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  1. I would be up for running a board based game. If anyone is up for it. I've GMed punk for 15 years now and if anyone is interested i can do a once a day call in to update and have a regular day for extended gaming.
  2. Damn it's been a while since I've been here. I'm still running 2 cyberpunk 2020 games a week. One a cop game and one a street punk game. CP to the end baby, Cp to the End.
  3. First piece of backgound. if you have any comments or ideas please let me know. The Church of Iritopri Believe that the City has always been here and that Iritopri built it and placed the races here to glorify his name. Hegemonic control with the high priest at the top filtering down to the humble followers who live a monastic life. Main income is food they grow on low towers and tech scavenging from the Desert Beyond. It is a simple life living in the church unless you get to the upper strata of it. The normal follower live a simple life 3 too a room or with his family in one room of a tower fulfilling the role given to him. Some work in teams on missions for the church on special assignment. Volunteering for this is the easiest way to gain rank in the church. Roles. Solo: (can be high priest)These are the soldiers of the church. Can be heavies at time especially if the church want to take over a tower for their needs. Techs: They service the tech god created on this world and experimental with new tech found. Will also accompany soldiers for tech support. Cop: Inquisiters of the the church who weed out those that have heretical views and commit crimes against the faithful. Medtechs. Doctors. Reporters: write parish magazines and are kept under a watchful eye by inquisitors, but at time the Inquisitors use them to help in investigations. Corps: Deconate. (can be high priest) Run the church day to day and make sure the wheels of faith keep turing. Rockers: preachers. (can be high priest) These are the people that keep the masses happy and think they run the churh. (eveyone knows the Deconate really do) i want a cyberpunk level of tech with magic and psykics, but i also want other races of being. not talking about elves and orks, but something new. have only come up with Synthetic Sentiences, a technology based race, but will have others. Like the mount olympus idea but do not have any idea who would live there, and what their agenda would be yet. any ideas?
  4. Sorry it took so long getting back and thanks for the welcome. As for an example "Ted pulls out his H&K MPK 11. The borg is 6 meters away and he wants to put a clip into his chest. he rolls to hit with a taget of 20, [15 for close range and +3 diff for hip shot +2 diff for call to chest.] he gets a +7 to hit as he is firing 20 rounds and +1 per 3 rounds. with a stat and skill if 16+7 that is 23 before he rolls. rolling a 8 he has a total of 31 and therefor with a target of 20 11 hit. now he needs to see if they all hit. He makes a control roll witch is body + weapon skillwhich for ted is 18. the target is 23 [15 range +6 hip (if he had his smg sholdered this would be a -6) and +2 for body]. now he rolls a 9, 18+9 is 27. he needed 23 so 5 go into the chest and 6 go to other locations." this is how i do it in my game. hope that clears it up fo you.
  5. This is a backgound that i am working on for a game. what do you think? City of Night The City is a vast shell of building and roads set in the middle of the desert beyond. No light makes it though the dense clouds that encase the this world and no one here has ever know a sun. People do talk of a sun though. They say in the place before they would walk in the light of this sun and it would heat their bodies and give them power, but that is just a legend, a legend that the Church say only hurts those that hear it. Some climb to the heights of the the tallest building trying to find this sun, but none return that venture into the clouds. Those that Wait always claim the prize of fools that walk within their domain.
  6. I work the whole pattern of fire thing differently than most here, but of course this is only my own house rule. for a full auto aim I make the player roll to hit as normal determining how many shots hit. then if he/her hit which with the mods at close range he should, I make him/her roll a control roll, which is bod + weapon skill target the range +- mods for gun type, snap shot, braised weapon and the usual. then depending how well they rolled the number over the target is the number that stay in the pattern, the other go stray and you roll location. I find this works quiet well in my group.
  7. My first character was CP 2020 and a solo by the name of Lucus "repo" Johnson. He was a straight up street solo and a repo man for a ripper doc part time. He carried a cropped 12 gauge and a pair of colt amt 2020s and was a bit of a violent type. Cyberwear was mostly neural and optics which was opimised for shoot outs. also he was quiet good at demo, i used to go into peoples home through the wall as they where less armoured. He is still alive as I am usual the one gming and i have not got to play CP in about 8 years
  8. Notice the name..... i came up with this movie concept years ago and played an organ reaper as my first character.[well cyberlimb reaper but it was the same thing. No one lived when I came for their cyberleg.] hence my handle. Now as for why body banks have gone out of business and how these corps are getting a corner on the market you can introduce a new nano virus that seems benign but is in fact lethal when you put foreign tissue in the body. Also in CP there is quiet a few organ that already exist in the source books like the pacemaker and such. So you will not just have on corp doing the repo, and therefore conflict insures, like a guy has a raven tech and a biotechnic organ in him, who's team will get to him first. Now what is the public find out the the virus was released by one of these corps as well, you there for have a media game in the middle of the whole situation and another campaign too boot.
  9. The Background. On the edge of the Moderate Zone is a very strange section of Night City, Little London, or as it is known to the residents of that area, Newcamdentown. During the building of NC, the nomad work teams went on strike for better pay and conditions, in order to try and break the strike the Corporate City Council looked for independent contractors to bring in. most contactors in the USA were afraid of reprises from the nomad pollution, so the CCC had to go further a field to acquire the necessary labour to complete the work. Some 10,000 construction workers or ‘builder’ as they liked to be called were brought in the faltering London building trade and work continued. When the nomads herd this they dropped their demands and settled for the original deal they had with the Corporation leaving these 10,000 people stranded in the US without the money to get back to Great Briton. As with all emergent group they bonded together in one place, this place they called Newcamdentown. The look. Newcamdentown was meant to be a park, but as the CCC started to come into problems with the construction and the Old Uptown issue. The crime gangs that came with the Londoners went to work procuring building materials and blackmailing some very important corporate officials so Newcamdentown could be built. When it came to designing the houses the resident comitity did not have any architects among their numbers, only Benjamin Makepeace who had studied the subject for 2 years at Brixton Further Education College for 1 year of a 3 year course. Benjy had studied classic London building though and so set about designing a full NC block of Georgian four story terrace houses. These two lain streets are not on the grid design of the rest of NC, but instead ramble in the way of older cities, with a market square at the centre. A lot of the houses have a shop front built in, giving Newcamdentown a real entrepreneurial spirit, it is said you can buy just about anything there.
  10. I totally agree. I spent so much time on this series and then there was just no payoff. so cheeted.
  11. REPO

    Nomad Music?

    Oh! Go with the Flow by QOTSA
  12. Give your Right Arm Reload flicked his cigarette at the drain cover four foot from him. It missed. That was ok though, he was not paid for flicking buts into grates. He was paid to retrieve cyberwear from naughty people that did not pay for it. That slimy little henjin Batts was not back yet and Reload had been standing out in this damn Night City rain for seven hours. “Crank! I can feel the waterproof coating being melted off my jacket” he said to him self as the sting of the acid washed his face. “I’ll have rain rash tomorrow.” An old banged up 1982 Mustang drove along 14th street and pulled up outside the nameless apartment building in which Batts resided. A lanky streak of shomben almost fell out of the car scratching that lovely new cyberarm he was sporting. “Don’t damage it you yaro,” Reload winched as Batts pulled him self off the pavment and headed for the door. The Stang and the two real heavies in it drove off as Reload made his move over the road. The place smelt like it looked; bad, old and as though something had die in it recently. Well if something had not died recently it would be tonight. Reload’s new coat was ruined, his skin was starting to blister and this henjin had kept him from a sake with a whisky chaser and he was going to pay. Batts was two floors up putting his key into the lock. Reload sneaked up the stairs quietly pulling the Spitfire Battle pistol he has relieved some English guy of two months previous in a similar situation. Batts didn’t notice Reload behind him until the handle of his gun hit min in the back of the head. He fell into the room in a heap and spread out almost filling the tiny box he called home. Reload stepped over his motionless form and took up residence on the corner of the bed and crossed his legs. About two minutes later Batts was coming around. “Ah. Awake at last sleepy head. Someone’s been a very bad boy,” said Reload tapping the Spitfire on the side of his boot “Who the the hell are you?” wined Batts as he pull himself up, at the same time slowly reaching for his gun. With a simple gesture of his hand Reload had the pistol trained on Batts. “Ah, ah, ah. Naughty boy Battsy. Now you and me have some business to take care of. “What business I don’t even know you,” Batts stood up and put his back against the wall. “No you don’t know me, but you know the guy I work for. Doc Snips.” The look of realisation on Batts’ face was priceless, and for that Reload decided to let him live. “Wha… What are you talking about…” Batts tried to back into the wall, but as it was not made of putty, that did not work. “You know what I am talking about. That beautiful new arm of yours is not yours at all, is it? You haven’t paid all the EB’s that are wanting on that arm now, have you?” Reload stared at the chrome and plastic of the prosthetic. It was a real high end model, with thicken myomar, reinforced joints and… He was rolling of and behind the bed as the popup gun sprung up and let the 10mm rounds fly. “Damn you Doc. You could have told me you put a pop gun in that unit,” Reload was out the door straight after Batts and into another hail of bullets, this time 12mm. “Dreg off repo man or I will delete you!” shouted Batts as he ran the wrong way down the corridor. “Battsy, a Armalite 44. Come one dude that’s the poor man’s Colt 2020,” Reload jumped into the door jam. “Two, one.” Click! Batts gun ran out of ammo just as he reach the stairs up. Reload was after him in a flash. “You’re flatlined weefle,” screamed Batts as he desperately tried to reload his gun. “Who you calling a net runner you little eel,” the retort of Reload’s Spitfire filled the hallway, as it’s round bit into the side of Batts leg. “Got yah you foxtrot,” laughed Reload just as the door of the apartment at the top of the stairs opened and the snub nose of the whippet shotgun peered out at him and fired. The pat hit him in the side and left arm turning his Gibson mid armoured jacket into a colander and his hand into a mess of Realskin TM. That was the worst thing about fighting with gangers, you never just fight one of them. Reload reached into his right pocket and removed the good old US M69 Hand Grenade he always carries for a situation like this. At this point the letting Batts live thing was out the window as he pulled the pin and flung it up the stairs. The reloaded shotgun poked its nose out the door again and Batts was trying to crawl away just as the grenade went off. Reload nipped his head round the corner of the stair well to take a look at the carnage. Through the magic whippet door lay a shredded fat man and still crawl, legless Batts. “Ah Battsy Battsy Battsy,” said Reload as he climb the stairs pulling bits of fake skin of his hand. “Now to get that arm.” “Screw you man,” groaned Batts as he slowly lifted his gun. Reload simply kicked it away and kneeled on his shoulder. “Now where did I put that buzz drill.” Reload reached into his pocket and pulled the small power tool. With two quick zips the arm was off and sitting under Reload’s arm. “Nice doing business with you” “Man I need a doc. Help me!” “Sorry dude. Your medical privileges have been revoked.” “But I’ll bleed to death.” Reload lit another cigarette. “Yeah Shug. That’s the point.” Reload walked back out into the NC rain, and off to the next job.
  13. Patrick Tilley's Amtrak wars. i read the whole eight book right to the end. da,n i so angry by that ending, it just seemed to go nowear.
  14. Has anyone ever read the Elisabeth Moon books The Vetta Wars? this is good group of book set in the distant future. with space ships, NWP's and corporate infighting.
  15. kurt vonnegut Sirens of Titan. Good for a classic look at cyberpunk. Written in 1959 it gives an intersting view on what can be done with a NWP
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