought out of the regeneration tank or whatever same goes for the second option. If it's the third one, and they just want the same characters rather than a continuation of the story, just pickup the characters from a point convenient in the timeline and take it forwards as an alternative storyline with no mention
  7. Tony pauses for a second as if making a few notes as he listens, you can almost imagine him pulling back his sleeve to check the time. "How does 4pm sound? I can get a half decent collection assembled for you by then. That'll give you a couple of hours to get what you need and head to somewhere safe for the meet."
  8. MonSTeR

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    Quote (Snowtiger @ July 07 2002,11:44) Kick a dog, and it just runs away. Kick a cat, and its gonna take your toes with it. Kick any animal, out of anything other than defence, and I hope you go to prison to make "special friends" with Rosco the weightlifting serial killer
  9. Darthmurph has a great point about how far can you push the boundaries of Cyberpunk and still have it remain Cyberpunk. Maybe this new "biopunk" phenomenon is a more accurate portrayal of what is likely to come, but I think that to allow folks the room to suppose that whatever discoveries will be required to reach the levels of technology desired in a game setting is the way to go. If you want to base your world on the discovery that allows neural/electonic interaction to work flawlessly, have it discovered back in 1998 and kept under wraps by whoever until it was ready for public co
  10. "Yeah no problem" Tony continues, he seems glad to have the ball rolling on this. "Where are you now? I'll get something sorted and we can arrange a meet, if you want the regular stuff I can get you clean merchandise straight away, anything more might take a little time."
  11. One of Rat's phones buzzes in a pocket. He reaches to answer it. "Rat, it's Tony," pleasantries are exchanged before he moves onto why he's really calling. "Do you want the bad news or the intriguing news?" Tony doesn't wait for an answer, "The van, bought this morning under fake ID, I'm "informed" the NCPD are running the vid of the buyer, chances are they may well get a match on him, so that's a possible." He continues, "And here's the fun stuff, we talked to some of 'our friends' at Trauma Team, that wasn't one of their birds, at least they have recor
  12. As a GM, I let the character live where it's appropriate. If I was playing a high level/corp game where money was abundant then everyone would have a nice place, maybe bought, maybe rented heck maybe one of each, or more. They might sleep rough sometimes, especially in mid score, or even use hotels, but they'll always have a more permanent abode, or the means to aquire one if they wish. If I'm running a low level game, then the players might doss in an abandoned house/squat type place. Or they might rent coffins every night. Generally I allow the players the appropriate dwelling to t
  13. The second HumVee starts to roll forwards and Scanlan jogs over hops in as it catches up to him. The barrier to the facility raises and the black truck moves around the outside of the team's van and then drives towards the facility the gunner facing forwards now the situation has been resolved peacefully. Brunetti walks over to the SUV and seemingly talks with his employer, nodding occasionally at what one would guess were the ideas on security and the like. He glances over a couple of time, checking the situation but not doing so threateningly. The vans V8 engine ticks over with th
  14. I personally wouldn't want to be surprised by a GM introducing supernatural stuff into a standard game of "proper" CP, but I wouldn't mind playing a game where the genres met, if I knew about the crossover before hand, or even that there was a "twist" to the game I was investing my time in. Fun and different = good Moving the goalposts = unfair
  15. You don't need to go supernatural to scare your players, but it does add another facet to the game:) The only thing I would advise against, is "going Buffy" on a group of players who aren't into that sort of thing, especially not with their existing, long term characters without discussing it first. However, I think most groups might enjoy a little change of scenery once in a while. Anyone else got opinions on this?
  16. Krantz reaches into his jacket pocket and produces his wallet, he thumbs through the cards in there pulling one out, studying it briefly and returning it before settling on a black card with a gold KT logo on it. "This should see you alright" he says handing the card over to Rat "It's a corporate card so you shouldn't have any trouble" He folds his wallet and replaces it in his jacket pocket. He takes another glance at the server details and pauses for thought for a moment. "No, I can't think of anything else, but I'll contact you if anything comes up." He extends his hand
  17. Quote (DragoonCav @ June 27 2002,02:59) Nene is sexier by an order of magnitude Most Definately.
  18. Quote (TandemSpoony @ June 18 2002,22:44) I have no interest in joining a play-by-post game. I find it's extremely slow and hardly in the spirit of session-by-session gaming on which I was weaned. Sorry guys. I would like DMing a Cyberpunk game for you here, but first I think I would like to join one of yours. Sort of a way to establish my credibility and get my own feel for the street here, before diving head-first into unfamiliar gaming turf. If you'd like to have me in your game, drop me a line and I'd love to learn more about it. As far as I know all of the games played here a
  19. Like Phipps I use the interlock system and change a lot of the background. But to answer the Public's question as to why. I think it's basically just escapism, escapism to a place where enough is possible to make things interesting, but still real enough to let me keep my feet on the ground.
  20. Meanwhile Brunetti moves over to the second humvee, and talks with the driver a while, he seems to listen intently a few times as if to no-where, probably a cyberaudio link to the security control office. The guards make small talk with each other, and include the team in their quips and stories. Seemingly both Krantz and Rat are getting what they both wanted here, so the situation difuses somewhat and folks get a lot more relaxed. A guard comes over and tends to Neko's hand with a first aid kit, sterilising the wound applying synskin and then rebandaging it lightly, the high tech m
  21. Krantz nods, "Yep that's the guy. I'll get the in-house folks to sweep the security systems and the computers, then I'll subcontract some folks in to go over it again, if they spot anything my people miss, that might give us an idea as to whether we've got a deliberate leak or not. I can get you the files you want and a company credit card too, I can courier them to you somewhere or you can pick them up here." He smoothes his moustache, "I don't think Zimmeman will be worried about the mob though, SI has it's fingers in too many pies, and puts too much money into the city in un
  22. Krantz nods slowly and draws a deep breath, he’s going to start from somewhere the beginning of all this. “She met Zimmerman , ooh a while back now they were doing a deal over some high temperature alloys for SI’s aeronautics division. We're one of the only facilities with the..." His voice trails off when he realises he's started talking about metals. He starts afresh "One thing lead to another and kids being kids they got involved. A few months go by and he proposes, Juliet says they’re very much in love. Only I think it’s more sinister than that, like what happened to
  23. Electric motors hum as the rear window on the SUV goes down. A grey haired man with a moustache can be seen sitting in the back seat. Brunetti turns round as he hears the window open. He looks for confirmation from the man in the SUV. Dr. Krantz nods slightly and then steps down. He speaks loudly so everyone can hear. "We can talk in here Rat" He gestures the fixer over as the gunners train thier weapons on the team just in case.
  24. Brunetti rubs the back of his shaven head. “Safe house huh?” he snorts out a chuckle “Don’t seem it was that safe does it cowboy?” He shoves his hands into the open pockets of his jacket as he talks. “But yeah I see your point. You wanna come inside for a talk that’s fine, you don’t that’s fine too.” He shrugs vaguely in the direction of the Krantz building “Where and when for this meet?”
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