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  1. Have there been any new tidbits about the Cyberpunk 2077 video game and/or anything tabletop related? Did MxMike post anything new on his blog or the CDPR forums? I haven't been around and I like to hope the project is incubating nicely in some post-Soviet bunker converted to a design studio.
  2. Your blog on the various forms and reasons for Balkanizing a cyberpunk world is excellent. Well done. I'll be reading the rest.
  3. Gazprom & Rosneft, the gigantic Russian state-owned gas & oil monopolies, are together basically SovOil.
  4. Very cool technology, I'll have to use this in my games. Thanks for the link.
  5. Looks cool, 8/10, would bang. I mean read. I definitely meant read.
  6. Is the whole thing archived somewhere for general viewing?
  7. Krypter

    Almost Human

    Cool, will check this out. The premise looks identical to Total Recall 2070, an early-2000s show that was more Blade Runner than Total Recall. I'm already watching Continuum, yet another tv show with a very similar premise. What's with cyberpunk tv shows being all about cops? I thought the punk part was about fighting The Man and his Pig Enforcers and whatnot? How did cyberpunk become Elite Force 2000?
  8. That looks Totally Rad! Nice outfits, like the styling.
  9. "Hacking Your Tactical Kit" right next to "How to Arouse a Woman". Okay, then! Nice link, will explore this later.
  10. Fantastic comic, thanks for the tip, I hadn't seen this one.
  11. Sounds like Orbital Resonance, a novel by John Barnes.
  12. 4shared wants registration to download the file. Could you post it to something that's open? Maybe http://www.speedyshare.com/ or whatever? Thanks. Looks interesting.
  13. Anything that involves calculating fractions will not speed the game up for the average party.
  14. Funky, but these guys have been watching too much GITS:SAC.
  15. Fair enough, Companero, if we need a rationale for bug spirits in CP2020 then your idea is as good as any B-movie I've ever seen. Me, I'd make them lobotomized cyborgs controlled by an insane group of Hivemind AIs with a spirit fetish. With nanomagical somethings for the special effects. When your players ask for an explanation, just say "nanomumble mumble-tronic oscillators".
  16. No, it doesn't, that's just the media hype. It makes rats less fearful of cats, and may increase dopamine levels in human temporarily, but that's still speculation, and there's nothing intelligent about it. Plus the direction of causation in the correlation has not been established.
  17. >bug city in cp2020 How exactly would you explain the invasion of the body-snatching insect-people without magic? Mutations? Psionics? Alien invasion? Seems a bit far-fetched for a gritty street-level game, but maybe your cyberpunk is more scifi than mine. The Peacekeeper adventure from Native American Nations Vol. 1 might work, it had a bit of magic but noting that couldn't be replaced with experimental high-tech gadgets, and it has a great wild west atmosphere that would fit a Nomad campaign perfectly.
  18. "The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones: A framework for discussion" http://americansecurityproject.org/feature...for-discussion/
  19. I might check this out. Any cyberpunks out there using roll20.net yet? It's a pretty good app from what I've seen so far.
  20. Loom, by Luke Scott (Riddley Scott's son).
  21. I think I saw something like this in a Scientific American from the 1950s. Ah, wacky inventors, always dreaming of nuclear-powered jetpacks and laser-guided telephones.
  22. The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be co-opted, media-processed and then syndicated. There's also the Continuum TV series, which is sorta kinda cyberpunk.
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