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  1. wasn't sure where else put this as I tend to run my cyberpunk games in Japan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fast...chains_of_Japan
  2. Well, as an IT guy I could write out the long techie explaination... but as I am a tech and lazy by nature, here's the wikipedia explanation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traceroute LDL's any more would be of two types: major switching stations for ones ISP/Backbone Provider or Sattlite uplinks for somewhat more secure communications
  3. This looks all very good so far after reading things over. A small suggestion for examples. 1. A typical decker strategy of spoofing the local Database of a Corporation. 2. A More involed run from say a Midwestern LDL through a few sattilite bounces into the Arasaka frame in Tokyo. 3. An example of a Use of Tracing Software. Several examples of Deck construction (there will be players who want to mod out thier livelyhood
  4. hmm...we will test these in my TranshumanPunk Japan setting and let you know Additional thoughts: Addressing A.I.'s and Various Mainframes, Neuralware enhancements that affect decking, The SoulKiller Protocol
  5. Techno-Philes? Blood and Iron? Twenty Minutes Into The Future?
  6. Wow.....a Lot of hate for CPv3 I never had that reaction to it. As CP2020, I saw it as a tool kit to be used and exploited for my setting, which was approaching a Fusion of Bubblegum Crisis. CP2020, Transhuman space and Transmetropolitan and thrown into a blender and given an Absinthe Chaser. I used some bits and ignored others. Players have enjoyed it so far
  7. *rises from the deep* I'm back after a long time being away Games currently played: Legend of the Five Rings 4th ed. Spirit of the Century Shadowrun 4th ed Transhumanpunk (a homemade fusion of Cyberpunk V3 and Bubblegum Crisis 2032 on acid) Games being examined Eclipse Phase (Traveller meets Transmetrpolitan on Acid)
  8. I admit to hopeful curiosity....but will refrain from judgement into the hardcopy is on the table
  9. Sorry for the long pause, been down with health issues The Fixer in the group was thinking that actually getting a feel for the Governmental Annex and learning the local laws ( to see what they could get away with). The Cathedral was a Acro-Block on the scale of some of the more massive blocks from back in Night City and was a technological mixture of Gothic and Japanese industrial sensibility, while it was rather subtle a few of the more hardened types noted the rather large amount of security drones and casual, but alert types in various forms of clothing, which they deduced was advance
  10. This is a homebrew Alt Cult from my CPv3 Variant campaign I've run off an on. It's different in that Japan wasn't completely boned at the end and has Resurrected into the new Empire of Japan. Players have enjoyed the game so far with my spin. Feed back is welcome Alt-Cult – The Collective The Collective is comprised largely of bioroids and other genetically modified individuals. Special Tech: Bioengineering The Collective has access to bleeding-edge genetic manipulation techniques and technology, allowing them to fast grow clone bodies from base DNA, make extensive genem
  11. Well, I took the basic Concepts provided in V3 and Ran with them hard after reading Transmetropolitan and Transhuman space, with a healthy dose of Natural City thrown in to crank the screwball factor. I figure, "Okay, I'm not getting paid for this. And sez in the book. Information is questionable at best. so...run with it." Proven to be one of my better ideas. Glad yer enjoying them
  12. The submarine had been an old Typhoon class that had been bought off the Old Soviet Union By IEC and refurbished for cargo transport before the Collapse. After that, the Rips had seized it and refitted it slightly to make travel a bit more tolerable for the haul across the ocean. The crew tended to stay out of the players way as they were paying customers, but left a holojector with several data solids for them to review as they traveled. The solids contained 3DV's of a History of Japan as well as Post Collapse History in a News Reel format which the C-Metal pegged as the “Why We Fight” style
  13. There was actually a bit of discussion between the Collective Geneticist, The C-Metal Tech, and the Edger if there was a way to make some scratch off this find. The Nanotechnology defenses, while utterly vicious were of limited application outside of Enclave Defense, but the modified SK protocols (henceforth dubbed as SKIV), the personality templates, and relatively quick growth genetic engineering tools were of exceptional interest. They also found indications buried in the data which stated five of the Angels were still active, namely Metatron (Voice of God/Interface with Corporate officers)
  14. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/10/led_eyelashes.html
  15. Adapted from the Ghost in the Shell: Innocence After the Long Goodbye Mao Mantou: Quick Service Restaurant Neo-Corp Rising from the ashes of the Fourth Corporate War, the actual origins of one of the largest Food-Neo-Corps is open to speculation as any hard copy records of it's originating assets died in the Net Crash, and it's more than liberal usage of Propaganda (Marketing, Sales, and Advertizing) in about any endeavor (at times contradictory, due to local market targeting) makes any historical data suspect at best. Here is the accepted history: The name comes from Manda
  16. http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-am...ded-warfighters this is pretty interesting stuff and was kinda wondering how to simulate it
  17. http://gas2.org/2009/10/10/bmws-hybrid-trike-gets-120-mpg/
  18. Well....for my two cents I took V3 and ran with it while blending in my own elements to make it my own setting. the players have enjoyed the Weirdness of V3 mixed with Transhuman Space.
  19. after searching the web for a Bit it looks like RTG is Demoing Mekton Zero, the new version of their Anime Giant Robot RPG. I had no idea it was in delvelopment so now we know why things are taking so long
  20. With that amount of weirdness under the belt, the players teched up and used they various Giri to do the various upgrades (fixer reinvesting most of his cash into favors, bribes, and a new motorbike). The group decided to follow up on plot thread I had left hanging from the previous adventure. Outside of Phoenix, they had happened along a old roadblock with Nomad raiders that were setting up to ambush them at the time, but had run into a snag with some CyberRevolutionarys (as in grown up Carbon-Kids) playing Gulch the Nomad. Figuring the Revs were the lesser of two evils, the teamed up w
  21. The Campaign started off the players meeting during a firefight near the True America Enclave (a Enclave that rolled back it's laws, looks and memetics to 1980's America). The Fixer picked up a job offer of ten grand for a retreival job. Problem was the job involved a roll across the country outside of "The City" (UnFed U.S. slang for The Night City Metropolitan Access) and into Dixie, a recalcitrant Sector of the Incorporated States of America (after the Flooding from the Particle sats leveling both the poles, FedGov was too sapped to cope with a Effective Take over of governmental funct
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