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  1. If there was a CP style MMO that had the game play like FFXI (Finale Fantacy XI online) [sp] I would play it for sure. an for why i say FFXI is cause thats the MMO play I have tryed alot of them ie. EQ, WoW, SWG and i hated all of them FFXi what the only one i like and that must be something sense i have been playing it for almost 2 year. Give me a CP MMO like that any they can have my money.
  2. Ok i guess i was wrong but here a link to the alt.net.run concept rule we have work on here at VftE ALT.NET.RUN
  3. i find the best way to deal with netrunning is to go more free form and use the game machinics when absulty needed. I play alot of netrunners and this seams to be the easyest way to get rid of game slow down. i hope you understand what i'm saying... also if i remember right PsycoPhipps posted a good set of rules for netrunning some where in this forum if you want to have a system thats way better then whats in the book.
  4. Like lucky i have been out of the scene here for awhile but i would like to get back in to a game here, I know i got a few invites while iwas gone and of there are any openings in those games shoot me a PM would ya. most of the oldtimer here know that i like to play netrunners but i'm open to almost any job.
  5. so do you have an opening phipps. I wouldlove to play in one of your game again.
  6. My self I live right between a Nuclear facilty and a Chemical weapons Depot in the state of Washington in the US.
  7. That sounds right. you did a good job Malek.
  8. [occ: looks like we stalled out here] Kieko have been quite for most of the time speaks up. "Heres what I think we should do for teams or covers: one I need to be close to Sara sense its my job to protect her more then any one else, we can go as being on buisness and i'm her PA or we could go as lovers on vaction", Kieko smiles. " It seams like Dan is set on gambling which I don't see as a problem as long as Buisness comes first. Lola could be with Sara and me with eather option. I look Like Mary can also do the gambling bit. as for the rest I have not thought of ware best to place you ye
  9. Well as a combat zone theres not realy one per say as what you would hear about in the cp books. is more toned down. I'm trying to think of an example you mite understand but can't. Can you help Malek you i have been in the sprawl before. BTW the CZ in called the sprawl
  10. If you talking CZ as in the contry yes it there If yout talking CZ as in a Weapon I have one of thoughs too CZ-75
  11. I do not know.... But I can tell you that so far have Malek's and Wraith's Characters in hand. Erasers working on his I'm Guessing and I'm still looking for a few more players. But if I can't get any more I may just start with 3 and go from there.
  12. Sorry for the delay Wraith your character is OKed
  13. Well i'm back from the Con and had a blast. But sense I have been gone it look like there have been some questions And I will try and answer them here. 1) eraser Thats cool if you want to make something different. but I'm sorry to hear is just was not what you wanted. I will await your character. 2) Wraith I did get your PM's and I know i just replyed to one of them. I'm sorry i have been slow on geting back to you and every one else. 3) Malek as for the history I'm still working on it. I know this is not a good excuse but it sorta got put on the back burner cause i was getting
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