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  1. Glad to oblige, although it may take a few posts to cover the entire crisis In my setting, the ultimate roots of the crisis are found in the early 2040's. This is a crucial period for climate change as complex feedback loops cause average global temperatures to shoot up a full degree Celsius in less than a decade. This is mostly due to the release of methane from Arctic permafrost. This results in the destabilisation of methane hydrates in seafloor sediments along the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf. In Bangladesh, rising sea levels inundate coastal areas. Severe flooding occurs in
  2. My own homebrew setting does something similar to this. In fact, a pivotal event of 2048 involves a border war between India and Pakistan as water shortages caused by climate change start to bite. Rising border tensions in Kashmir trigger the conflict, as well as the election of a hardline Hindu nationalist government in India. Things quickly spiral out of control after a spate of Islamist suicide bombings across northern India. Pakistani artillery bombards Indian positions. In the initial stages of the conflict, India beats Pakistan badly due to superior robotics. Pakistani forces retreat ac
  3. I worked on a random plot generator a while back and came up with some tables that might be helpful. For example, here is a list of things that you might do in a location: assault capture escape from explore infiltrate investigate penetrate protect raid recapture reconnoitre scout spy upon And here is a list of locations that might be important in an adventure: a back-alley cyberclinic a burnt-out tenement inhabited by squatters a camp housing slave labor for a secret project a cheap brothel a cheap roadside motel a chemical waste dump
  4. I saw it recently and agree with the reviewer who commented that Prometheus isn't a bad movie. Instead, it's roughly half of a great movie - and that's even worse in some respects! The first half of the movie was excellent, but around the midpoint the tension strangely seems to dissipate as the script engages in some heavy-handed exposition scenes...until the breathless action of the last 20 minutes or so. It didn't have the consistent pacing of the original Alien movie. Interestingly, Ridley Scott has already indicated that an extended Director's Cut will be made available on DVD later
  5. I suppose that all science fiction is ultimately about the era that it was written in.
  6. I just bought the eBook version from Amazon, and it looks like Shirley has updated the books slightly to make the geopolitics less dated. Here's a sample from the revised prologue: "Global warming. Climate change. It had radically reduced the output of Russian agriculture—of the availability of fresh-grown food, and stock feed, in many places—and that meant food had become hard to get. The Russians were on the edge of starvation—some of them over the edge—when Koziski had decided that Russian armies would swarm into Eastern Europe, and keep on going, in order to corral food resources . .
  7. I think that I enjoyed River of Gods the most, but they are all very good. Incidentally, I just finished Rule 34 by Charles Stross and recommend it for a change of pace - who would have dreamed that the world's first sentient AI was accidentally built by spammers trying to find ways around increasingly sophisticated countermeasures? The way the book handles criminal activity in a world of sousveillance - universal surveillance - is very interesting.
  8. I'm working my way through Dervish House at the moment. It's a very interesting look at the development of Islamic culture in the very near future.
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    It's worth noting that R. Talsorian has taken out a registered trademark on the use of the word 'Cyberpunk' in association with roleplaying games. This trademark was filed in 1989 and renewed in 2000, so it isn't going to expire in a hurry. You can read the details here and here. What this means is that you can't legally use the word cyberpunk in *any* roleplaying game (including computer games) without infringing on R. Talsorian's trademark. The word Cyberpunk can still legally be used in other context - just not in association with 'games of a roleplaying genre'. Note that Shado
  10. Prime_Evil


    Personally, I've been playing around with the idea of developing a cyberpunk game based on the Action System from Gold Rush Games. The Action System is heavily influenced by both R Talsorian's Fuzion system and GOO's Tri Stat system. Although there are a few sections of the rules that need some tweakage, it seems to handle modern and near-future settings reasonably well. Even better, the entire game system has been released under the Open Game License and can be legally re-used by third-party publishers. (Although if you intend to brand your own stuff with the Action System name and logo
  11. Mmm....the Dystopia mod looks very pretty indeed.
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