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  1. As a gamer, I am appreciative of the effort you put into the work. As a lawyer (my day gig), I am concerned that R. Tal may not be so pleased and have his lawyers issue injunctions. It clearly violates copyright laws (for example, using the firefight line of sight diagram from the CP2020 book) even if it was done out of pure love for the game/system. Even though you are not making any $$$ on it, the copyright law does not require that someone is selling something for a profit... However...Mike might realize that ANY interest in the system could only spark more interest in his products and be cool with it. Please let us know what Max Mike has to say about it (I am curious as both a gamer and a lawyer). Ciao
  2. No problem. Happy to serve. I knew my complete set of CP books, modules, minis, and soundtrack cassettes would eventually be useful (other than upsetting my wife by taking up space in the bedroom)! Ciao P.S. I am deleting it now from the website so the link is broken. If you have a need. PM me. Tim
  3. I scanned in all the stuff that was loose in the box (other than the large map). The business cards are scanned twice. The second sheet shows the other side of the credit card (that is the only business sized card in the original that is double sided). Cut and paste this into your web browser. I will delete this in a week as it is taking up a 1/4 of my website. Enjoy. Tim P.s. For copyright purposes, by agreeing to download this file, you are swearing under blood oath that you have a legit copy of LoTF and the PDF will be used for backup/replacement purposes only. http://home.comcast.net/~honda305/auctions/free.pdf I have not tested the link yet, but I think it works. Either open it and click SAVE AS or right click on it and do the same.
  4. Send me a regular email off list at honda305 at comcast dot net and I wil send you a PDF with the cutouts.. There are 5 business cards and a few sheets of cutouts 1. The coded note 2. Atlantic Airways Reservation and boarding card 3. Bag O' Chips advert 4. The code snippet with the same code from #1 Then there is a second sheet with the netrunner files It has the cloning notes and File #2 (Dr. Parkman) and File #3 Dr. Youngs Notes. Ciao Tim
  5. Hmmm... You wanted to focus on technology... You wanted to avoid $$$ as a motivator.... What about a group of PCs that all have some sort of cybernetic implants. The rub is that there is a recall on the cybernetics/virus/problem. The problem makes ripperdoc-ing them out fatal. Their goal is to track down the maker/or installer and figure out what went wrong. The backstory is that the implants were created by/installed by a group that is so anti-cyber that they believe all people with enhancements should be summarily terminated. They are too whimpy to be street vigalantes, but they will f**K with anyone who has cyber. Thus the virus/defect/problem. They feel that the best way to weed out those who have even the inkling of getting modded, is to give them deadly gear... Thus the motivation is to stay alive, not the $$$$ and it focuses on technology-- you can make the solution a fix (upgrade to the firmware), or to find a way to safely remove... Focus is on tech, no?? Just my 0.02 on the topic... Tim
  6. I believe this is a new "making money" idea that someone came up with. It is sort of like those "Make $3000.00 per week from home stuffing envelopes" scams. When you call the number, they will send you a "kit" on how to find jobs stuffing envelopes. My guess is that someone thought...hmmm....maybe there is a market for "for-hire" GMs. I think you call the number and for some price ($29.99) they send you a kit on how to go into game shops and present yourself as a GM for hire... I have gotten some hits on my gaming groups about this...It is a "Learn how to make money running games blurb "Get Paid to Play" I think is the tag line" I remember back in my youth (1987-88) when the local gaming store started charging hourly rates to use the back room. That was pretty lame, but hey...the guy is essentially renting space....I think he changed his tune after someone brought up that no gaming groups on Frid., Sat. nights = no sales of incidentals (chips, sodas, etc..) and product...(The more time a person stays in a game store, the more likely something will get bought).... The only place I see this happening is in an area where there are no GMs and kids wanting to play (but none of them having the skills to run a game)...but if that is the case, there shouldn't be a game store surviving anyway, right? Tim
  7. I'm in the Nashville area. Willing to host or play CP2020. Tim
  8. I do still play... I bought V3 hoping to play it, but unfortunately, my group is more of a 3.5 D&D group. I played a 7 session mini-campaign with a group last summer. Half of them had never heard of CP2020, but it was fun. I was never a huge gamer back in the day. I was the friend of the younger brother of a guy who had the Blue Box D&D set back in 1978. I was interested, but there was no way he was going to include me. I played at the local game store in High School (mostly AD&D, but got exposed to Shadowrun and CP2013 there). I didn't game again until about 4 years ago. I was in a game shop and got the urge, found a group and then got into a Mage: the Ascension game, then a Vampire: the Requiem, then a D&D 3.5 set in Kalamar, and most recently a Serenity game. We are now in a Conan game that will wrap up soon. I got the chance to go to GenCon '07 this year and had a blast. However, the sad fact is that the ability to tabletop game is not too available in my neck of the woods (middle Tennessee)..... I think that it has to do with time and a group of friends. Back in the day, you may have had a group of gamers (back the -- the geeks) that played D&D and the group was paramount, the game was secondary. The group would play the next hot game coming out and the players would often stay the same, regardless of the game. Now, with families and kids, that group of friends is not the main focus of an adult life.... We are lucky to have a game shop that has stayed its ground (even in an era where eBay and internet sales have killed the FLGS). I am lucky enough to have jumped into a group of older gamers (35, 34, 34, 32, 32, 28, 23) and found a great bunch of guys. It has turned into a group that games but we also go to movies and generally get along. They aren't into dystopian modern RPGs (so no CP v3), but we have done Serenity, World of Darkness, D&D 3.5, Conan, and Hero (Supers). We swap the DM's chair every 3-4 months and it seems to work.... Do people actually buy D&D core books to read and not play? That seems odd to me.... Tim
  9. I have been searching for the last missing piece of my CP2020 collection. Any one out there have a copy of Punk 21 Volume 1 or 2 that they want to part with? It was a small (A4 folded) fanzine/supplement published by Temporal Stasis LTD. in the UK. I have a hardcopy of Vol. 3 and Vol. 2 in PDF format. Would LOVE even a photocopy of Volume 1. Thanks Tim P.S. Also would love to find the Grenadier NOMADS minis (one standing gunner, one on a motobike)
  10. I have a PDF of Punk 21 Issue 2, and am willing to trade for the same version or photocopy of Punk 21 Issue 1. I have all the minis except the Nomads and some of the Soldiers and Swords licensed minis... Tim
  11. Hey all- My OCD collecting bug is kicking in and I am desperately seeking a copy or original of 'PUNK '21, which was a licensed fanzine published in the UK for Cyberpunk. They were published by Temporal Statis LTD in the UK and there were only 3 issues. I have an original of Vol. 3 and a PDF of Vol. 2. Any leads/info appreciated.... My collection is complete except for that and the Chessex Arasaka Dragonskin (darn this collecting curse!!) Thanks Tim Richter honda305 at comcast dot net
  12. A la "Children of Men" Goal is to escort a pregnant woman through a hostile zone. She is 8 months pregnant and slowing you down. Her baby is special some way and the baddies are after her (or the girl is 14 and baby can prove the powerful government official or corp exec. raped the girl and he wants the proof eliminated), Tim
  13. Never worked together before. Gaming convention with a 5 hour slot. 1 pair is Husband & Wife. Expect 3 definite players, maybe 4. Plan to use prerolled characters with no netrunning. (Although a hacker, hacking the prison security would make for interesting times.) Thanks Is this a group that has worked together before or is this something you are throwing together for a bunch of players that may not even know each other (like at a gaming convention)? Need more info: 1) Number of Players 2) Skill Level (New gamers, New to Cyberpunk, Veterans) 3) Pregenerated Characters or Players using their own characters 4) Style of Adventure (City, Road Trip, Chrome Beret) You may also want to check out the Odd Jobs thread for some ideas.
  14. Need a good short plot that can be completed in a 4-5 hours slot... Thinking about PCs as inmates in a correctional facility. Thanks Swammi-
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