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  1. I don't happen to have the original Eurosource (though I do have a Eurotour); might it be listed in any other book? Or, failing that, might somebody be kind enough to summarize the details?
  2. I could swear that I remember reading a box containing a few rules describing, in game terms, exactly why Scandinavian cyber-clincs are better than other ones - but I can't remember where, and my stack of CP RPG books is over a foot high, making it a bit hard to search through. I checked Eurosource Plus, which mentions the clinics but doesn't have any specific rules. If nothing else turns up, I'll use the therapy rules from Chromebook 2 - though what I was actually curious about was if those rules could be combined with the Scandinavian ones for even less humanity loss.
  3. Going strictly by the dice, about one in ten CP characters should end up with each item from the 'Personal Style' section... ... so why does it seem that far less than 10% of edgerunners prefer to go about "nude" when they can? (My current character proposal happens to be an exotic-playbeing netrunner - and yes, that's what I've got down on his charsheet...)
  4. Does somebody have the pageref for V3's rule that +10 is the absolute maximum skill, no exceptions? And - assuming that that rule has made it into V3, does the "add +2 to Special Ability" directly contradict it; and, if so, which rule takes precedence? (And dare I mention that, naming no names, there was a character or two in 2020 who beat the +10 limit? )
  5. There's one thing I rather smiled at when I read CPv3's background. One of the complaints I heard relatively recently about CP2020 is how it's no longer "the future", but an alternate timeline that diverged fifteen years ago. However, the DataKrash has scrambled historical records so thoroughly, that the GM is free to select from two options: first, that the background from all the 2020 supplements is entirely true, with the Gang of Four in the 1990's and the cybermodem being invented in 2005. Second, that /none of that is true/ - that 203X is /our/ future, and all the historical dat
  6. I know that, as currently written, they're seperate timelines based on the 2020 universe... but does anything from the CyberGeneration books exist in 203X, or vice versa? For example, there's a note in 203X's timeline about a 'carbon plague' incident in Night City - how much does that have to do with the one from CyberGen? Are they the same, or related? In 203X, was CyberGeneration simply a TV show (or some other medium) based on the carbon-plague incident?
  7. The one thing I have the hardest time arranging for a willing suspension of disbelief in CPv3 is its alternate name, 203X. The DataKrash virus scrambling all online data, sure, Rache has always been insane; Arasaka getting a virus to eat acid-free paper, okay, I can swallow that... but every single individual neglecting timekeeping to the extent that even the year is uncertain? No moms scratching 'X''s each day on their wall calendars, nobody with a watch with a date function, no religious leaders keeping track of their holy days and festivals (whether Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, or other)? No
  8. In CP v.3, the basic rule for updating your old 2020 PCs to 203X is to add +2 to their Special Ability, and +2 to four other skills. The 2020 PC I've most recently worked on happens to have had Interface of +9... so in 203X, would he have it at +11?
  9. A general rule for non-bipedal conversions would be nice - but, for the moment, I expect to use whatever is come up with for an NPC (or maybe a couple of them) and as something for an exotic PC to be working on collecting the money for. If the hind-torso could be made as organic as other exotic-conversion parts - or at least made to look to appear to others and feel to the 'taur so - that would be a plus. Let's assume that the first designs were for classical, Greek centaurs - human from the waist up, connected to a horse-shape from the neck down. There are other possibilities, of co
  10. For the title of this post: "Style". After all, what's the point of any Exotic conversion, besides Style? Exotics, as written, seem mainly to be the technological implementation of a current subculture called "Furries"; there are a number of furries who are interested not just in simple human/animal blends, but more complicated designs - the most common of which are centauroids of one sort or another. (Google for 'chakats' for one of the more developed examples.) And yes, there are even stranger things - but I thought I'd first see what the consensus on a simple centaur-like being w
  11. An already-existing bit of CP2020 chrome is the extra shoulder mount that lets you add an extra couple of arms. And one of the things an Exotic can buy for themselves is a tail linked to their nervous system. So - how hard could it be to extend Exotic style for those willing to live with it, by adding, instead of more arms to the torso, an extra pair of legs? Yes, yes, I know there's more to it than just that - the spine has to be made more flexible, and able to spend the day comfortably bent at a right angle. Or, perhaps an alternate approach would prove easier; instead of bending t
  12. Cyberpunk 2020 on the Equator - Oil money, Espionage and Corporate War. New game looking for players. Equatorial Guinea is a tiny West Africa country nestled in the Gulf of Guinea, oil-rich and perfect for foreign investment: War-free, stable, corrupt - exactly what your average oil company is looking for. But there is trouble ahead. EQuaChem, Equatorial Guinea's corrupt and inept Government-run oil-company, is on the verge of privatising. The vultures are closing in, waiting to pick over the corpse - Chara Corp., a big West Africa oil firm; China Petroleum; Nippon Petroleum; compani
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