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  1. Nasty Thought RE: DataKrash Okay, Yeah, Raches virus raavaged the net and screwed the IG prootocols into oblivion. But really, what is that to an AI? Like a Dominion, or a regional AI who just sees things as a lot of ones and zeros anyway? What if they found raches little nasty in the NET and immunized themselves against it, or saw what was coming and ran little runs in the background to have back up servers put somewhere where thier human masters wouldn't find them? And once they did, they started examining the remnants of the 'Net through various proxies or various fronts selling
  2. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/pcs/tyan-typhoo...desk-160175.php Tyan has created a monster supercomputer that harnesses all that power into a box that fits under your desk. Aimed at researchers and scientists, the Typhoon Personal Super Computer (PSC) is available with either Opteron or Pentium processors inside, and consists of four dual-socket blades in a box equipped with cooling fans that are so quiet you could actually live with them running in the same room. Each one of its four blades is hooked up to a SATA drive, and all of those are linked together via gigabit Ethernet. The Opteron
  3. http://www.blackfive.net/main/2006/03/mari...w.html#comments
  4. and as long as we're talking oddball cybertech here....Transmetropolitan has many examples of screwball tech which shouldn't work. The building tech really isn't that odd considering. C'mon. A Bowel Disrupter?
  5. Ho'kay. I'd thought abotu this one and an old issue of Appleseed dealt with Briarios having to get a 'Borg-Harley' so he could tool around. It was pretty impressive looking. I'll look up the specs on it and come up witha conversion. Plus I'll see if I can scan it in too
  6. Relativistic speed? Do you realize the bow shock of the shell as it passes through the air will liquify people, shatter windows (if not buildings), and throw a shoot back a long way, if not rip they arms off. John Ringos Tales of the Aldentia sci-fi series actually deals with using weaspons like this and the sort of mess they make.
  7. Neo Opponents to fling at the players The Neo-Corps: Sorta like the Mafia or Yakuza, but with bigger budgets The Old School Netrunner down the arco-block who'se stayed jacked into the Old Net for too long and is now able to do strange an unedifying things with the Buildings Peizo Electric walls and nano dust.. Raven Shivs: Hey, you needa reason to take these punks out? Metalsturm: Double for these Loonies The Local Constabs: What did they do to annoy the cops U.S. Fed Gov: Y'know, This Lot East of the Rockies are going to want the other half Back. Arasaka Fan
  8. I see a lot of potential in the new edition. It just needs few tweaks
  9. Yes, but consider the ...erm....story ideas. And let's not forget What the Elvisian-Graceland Themepark-Temple will be like now with High Preist Bruce Campbell
  10. Rhythm Of The Rage --- Psychosonik aw slag, The whole first album by Psychosonik from Wax Trax! records just screams cyberpunk. Well worth it if you can find it.
  11. Give the amount of sheets in the back of the base book, has anyone seen them posted anywhere. Otherwise, it's going to bea lot of photo-copying from the back of the book
  12. I've noticed EMP seems to suffer that fate in previous editions when written about. It's a conspiracy I tell you. But yeah, the Cybered up Barbie and Ken dolls were a bit of a shock. Wouldn't mind the CP artists making an appearance again The cybertech actually works once you read over the back sectiona bit more where everything is detailed out. I can work with it until the more detailed tech books come out.
  13. okay...was wondering if someone let the Philharmonic Vampires loose in the forum
  14. I aim to please I'm currently working on idea nuggets for the different factions. I might work with the Differnet Nomad cultures first for ease of reference and cross over potential
  15. Cyberpunk V.3 Setting and history (abridged): The Granddaddy of cyberpunk games makes it’s return after a long hiatus by it’s creator (who went to work for the world’s current MegaCorp, Microsloth), and brother, things have taken a turn for the weird, but still Cyberpunk. Okay, Back in the mists of time, 1988 or thereabouts, there came a RPG in a little black box with three books called Cyberpunk from R.Talsorian with a system based off of their older Mekton game, filled with Nagel-esqe art, Attitude, quick and lethal combat, and many ideas for running a game based in stories i
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