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  1. Hey, I didn't know where to post this so here looked like a good place. Anyone seen the ultimate computer, spy and epionage comedy " Jumpin' Jack Flash"? ,what if this spy guy Jack is real? Y'know what I'm saying, not the actor in the film but refering to an actual job discribtion of somebody on this planet? I'd like "Jumpin' Jack Flash" to know I'm on his side an willing to help like all nightowls are for their friends and alies. I'd like to finish this post by telling you all , those that read my posts and laugh, most probably, that I'm off to see "Moses" and to find out how "Noah's Ark" is doing. I'll be away later on this week until the early part of next month, and I was just wondering, or enquiring, do they have a cyberpunk website and forum in Spain? I'll keep you all posted and up to date on my mission when I get back. Sorry that is, if I get back.
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