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  1. Watch "80s Tech" on Modern Marvels. Also, the evolution of/into true metal (speed/thrash, and what would become death in another decade, and paved the way for one more offshot - symphonic melodic speed metal). Not to mention 80s pop, and, well... CyberPunk. lol! Oh, and fall of the iron curtain. (always nice to see communism fail) Disagree. Data terms are fixed units. Smart Phones are really more mini-cyberdecks without the VR interface. (as cyberdecks are really just smaller, more portable desktops with a VR interface) Holes for effect, but more
  2. Intereting, I had just made a thread like this in the general forum, not having looked in here. First off, I find it distressing to see things like "crap-tastci 80s stuff". In the first place, 80s is NOT crap-tastic in anyway. Secondly, there really isn't anything like that present. Only stuff we have, stuff that is still a projection, and stuff that never panned out. (can't call a data-term "80s stuff" as it never existed then, and is based on inventions of the 60s/70s and just never panned out with the way things developed - though an odd sort of idea too, it's gotta be a given that net
  3. I know there is at least one bit of artwork that shows t-shirt screens (or more? been a while since I dug through the source material), but perhaps clothing is the wrong place to look - at least right now... http://www.concept-phones.com/?s=bracelet+phone When I found this old thread, I immediately thought of a phone concept I'd seen that was a bracelet and a phone. That isn't the one I thought of, but it's the same basic idea. And quite cool. There's a lot of other concepts along the same lines too. Oh, and in the realm of flexible displays, remember the guide fro
  4. Pardon the thread necro. I've been re-lurking here a bit and digging through this sub-forum and found this thread I made back in 2007. When I saw that article, I was stoked. As I said, I've been waiting for holographic storage to come to market ever since I first heard about it in the early 90s on the old Discovery Channel show "The Next Step" ( <- not the crystal storage segment, but still a cool clip with show intro, great blast from the past). To finally see a hint that it was happening was awesome. Of course, in the ensuing years, I got side-tracked by day to day life an
  5. Heh, the . I was wrong about my previous comment, I found the 5th Gear segment, the Gallardo just BARELY lost (by a fraction of a second) to the bike. But a Mucielago LP640 would be a different matter, I'm sure. And that Atom smoked t he bike (by 4 seconds), and yet still came in just behind an Enzo on the lap board. I do know what you mean though. In many ways, it's the ultimate form of transport (a bike). An engine, with just enough wheels and gear to control and move it (and you), and nothing more. On a logical level, it appeals greatly to me. But the very thing that makes it so
  6. 5th Gear ran a sport bike against a car (think it was a Lambo of some kind), both piloted by professionals, and over-lapped the footage and the car won. Cars have more grip (4 traction patches vs 2, and each of the 4 are larger, means more braking and cornering force can be applied, and all the engines power can be used for acceleration [without flipping over]), are more stable, are safer, and are all weather capable. Personally, I think it's the sensation of speed that is what grabs you. It's a sense of connection and exposure that is unrivaled by any car. But in fact, the absolute perf
  7. Um.... you say that like it's a bad thing.
  8. As I've mentioned before, the VR aspect of the net will be there, and be important. A lot of "networking" goes on in bars and night clubs, as well as on MySpace and Facebook - combine them and have a virtual speak easy. Here netrunners will trade info on known bugs and exploits, new tools, new sites, trade files directly, and also play, chat and hang out, building reps. This aspect of a Netrunner should be similar to a Fixer's network. It has to be built and maintained. All characters can benefit (or suffer) from a rep, but Fixers and Netrunners almost need it. (the rare exception would b
  9. Houses and cities at sea? Reminded me of this - http://www.freedomship.com/
  10. De-Humidifiers. AC units do much the same thing. But I have to wonder about the wisdom of doing this though - it has to come from somewhere, and I know it's humidty, but that's my point, it's gonna dry out the air and have other effects - if taken to a mass scale that is.
  11. http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...mp;pageNumber=1 (emphasis added) The quality may not be there just yet, and they may be $5G at the moment, but, if they are looking at $1G by 2012, we could probably be safe in assuming that the higher price point will bring with it higher quality. So the 0.1% or 0.2% quality of the highend machines might be in the $1000 range by 2020-ish (if not less cost). That rocks, I want one so freakin' bad. But it does raise some interesting questions - if the tech for metal RP'ing makes it to the home, along with the inc
  12. Interesting read DS, thanks for the link. I can see the resemblence, but I think it's more a case of life imitating art unintentionally. RTG's model is more or less an implementation of Gibson, which seems to be loosely based on BBS's (how much he actually knew vs simply made up, I dunno). Either way though, the parallel is interesting food for thought. And one _could_ find a way to make that work, but there are a few problems. I mention this not to be argumentative, but because we're talking about realism in this thread. The MMO hacks are really little more than a combina
  13. Still on that emotional surge. If you had read what I wrote, I mentioned you as a point of reference in why I got to thinking about this. I t was NOT a jab at you. And the comments on the Matrix? Just like the comments on the RTG/Gibsonian model. About those and those alone, NOT you. Never said you were wrong for doing it your way.... which would be why I started a new thread rather than dive into yours, ya know? And for the record, my job is actually rather interesting. It's "boring" only when nothing is going on. But those times give me a chance to hang out here. lol Personal
  14. Destacado and I were talking and we strayed into netrunning, and he linked me to a thread by Cit X on making the net all Matrix. It pretty apparent that Cit X just wanted that thread to be about making that idea work, so I decided to start a new one, and toss my view out there for discussion. Before I start my rant/diatribe/novel, let me say that I am in IT. I am the CP equivalent of a SysOp, the anti-NetRunner. My official title is Network Administrator, but I really over see everyhing (including inbound security). First a note on the Matrix, since I mentioned it. It's impossi
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