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  1. To me the ‘problem’ with V3 wasn’t the system, but the setting. I just find the whole datakrash, self building cities, everyone in an altcult to be…well…a bit tacky. It feels more like a late night SF movie than the stylish dark future we all know and love. CP2020 had a panache that is just missing from V3. I think that Pondsmith should have taken the retro CP formula and made it more relevant for the new millennium. Cyberspace is a concern of the 80’s. All RTG had to do was switch on the news. Big business and governments are one and the same nowadays and no one seems to care. Terrorism
  2. I admit that I am not ‘techno’ literate so I would appreciate posts to be layman friendly. My question is what are the limits of nanotechnology? Nanites are pretty hot stuff in sci-fi at the moment but I feel that they have become a carte blanch for anything a writer can think off. Everything from shape shifting to matter manipulation of magical proportions is justified with nanotechnology. What little I know of this field is that current developments have produced stronger and lighter materials but nothing like the fantastic stuff of sci-fi. Is any of this even plausible? The best thing
  3. The amount of prep you do really depends on your style of gaming. Some GM’s like to play very linear adventures where the pc’s must do X in Y place. You write up a description of every location/event and stat almost all of the bad guys. Others (like myself) practically wing the whole thing. I have a pad of paper with the core idea and maybe a map or two – that’s all. However, I’ve been playing live for years so I guess I have had a lot of practice. Prep time also depends on the players. Novice players tend to need a very clear goal – “break into the Arasaka base and steal the plans”. More expe
  4. BTM is a massive headache IMO and not really representitive of reality. The 'damage resistance' created by larger mass is negligable when dealing with bullets. Even the toughest MF thinks twice before being shot. BTM means that BODY 10 characters can largely ignore the lower callibers (meaning 9mm which isn't exactly small) for the first few hits. This is clearly stupid. Next time you see a body builder shoot him three times with your 9mm and ask him what his wound state is! He'll probably be either dead or dying. In rare instances some people have been shot upwards of twenty times and su
  5. I think the corporate war is an interesting sideline (underline that) to the main 2020 story. But I think that is all is should have been, having it result in the utter destruction of the CP2020 world was a little extreme. I agree with you MoRocca - a change of pace was welcome as was new tech (new tech is always welcome). I think this is how Talsorian should have played it - a setting which could be transposed onto existing campaigns if you wanted to but which could be 'background flavour' if you didn't. I often bring different elements into my games just to spice things up - when GITS Stand
  6. I was reading my very dog eared and battered copy of Dragonball today when I came across Hoi-poi capsules. These are handy little packages which are labelled 'car', 'house', 'bike' etc. You flick the switch on top and then throw it in a convient space. *paf* (paf?) the appropriate item appears. Now Dragonball is very tongue in cheek and the science isn't explained but is this possible? Could you have pre-programmed nanos contained with some raw elements in a little AA battery sized package? Perhaps you could use some sort of star trek 'energy to matter, matter to energy' (replicators) technolo
  7. Hobgoblin - yeah it is a proxy arguement: capitalism = bad therefore products of capitalism = bad. Or to put it another way: liberalism = bad, products of liberalism (capitalism) = bad. However, that is a debate for another time. I agree with you and I think you are expressing what I am trying to get at. CP2020 and V3 are two different games to my mind, though they use very similar mechanics. I am not stressing too much about things I don't like in V3 because I make my own setting/timeline anyway. I have to admit I was a little disapointed though - all that waiting!
  8. Hobgoblin - that is SR3 with the die pools, I'm not so keen on SR4 I am echoing what has already been posted - to me V3 is just another 'cyberpunk'(esque) setting. I like to play various systems (shadowrun, GURPS, D20 modern) which all have their merits. Were I to play V3 as presented in the book, to my group it would be a brand new campaign divorced from what we are doing in CP2020. I am currently adapting V3 to fit into my 2020 world (a campaign of my own - not what is in the source books). In my world nation states still exist and are far from powerless - the corporations though p
  9. Wow I feel so humbled I admit that I know absolutely NOTHING about science or technology but you guys are just an overflowing fountain of ideas for me to use in my games. Thanks!
  10. Hmm...It looks like 203X wasn't that far off when it comes to netrunning then eh? It seems that the future of hacking requires some B&E to be physically on site to hack a very limited network.
  11. I'm sure you guys have talked about V3 until your throats are dry (or is that fingers calloused?) but here are my two cents. I like all of the new tech. It seems to be an evolution of what was present in 2020, which lets be honest was looking very 80s and dated. I am currently converting all of the full body conversions for use in my CP2020 games (after all +3 Bod isn't exactly ground shaking under the old rule set). The rules are not that bad but they feel like CP2020 'lite' to me. All of the depth and sense of realism seems to be gone (but then it was kind of anal charting the exa
  12. Wow I feel enlightened thanks guys. Maybe I am incredibly stupid (it has been mentioned before) but all of this is pretty insightful as far as I am concerned. As I mentioned earlier I know very little about computers or how they work (king of cyberpunk right?). I just like the CP genre, but being ignorant I couldn't understand why everthing was networked. To me it just seemed to invite hacking. Now I realise that a network is pretty damn cool and necesscary.
  13. Citizen X has struck a point. Modern armies are becoming almost impossible to engage by conventional means by the less wealthy states in the world. Modern tanks are practically indestructable, missles can fly down an airvent and everyone is stacking the kevlar. So what do you do? Get sneaky, go underground, use explosives. A grenade in a can will still put a soldier out of action and all that time/money/trouble putting him in the field has gone up in a cloud of gory smoke (just like his foot). Perhaps boosters and other assorted street trash (us cyberpunks) should do the same. If you can't pun
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