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  1. I own a complete run of both TORG and Alternity. I even have spare decks for TORG and 1.5. I own a good chunk of 2020. I have some Fate games like Spirit of the Century and some other games I consider historically important like FTL 2448, PSI World, StrikeForce. I have most version of Traveller. I also have some weird ones like Superhero 2044, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Theatrix, Last Exodus and Dark Conspiracy. I have sold 95% of my collection. Oh I almost forgot the complete set of D&D 3e and Blackmoor for 3e. I just wrote a book. I got tired of other people to make stories with, so
  2. The literature is more international, but there is a marketing problem. The largest market for RPGs is western, specifically US, and so the stories congregate here. I like the idea of a post-dominant America. It works for me.
  3. According to io9 Alcon has acquired the rights http://io9.com/#!5774950/a-warner-bros...quel-or-prequel Even better is the rumor they want Nolan to direct. Keep in mind this will be a film nothing like the original, Transhumanist thought was a tiny pond that has grown into a vast ocean. It might be fun though, Inception was incredible, and both of the Batman films he has done have rocked.
  4. I is nice to know I can still begin a discussion that is relevant. I wonder if I can make it into something. There is only two years until 2013, which is just so fucking weird. Twenty five years is long time. What should I write today?
  5. Actually I would say that cyberpunk as a movement actually caused those forms of thinking, and so those trends, to come into being. It wouldn't be the first time such a meme occurred. I think that the way we think about dehumanization in modern society would be completely different without Cyberpunk literature.
  6. So here... We... GO. Cyberpunk is, at its literary roots a reaction to the New Wave and the Hard SF movements. They share some fairly similar cultural underpinnings, in most of the world. Cyberpunk is partially a reaction to the Cold War, and a planet that feared hot nuclear war. In trying to explain that level of cultural paranoia to my children I have reached an impasse. They have no frame of reference. The Japanese cultural juggernaut is over. Not only does the Japanese society look vulnerable, it also looks backwards. The idea of a virtual reality is quaint, if eve
  7. without BTM everyone can take the same damage barring Armor. It just doesn't seem to make any sense to do so. Having a secondary use for COOL as a shock modifier seems to work well, but at some point I just wonder of we're changing things just to change them.
  8. IIRC the figure that was bandied about was 24". According to local hydrologists, that may be high enough to make Florida two lovely islands and open the Gulf completely.
  9. I hear Affleck sings in this one... Jesus Wept.
  10. Babylon AD was a fantastic film except for the last ten minutes. The entire film was well written and very well acted. Whomever edited the last ten minutes should be murdered with very dull knives.
  11. While the hand-waving plot devices handled by the AIs in a few parts of different Kovacs novels are reminiscent of cyberpunk, because the actual runs aren't affected by the characters I think they are no moe cyberpunk than the computers in Disney's "The Black Hole". A lot of these other ideas that you are latching on to are very transhumanist ideas that aren't even terribly original, they are presented in a novel and supremely entertaining fashion. I think that people here have a tendency to refer to anything they like or want to play as cyberpunk. People have even called works like
  12. Some of the window dressing is very much in the style of the roleplaying game, I'll give it that. - cyberpunk is near future, Morgan writes in the far future. Kovacs is possibly at one point some 400 years old. - cyberpunk has a lot of nihilistic tendencies, Morgan doesn't. - there is no virtuality/netrunning, although there are virtual environments, at least in one book. - cyberpunk commonly deals very much with the look and feel of technology, Morgan does not. Thirteen, also titled Black Man in some countries, is a much more cyberpunk story than the Kovacs story.
  13. spyke!


    Hitman was as good a video game movie as there has ever been, YMMV.
  14. I don't think that Takeshi Kovacs is a cyberpunk character and I don't think that the books are cyberpunk in any way. They are hella' cool and great SF in every way, just not cyberpunk.
  15. Mercenary 2000 was the non WWIII book for Twilight 2000 2nd Edition. The utterly cool Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition background uses the same rules. There is also Dark Matter for Alternity along that same vein. As for fiction I think the the Postman (by Brin), and Warday (by, I believe, Whitley Streiber) had some of that in it. I am Legend, Richard Matheson, may also have some info you would like. From one of my Morrow Project campaigns from the early 1980s: Edwin Morrow was commonly believed to be a pseudonym for the secular business interests of one Walter Elias Disney. He used th
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