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  1. Well, as according to a item in The Register, published today, DARPA are seriously considering fitting Cyberwear, in the form of Cyberlimbs to badly injured/disabled troops, in order to return them back into the field, I would tend to agree with you... Link - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/04/01/da...kid_cyber_arms/
  2. Yeah. That's true. My bad. WTF was I thinking? The only snag, is where does this leave the majority of John Brunner's work during the late 60's/early 70's, as you could argue that Stand On Zanzibar, The Jagged Orbit, or The Shockwave Rider could be argued to be "Proto-Technothrillers", or by their subversion of the Technothriller genre, are they "Proto-Cyberpunk"...? As for the "Classic Gernsbackian Technothriller", when did we ever see someone such as Ralph 124C41+ (and yes, that is his name), for example, fill out a product/warranty registration form...?
  3. Re: "Ruins of Detroit" The "Coffee Table" book of these photos is now out, but it's expensive, as the U.K asking price for the above is £78.... (In case you're wondering, the ISBN for Ruins of Detroit is 978-3-86930-042-9, & is published by Steidl...).
  4. I would argue that Astaroth (© Namco/Bandai) would be somewhat on the noisier side of Icebreaking, myself... (As for Soul Calibur characters as Icebreaker analogues, how about Tira (© Namco/Bandai) placing her "Hula Hoop of Doom" against the wall, said ring merging with the wall, creating a "Portable Hole", & then stepping through the created opening, in a "Toon-esque" type of way...).
  5. I agree with you over this point, given the amount of bloat that turn up in programs, though I suspect a Cyberpunk chip using digital camera/domestic camcorder circa 2025, (which I would argue the various format digital media cards existing now, would be classed as) would use Super Hi-Vision as it's video format, (think 8192 lines resolution equivalent), with accompanying 22 Channel surround sound with a 3d "addon" as a option, would take up the equivalent of 1 MU...
  6. I think you misread something, the slot system is for peripherals, not software I'm actually of the opinion that memory capacity is getting so massive that a Memory Capacity stat is actually unnecessary or even unrealistic. I managed to convince Malek of that just long enough for us to take out MU entirely Agreed, as they're talking about 1Tb SD cards (abeit in the XC, a/k/a eXtreme Capacity rating) being readily available, in the next couple of years, depending on just when exactly Microsoft replaces FAT/NTFS in either Windows 8 or 9... (Win 8 is reportedly out sometime next year/early 2012, while Windows 9 is possibly out in 2015...).
  7. The hydraulic based cyberlimb is mentioned in Chromebook 4, as being a New Soviet Union product... The game stats for said cyberlimbs are... Soviet Cyberlimb Option Spaces = 2 SP= 20 SDP = 40 Punch Damage (Cyberarm) = 3D6 Kick Damage (Cyberleg) = 3D10 Crush Damage (Cyberarm) = 2D10 Cost Cyberarm = €670 Cyberleg = €875 Note: The above limbs, due to their Hydraulic ram based nature, cannot be upgraded to a Myomer based system, & there is a 5% chance of catastrophic failure, when any degree of excessive stress is placed on the limb in question... In addition, the "cluncky/retro" nature of the limb may reduce a persons attractiveness (There is a 50% chance that the recipient will incur the loss of a additional 1D6 HC per limb during initial implantation, & lose 1 point of Attractiveness, as a result of the poor design of the limb)
  8. Yes, it was effectively a 30 mm version of the M242 Bushmaster... Reportedly, it was offered with a tripod mount for infantry use....
  9. No .454 Casill...? tisk, tisk... I voted for 9mm and 6.35mm (.25ACP) respectively, just because I believe in subtlety... Tell somebody that James Bond's first "signature gun" was a .25ACP Baretta, and they probably would not believe you... Then tell them, that said gun was heavily modified to pass a "Pat down" search, which in the pre-metal Detector/X-ray scanner era, was the only way to tell if someone was carrying a weapon, while his other weapons could not, then they change their mind...
  10. There were also similar aircraft armaments using dumb-fire rockets in WWII aircraft, most of them German designs. I'm pretty much discussing the inverse, tanks with anti-aircraft capability. Pointing the missiles straight up makes it the most direct fire against overflight, and they can also arc over to top attack other tanks, or bunkers. The basic idea is to fix some of the concerns that are leading to the conclusion that the modern MBT will be obsolete in the next generation. To me, this historically leads to a next generation design, rather than people just giving up on the entire concept. I like the idea of parachute equipped missiles to extend loiter time. Maneuvering vanes, or even rotors could also give them cross range capability, but these would probably be best for anti-tank top attacks. Similarly, balloons could hold missiles, or areal mines for an anti-aircraft defensive field. The main problem with these is they're high visibility, and slow, to static, which would make them vulnerable to counter-launches. Edit: I also forgot to mention that the launch hatch can be styled identical to the crew access hatch (And may even be used for egress in an emergency) This means that a missile mortar equipped vehicle would be superficially indestinguishable from an APC, or low turretless tank. (Elint Tanks would probably use the same body.) The multi-launcher can go in a shipping container, or a light one in a small Technical, like a VBL, even a Ryder Van. If modular enough, you could even slide one in the bed of a pickup, I could see camoflaging it as a camper top. Another proposal, that British Aerospace submitted for a air launched anti-tank Missile requirement, but eventually rejected in favour of Brimstone, was Typhoon, which mated the body of a Asraam air to air (AAM-132) missile to the tandem charge warhead of the Euromissile Trigat antitank missile... (The seeker for said weapon was a Imaging Infra red sensor, although I'm not sure if the seeker head for Typhoon, came from Asraam or Trigat, as both missiles used IIR as their targeting system...). Add thrust vectoring to the missile, as was proposed for Asraam, coupled with a "cold launch" system & you could have the weapon you're describing...
  11. This sounds very like a variant of the Merlin proposal in the 1980's, to meet a abandoned British antitank aircraft request... The Proposal involved using a small, high speed aircraft, mounting a pod containing 72 mortar tubes, each containing a modified 81mm Merlin "smart" mortar round, that fired up & forwards... As the Merlin round contained a Millimetre wave radar seeker, it was a "Fire & Forget" weapon... A later refinement to this was reportedly a variant of Loiter mode, as used by the Alarm Anti-radiation Missile, in said rocket motor could make 2 burns... (Basically, if the round failed to acquire a initial target, it would deploy a parachute, & for a short period of time, loiter... If a valid target was detected, the parachute would be cut, and the motor fire...). Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding for both projects, this idea was never implemented...
  12. It depends if you can find a Nanofabricator unit , that is not banned under Japanese Law... ( If you're caught with it in your possession, you effectively get a life sentence without parole, as I seem to recall...). Love the Clan Wolverine avatar, BTW...
  13. With, or without the Hispano-Suiza 20mm cannons attached...? (Israel modified the Maxson mounting to carry 2 HS 404 20mm cannons, formerly used in British & French fighter aircraft of the late 40's/early 50's, & used them as triple A mountings as late as the Yom Kippur war... They were also sold on the export market under the name TCM-20. ).
  14. And that's why the Abrams family is now the only series of tanks that uses a gas turbine as it's engine... One proposal that was rejected by the U.S Army, was to re-engine the Abrams, with a conventional Cummings diesel engine of equivalent power to the Avro-Lycoming turbine currently used, in order to decrease fuel consumption...
  15. In short, No... Although Bofors produced a laser guided 120 MM mortar round, in the 1990's, apparently nobody bought it, due to payload reduction caused by the "bonker" rockets used to correct it's trajectory... As for Merlin, it was cancelled in the 1990's, after the British Ministry Of Defence pulled the delevopment funding from it... Although British Aerospace continued the delevopment of Merlin for a short while, eventually they halted the programme....
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