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  1. I'm sure folks do see Cyberpunk as Shadowrun's poor relative, maybe because in terms of financial backing I'm sure it WAS. But it was also more underground, and that made it cooler and more stylish, almost by playing Cyberpunk you were closer to the edge than you could ever be playing Shadowrun. Back in their heyday as stupid as it may seem in my area, CP players used to look down on Shadowrun players for being "sell outs" and too "mainstream". Shadowrun players were also usually the more casual gamers, CP players were usually after something a bit more "real" even the CP players versions
  2. Naked Bob slurps the last of the can of Dr. Pepper and puts the can down on the desk. "Yeah sure, I'll lock up from up here" he grins "and I'll get back to you on the runners by tonight. these guys don't take long." He grabs an already opened bag of Doritos and still seated rolls his chair a couple of feet over to another PC and using an actual keyboard and screen setup, prepares to go online.
  3. Well I don't think funk is really a musical style I'd want to roleplay, but having said that, most cyberpunk I play tends to be more jazz anyway Or that weird slightly anemic pseudo intellectual jazz-rock those in the know call... (and get this) fusion !!! And as for the bio, well I dare say I use enough of that anyway, in my "normal" CP setting, a lot of nano-stuff is biological, I'm more in the know when it comes to genesplicing than I am about iddy biddy machines.
  4. Bob shrugs and slups some more soda and takes Rat's deck. He rests the deck on the desk while he finishes readying the software for the transfer. He rests his hands on the keyboard for a while checking over the screen. then pushing the chair back a bit on its wheels he roots around under the desk in one of those plastic stackable storage boxes and produces a couple of leads with the appropriate plugs. He rigs everything together and hits "enter" a couple of times, whilst absent mindedly scratching his beard. In a few but seemingly endless moments the data transfer is complete. Bob
  5. I tend to play characters that I think suit the game that's going to be run. There's nothing worse than trying to shoe-horn a pre-existing character into a totally different type of game. I think eraser is right though, there are a few "normal" CP games going on like my own and Thumper's, and then there's The Public's game which has a twist to it (the Cthullu stuff), you might want to try a different gaming style, if you were to start a new one. Maybe a backstabbing corporate game or something slightly off the wall would grab folks' attention.
  6. Bob rubs his curly hair with his right hand, then scratches at his beard. "Yeah there are a couple of guys I know who might be up for a little work against 'the machine'" He pauses for a while and looks shiftily sideways. As quickly as his concentration left his, it returns. "So yeah I'll put out a couple of posts, and see who's in and for what price." His mind wanders again, then once more he's back with you. He pads over to the right hand side of the third floor apartment, as you watch him go, somehow dreading the sight, but unable to tear your gaze away, your attention i
  7. The third, and highest, floor landing follows the black and white tiled with wood fittings style of the entrance hall. There appears to be only on apartment on this level. As you come up the stairs on the right hand side of the landing, another set of double doors, similar in style to the ones at the entrnace, but slightly smaller are found on the left of the landing. One of the doors opens slightly. Through the gap in the door you can see the silhouette of a fuzzy haired man, pressed up against the door peaking out. His demeanor relaxes as he recognises some of the group and he ope
  8. Actually, it's quite conceivable that genemods can be performed at any time in an organism's life cycle. Especially given the extrapolated 2020 technology. Somatic gene therapy is already a technology, and I think it's quite acceptable to throw it into full usage in 20 years time. It's all about getting the retroviruses tailored correctly, of course if it goes wrong...
  9. A lot of the time, I simply use the rules for stuff as they exist as their "biological counterparts". Things like enhanced antibodies, or skinweave could probably more easily be explained using biological such as simply splicing a genes for other or more potent immune repsonses in for the antibodies, or having something along the lines of spidersilk made in the epidermis...
  10. I'm actually guilty of never having read this book!!! I know it's on the to-do list, I just need some time, and some encouragement to order a load of stuff off of amazon. I'll get there in the end.
  11. "Hmmmmmmmm..." There's a slight pause before a warm and somewhat mumbling voice goes on, slightly distorted by the electronic speaker. "Yeah, okay" There's a slight hum of servomotors, and the clunk of heavy bolts sliding back. It's quite possible that these doors are not made entirely of wood as their appearence would suggest. The righthand door opens inwards electronically there's what looks like hydraulic or maybe pneumatic cabling leading to a ram on the top of the door. The hall seems pretty abandoned. The balck and white checked tiling on the floor hasn't be polishe
  12. This area of the city has trees scattered at regular intervals down the streets. One such sycamore stands proud outside Naked Bob's building. The leaves are mostly gone, but a few flickers of red-gold remain everynow and then catching the suns rays. The entrance over the road is set back from the street with wooden double doors complete with brass fittings. You can make out a panel with what could be a speaker in set into the stonework by the door. No doubt there'll be cameras too.
  13. The Van heads west through the afternoon sunshine. Earth's star is getting lower in the sky now, and whilst the sun won't be setting for a while, the sky is already starting to acquire a reddish hue. The rays streak through the windshield into the back of the van, bathing everyone in a rich, warm golden light. The team is nigh on silent as the van heads west past Little Italy, past West Hill, past the University, the apartments blocks are older here but still good quality. Bloodbath pulls over opposite a sandstone faced apartment block, parking in the nearest available space. This is
  14. Tony checks his watch again. "Ok, 22-00 hours" He smile, and shakes Rat's hand, then moves around the team, ensuring he says goodbye to each of them. He then returns to make small talk with Rat until all the munitions have been transferred.
  15. Tony shakes his head and smiles "Don't worry about it, these are a gift from Mr. Vito" He hands the KT card back back to Rat without furthur ado. "Besides, if you're out there hunting these guys down, it means I don't have to. Mt. Vito is anxious for you to arrange a errr "business meeting" with the gentlemen responsible, or at least close the deal." Tony laughs a little before continuing, "So like I said, these are a gift." Meanwhile Shrap and Thumper peruse the grenades, most of it seems to be militech "surplus", there's cases of 20 hand grenades, both Flashba
  16. Quote sounds like a how to on paranioa for players there. I think Thumper's right, most of these are great ways to instill paranoia in the players' characters. Paranoia. But the thing is Gringoleader asked for ways in which "a certain internationally feared and reknown black ops group" might "revenge themselves on the players". Now I ask if an "internationally feared and reknown black ops group" that's out for revenge is going to waste time setting up surveillance for weeks, and leave subtle clues then not so subtle clues and so on. or is an "internationally feared and reknown bl
  17. Welcome Ocelot, I remember using some of your stuff a long time ago, must be about 5 years or so!!! It's great to see it back where it belongs
  18. "Gandolfini's to be sure. You'll be well taken care of there." Tony checks his watch and looks round the group before settling his gaze on Rat and raises his eyebrows looking for a response from the crew's boss.
  19. Well a lot of the original drawings ARE from the 80's so that's kinda going to make sense I don't know where fashion will be in 20 years time, but I doubt it'll be all that different from how it is now, like it hasn't changed that much from the 80's when Cyberpunk first started. The thing is I don't see that many changes in a lot of the clothes most folks will wear, business men have worn suits for the last century, combat fatigues have been pretty much the same for 30 or so years, even in the cut and fabrics have changed a little. But if your characters want to wear the latest urban fla
  20. In the future physical incapacity is only temporary, they can get new "cyber-bits" The best way I've found to incite vendetta is to show folks how vulnerable they really are. FIX's .357 cartridge on the table is just the start of it. Use it as a warning. Have the BA's be in one of the character's home's one night, or their local haunt. Have them isolate one of the characters and physically restrain said character and then cut out an eye, break all thier limbs or something similar. It's nothing serious in 2020, and could be done in a very "non-damaging" way, almost surgical in it
  21. Both men start to dissassemble thier weapons, the blonde techie easily get his gun down to the bare parts before the mafioso. Tony looks across as he finally gets the weapon into it's components. Shrap is already reassembling his gun. The Italian raises his eyebrows part in appreciation part in shock, and hurriedly starts to get his weapon back into one piece. Too late, the resounding crack as the large calibre sub machine gun fires, can be heard above the noise of the construction machines. Shrap lowers his gun, just as Tony slaps the magazine into place. He starts to laugh with the
  22. Tony laughs a hearty laugh, and then reaches into his jacket pocket. He produces a crisp 50eb note from the folds of the Italian leather wallet. "You're on" He smiles and places the gun down first and then the money on top of the bill that the techie put down. He looks around for a moment, and then pauses. "12mil' ammo?" He says as he half heartedly looks to make sure they both have rounds available. GM - note, I propose to run this as a simple opposed roll contest. Each contestant Tony and Shrap will roll twice on their weapons tech skills, once for the stripping do
  23. I'd like to say I had a collection of fantastic deaths to comment on but I don't. Most character deaths I've witnessed in CP at least, have been brutal and kurt affairs. The most memorable one wasn't a death but it was the end of the character, after an unfortunate firefight, the character was hospitalized and the last time the character was seem in the game was actually a hospital visit by the other PCs. Ironically I don't remember the conversations but I do remember the general feeling of the scene and that there was some very mature roleplaying going on as the team and thier
  24. MonSTeR


    Yep my Girlfriend introduced me to the Blade movies, and I too think they have great cyberpunk "style". I also think his car's cool too. Which we'll all admit is a VERY important facet of Cyberpunk
  25. Neko selects the other Ingram, and attaches the silencer and then joins the Viking and his fellow Solo in chewing up the sandpile. Tony Puts his arm round Shrap's shoulder and steers his view to the inside of the van, "Everything you need should be right here, and you call me Tony" With that he tugs at the fabric of his pants a little and clambers into the back of the van skillfully dodging the weapons laid out on the floor, he rummages a bit and without turning round hands a cleaning kit back to the techie. As Shrap starts to go over the guns, Tony clambers out of the van agai
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