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  1. GunslingerGirl is realy good. A great stroy about an govermental organization who rebuilds and brainwashes young girls into assasins. There is nothing angsty over the girls as they are quite carefree, in the beginning at least, but the story evolves and it is touching and quite thought provoking. It also takes up the problems of cyberpsychosis and how to handel efficient little killing machines with feelings. It is definently recomended. One of the better anime's in the last few years. /Ominor
  2. We have kept the SA but modified them quite heavily and added several. Characters can also have several SA to reflect specialization and to make characters more different. A solo with Combat Sense is quite alike, skill wise, from game to game but if one solo has Sneak and the other has Autority the characters becom very different. It also allows characters to shift focus to other abilities and skills. The rule evolved during the second cyberpunk campaign I played in and it was because the characters changed so much during the campaign. For example our Nomad slowly wanderd over into politics and the solo I played ended up as a businessman on Mars. The campaign lasted for 6 years and spanned 5 decades. /Ominor
  3. Regarding Speedware. In our games we have speedware(Kerensikov, Sandevistan) witch just adds to your initiative roll and then there is reflexboost in several different flavors witch add to your reflex stat. They are usualy not compatible. If you have reflexboost speedware doesn't usualy work, biotech being the exeption. Also we add a modifier based on the characters cool-stat. High cool = add to the initiative, low cool subtract from it. The rational being that people who are cool under fire or in a fight does have an edge and this is our attempt to work that into the system. /Ominor
  4. I find Brian Aldiss to be a very boring author even tho a lot of people recomend his work highly. Also any series by Piers Anthony very quickly becomes repetitive. /Ominor
  5. Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams Interesting far future novel. Not really cyberpunk but a good read with lots of interesting ideas/concepts. Limit of Vision by Linda Nagata New biotech enhancements/artificial lifeforms and all the problems that generate with the goverments. Adiamante by L.E. Modesitt Jr For all those interesting moral and ethical problems. Also about building stable societys in the future. Revelation Space and Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds More space opera than cyberpunk but very interesting. There are a few more books in the same universe by Reynolds but start with RevSpace if your going to read any of them. Newton's Wake by Ken MacLeod Living in the post-Singularity world. Probably last yeas best book. Hope you find and enjoy these books. I certainly did. /Ominor
  6. Hi Everbody! First post here. In our/my group we use a system derivied from Feng Shui, a Hong Kong martial arts rpg. We roll for initiative then the person with highest initiative performs his first action. Every action costs a certain number of "initiative points". Then you lower your initiative by that much. Then check who has the highest initiative. His turn. Repeat until everybody has reached zero. Reroll initiative. It is quite simple in practice when people have learned what most actions cost. All skills cost to use. Awareness, stealth, hide/evade, dodge, any and all attacks. It is the system we have found to work the best in gameplay as it flows realy well. It doesn't take any time from the roleplaying witch is the most important consideration we have when modding the rules. Ominor
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