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    Virtual killing sprees while online using hands as miniguns! Anyone else do the same? Sleeping in a state of braindance or is that the acid? Guess!!!<br />Listening to the sort of electronic dance that you would imagine was created by those in a sleeping state while on acid or in a braindance!!!, or both at the same time actualy!!! Gadgets, gadgets, boys toys and women deservant of a unstopable sex machine like myself.
  1. My stranget character played would have to be a money spider, that weaves in and out of human traffic on the "cyber city streets" granting or winning money like a modern day Robin Hood, taking from the rich and sometimes taking from the poor, and sometimes giving very little or absolutly nothing to others, but then how does a money spider give anything, they don't have arms and hands!
  2. BoomBangKapow


    "mobile phone or home p.c."
  3. Militech stole my invention, a top secret weapon design blueprint, priceless.
  4. For sale, the file they didn't want us to get.
  5. We have been hired to extract a file from Arasaka's headquarters, in Hong Kong or wherever in the East it is, can someone get a runner to turn off heir security camera's and alarms for us so we can extract this file, call it a favor, one that will more than likely be repayed with a cost!
  6. Ghost in the Shell, Tank Police, check out manga's website you'll find it nearly as cool as this one!
  7. I was eating my ration pack, or the contents of any how, when I overheard a conversation like this:- "I know where he is" in a doubtful voice...,"He's deep undercover",in a more reasuring voice...,"I mean deep, way deep, deeper than deep, y'know he's invisible!". I realised the identidy of the person they were talking about, it was me! Then I began thinking what was all the conversation about anyway's? I didn't care, I couldn't. I thought back to my trainning, the tours I'd survived since then and years I'd gone unnoticed by the enemy. It felt like my time was nearing, it felt like death followed in my footsteps. Then I though back to what or who they were actually talking about, me, and I realised it was going to be okay, for the time being anyway. I just had to think about something other thn the passed all the time. I focused on the conversation I had overheard earlier... "I wouldn't worry about him anyhow's. He's been through worst harder times!"I didn't think it could get any worse. I knew not to think about my trainning so I came to the conclusion that I was some Private Dick or something, an ex - investigator, with possible armed forces trainning, I knew everything was going to be okay because if like they were talking about me, I was deep undercover, it ment that I had covered my trail pretty good. What was I working on? Was it an intelligence recon, or something more complicated or more simple? For the time being I didn't know , what I did know was that it was going to be a cold winter this year, and that it had already begun. I had to get to a rest place , to the warmth of shelter.
  8. I'm back fellow gamers... I havn't been back to the Warhammer 40k Universe, but right here in pre- 2020 Earth and Brighton U.K., year 2005, towards the end. Watched a great band on "interactive t.v." tonight. They were called the "Gorillaz" and are virtual characters that exist in both a cartoon world and alongside the real musicians and artists in real life. They have been doing their first concert in a city up north, called Manchester, but a performance that stood out of theirs recently was the famous "MTV" dance awards hosted by a "weirdo", (arn't there alot of those on the net nowadays), called Borats. Anyway thats not why I'm reporting into the "Nightowls" , if they're listening, got your ears open? I'm hoping to get in touch with some old friends one of which if they think they know who I am, I will call "CODENAME: PAVEMENT PIZZA"!!, -chuckles amusingly to ones self. And as no-one sends me replies, that often , to see if any bodies actually reading my posts, I read a boosters post on characters played, and think that an alien from out near Alpha Century that travels to planet Earth in a small pod is imaginative, but what I really like to read about here is g.m.'s and players I think in a leap forward to Deep Space 2139, correct me if I'm wrong or Snoop Doggy Doging somewhere a little personal, but as an enforcer of the emporer who seems to have been traveling like the armored vehicle, in the interactive Gorillaz video, through the deadlands, I'm awaiting a Chill, and perhaps a multiple Rift to open and complete the experimental drugs that my player has taken over the years to create a brilliant and totally genuis idea and money spinning product of some kind, that blows away the minds of the earthings and infact Aliens, and can even be consumed by small children. What am I waffling on about? you ask, who cares? I like posting here, and think that what I write sounds o.k. at the time its done! Any "HATERS" should listen to a earth D.J. called "Grooverider" and do "The ROBOT"! Those of you that know, know who I am, and know me, so fight for your right, to PARTY!
  9. Right now I've disarmed the exploding coke, can? , anyone tell me which gangs are most like chavs and ravers in reality? Does anyone know if I'm a member of a gang? If so does anyone know what the gang(s) are called? I don't want to be somebodies Joey, or Skiv, have things got out of hand slightly to early?
  10. ... I guess having read your message that your not the only one who notes down their characters lovers in a little black book, but I must tell you, your the first person I've entcountered that openly wants to disguss about it.
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