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  1. I took the leap of faith and ordered it. Syupposedly it will be avaialble June 28th. When I get access to the PDF I promise to share my experience with you. Here's to me taking one for the team!
  2. I will concede that the "setting" of CPV3 has a lot to be desired (Data Krash, Alt Cults, Giri, Et Cetera) but the Game Engine itself (Fuzion) is not bad at all!
  3. The mechanic behind CP V3.0 (Fuzion) is better the Interlok (IMHO) but everything else (DataKrash, Paper eating virus, Alt Cults, extinct AIs, Et cetera) I could do without. In other words th changes in the campaign itself is what I have a bone to pick about not the game engine. If it wasn't for the fact that I have absolutely no talent lack the time to convert CP 2020 stuff to Fuzion I would. I came up with my own 2035 timeline but need to convert some stuff to V3.0 (mostly the stuff from the Chrome books).
  4. I too would like to create a divergent timline from the one in CPv3. I just have a hard time with the whole Datakrash and paper-eating virus thing! I just want to do it in a way that doesn't make me say "Well, that doesn't make sense! Let me try again!" at least ten times. Heck I'd like to "reunite" the USA, as well. I suppose instead of complaiing I should get crackin' on it, huh?
  5. I don't think that anyone said that.....
  6. I like the general execution of CPv3.0 as far as character creation and what not. Even the altcults I can warm up to now that I've read the Altcult Insider book of the Edgerunners. I can get around the the NuCybe being that it was explained that anything you got from an alcult was a loan as opposed to being your character's personal property and could be taken back anytime your character lost face with that altcult. However no system is fool-proof and eventually someone will figure out how that technolgy will work and sell its' secrets for beau coup bucks and there would be nothing that altcult could do about it. Again I generally like CPv3.0 but some of the parts are putting the whole in jeopardy. Also, the slow progress of how it's going bothers me a bit. "But you don't want them to put out a book a month of substandard work like WotC/White Wolf, do you?" Well, no I do not but is a book every six months to a year that is substandard any better? At least the other two companies are keeping the fans "fed" and among thier "substandard work" there are a few gems!
  7. There are groups besides the Neo-Corps and the Altcults who'd work together to rebuild the NET. Every School,College and University would be breaking their necks trying to rebuild it. Especially when you consider all of the companies that would spend Beau Coup money to these places of learning to hurry the job along! Considering the Internet was created in the 70's by the U.S. Department of Defense long before it became a commercial endeavor, the DOD would loathe to have something like the Datakrash destroy their most important asset. As a result the DOD would have already had (and in the reality, probably already do have) some security measures in place as a contingency. Let's face it. Information is the ultimate weapon! You said that its not as simple to recreate the Net by just connecting a few computers together. Pretty much that's how the internet started. So, yes it IS that simple. As far a DataKrash destroying the foundation of the Net, a "mass disinfection" is possible in today's world so you know it’s an even greater possibility in the 2030’s. I don't care how good Rache Bartmoss was, there is ALWAYS someone out there who's better! Someone with enough time, talent, and support could destroy the Datakrash virus along with every RABID out there. Let's say that you're right ant the old protocols could not be used (an infinitesimal possibility at best) the aforementioned talents could write new protocols that would not be affected by the DATAKRASH Virus! Furthermore you said that people would have to “reinvent the wheel”. Not really! The ground work is still there to help rebuild the Net. Actually, it would take less time in the 2030's to RE-build the Net than it took to build it from scratch in the 1970's due to faster computers, servers and what not. You think that people of different altcults, memes and what not could not get together to rescue the Net? That logic is somewhat flawed too because, the Internet in our world was created by people of differing cultural backgrounds, beliefs, et cetera. What brought them all together? The most important thing that there is...MONEY! Money isn't the root of all evil...IT'S THE ROOT OF ALL CIVILIZATION!!!!! (Actually the quote is "The love of money is the root of all evil" but that's neither here nor there) So if there's money to be made for all parties concerned, the even the altcults and/or Neocorps with the deepest rivalries would work together if it could benefit both sides. Now concerning you comments on character creation/packages, check out the Edgerunner source book, I really think that you'll like what it has to offer! Other Alcult book ore in work as we speak. Please don't take this as me flaming you or anything like that. This is a forum for friendly debate and I would like to keep it that way!
  8. Coming from my experience, here is a real world example. "Base X" has a website that has information that anyone can get a hold of that is neither sensitive (information dealing with personal information) nor classified (information dealing with the mission). They also have an intranet that deals with mission related items that we do not want the rest of the world knowing. In order for one to access that intranet, the terminal you are working on must be connected to "Base X's" network and the network administrators have authorized that computer access to that network. That way people with wireless connections cannot just "tap into" the base's network and intranets at will. There are several safeguards to prevent that. Again nothing is fool proof but a hacker would find it easier to get this information internally than trying to hack the base's system externally Therefore, is a character fails at cracking through a system through the Net then the she/he/it might try to physically go to the site of the data fortress to hack internally. I'd give the "runner" a bonus for being in the physical location of the terminal. However, one runs the risk of the contructs coming to life. Anyway that's how I plan on doing that. Yes the idea needs some fine-tuning but that's the rough draft that I am going for.
  9. I guess that no one has a comment about this?
  10. I'd say "ditto" but that would lack imagination. I think most of Pocket's beefs are mine as well. I like the system for the most part. The Reefers, Riptide, and Desnai are not good ideas (my opinion only, by the way), I also don't like the Datacrash nor do I like the "paper eating virus". Now rather than "piss and moan" and say "v3 sucks" and what not I plan on doing something about it. I am going make my own universe using the Fuzion rules. Upon completion I'll be putting up on my Yahoo Groups site. If anyone is interested in my finished work I'll be putting up a like somewhere here. It will be free and R.Talsorian Games will be given proper credit. I think I'll even add some elements of Dream Pod 9's stuff as optional rules. Well everyone, wish me luck!
  11. This is my first post here so first off I would like to say "hi everyone"! Okay now that the pleasantries are out of the way.... One thing I'd like to see gone is the "Data Pool" as the replacement for "The Net". For me, it just makes no sense. Having "Data Pools" as "intranets" (along with defenses that come to life at the building they are based in) is fine because we sort of have that in real life (minus the office furniture coming to life to attack intruders ) where anyone can access the internet but one must (generally) have one's computer attached to the local network to access that particular intranet. Being that I am an electronic warfare specialist in the USAF I have some knowledge on encryted systems and secured intranets* so I guess I am going by my personal experience as opposed to what other people go through "day-to-day". *I could tell you more about what I do but then I'd have to kill you.
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