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  1. All the reach in the world doesn't matter if the smaller opponent is skilled at staying inside that reach and fighting from there. Additionally, where are they fighting? A super tall fighter may find himself at a disadvantage in a bathroom stall or a narrow stairwell or a steam tunnel or a crowded mosh pit or the back seat of a taxi cab, where those gangly limbs are going have to contend with all those physical boundaries. As others have said, a skilled fighter is going to know how to work to his/her strengths in a given situation against a given opponent. Rather than complica
  2. So it's a Bond story in a cyberpunk setting? Sheesh, the possibilities are endless: Earlier in the story, 007 was facing the villain (who at that point did not know who he was) in a high-stakes card game. Bond had been making a show of toying with a rather large and gaudy gold cigarette lighter, mentioning that it was his good luck charm. This lighter had, of course, been designed by Q Branch specifically to appeal to this casino-villain's garish tastes, so the villain could not resist attempting to win it from Bond in the card game and demanded it be placed in the pot as the stakes ro
  3. I don't share Stray's opinion on the game, really, but I do have to say my heart isn't really in this right now. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really enjoy playing in these games. I just tend to feel limited as one character. Hence all the posts involving what's going on in Rori's head: I just feel that if I were only posting what she were doing and saying I wouldn't feel like I was doing much of anything. I know that some of that stuff might have been distracting (or even downright defeatist) and apologize if that was contributing to anybody's frustration. I do like r
  4. Rori wants to make all kinds of parting shots of her own on the way out, but she decides to stick with playing the "dumb bitch", as Konzo so delicately put it. Really, it's probably one of the nicer things you get called when you've more-or-less accused someone of being a child molester. And any way you slice it, she's seriously outclassed in that room when it comes to tough talk. Still, this jerk makes Vitali seem like a Renaissance man...can't say I'll feel too sorry for him if ends up spending his last moments spitting blood, teeth, and the C-word all over his living room... She
  5. Rori is irked. Not at Andrei, though. In fact, she's starting to wish she'd had the good sense to grab a scorching cup of coffee. It might come in handy in a few seconds. She's irked because she has seen this routine before. Some creep who's used to getting what he wants doesn't get it, and starts rattling off reasons why he should and shouldn't consign her (and hers) to some unspecified fate...like he's some freakin' shopkeeper weighing her worth on a scale. It's bush-league psyche-out material, and last time she checked, she didn't see the name "Konstantin" on the list of people en
  6. When Rori's attempt to subtly let Oleg know something's up fails (or is merely brushed aside), her mind races and that uptight voice in her head shrills madly at her: Run, you fool! Police! Secret Police! Mobsters! Hit Men! Evangelists! Insurance Salesmen! It doesn't matter who the jaws belong to: You. Should. Never. Walk. Into. Them. Somehow, she keeps her cool and, amid the incredulous cries of her inner paranoiac, shoots the receptionist a poisonous "I'm onto you, pal!" glance before following Oleg to what will almost certainly be someone's doom. Even though she wants to f
  7. Rori puts a hand on Oleg's upper arm and squeezes gently. She hasn't seemed like the touchy-feely type in the time he's known her. Hopefully it's enough to get him to face her. "It's unfortunate, but I think the film will be fine--the guys know their work. Let's just leave a message for now and maybe he'll be awake tomorrow." She looks over his shoulder at the people in waiting room, wondering if any of the men who are alone are paying too much attention.
  8. Unless somebody stops her and/or tells her to wait with the car, Rori will accompany whomever is doing the talking at the desk, but try to remain quiet unless her medical experience and/or expertise seems helpful in getting the group where they want to go.
  9. "Okay." Glad to get away from the defeatist atmosphere (and curious onlookers) of that prison-themed restaurant, Rori drives toward the clinic. She's happy to be behind the wheel, but the faint, intermittent buzz from the loose exhaust shield and fact that the passenger seat no longer has a seat belt nibble at the edges of her thoughts. She's also not 100% happy about returning to the scene of one of her crimes, even if the crime involved was mostly just telling lies to facilitate the commission of awesomeness. The Wheelman's Code probably has something to say about returning to th
  10. Rori looks balefully at the phone connected to the laptop after Andrei leaves. She absently stirs the melting ice cubes in her glass of water with a straw, imagining for a moment a tiny boat being smashed between them and sinking to the bottom of the glass. Then she nods at the briefcase. "Oleg, may I look through those text message records? Perhaps something in there is worth all that money it cost to get them." If Oleg agrees, she'll start perusing the messages for anything productive, starting with the most recent. But actual conversation will take precedence, so if anybody s
  11. "Okay," Rori nods as the fog of ignorance lifts. "Sorry, I didn't understand that." She's still not sure she understands. On the surface, it seems like an awful lot of resources to bring to bear on some underling. But Rori has learned her lesson--she will take this as her cue to sit back, enjoy the sandwich, and revert to her original policy of simply letting the others talk while she listens. See where this is going. Planners plan...Drivers drive....it's The Wheelman's Code Rori toys with the thought of demanding that Andrei learn the convoluted, arbitrary, and ever-chang
  12. Some nagging thought provokes her to look at the photo again despite her reluctance to do so: "Wait...I'm mistaken. This isn't the guy we dropped off. They look similar, but that guy had a store-bought tan, and this guy's the real thing. I apologize--I didn't look closely enough at the picture before..." ...for some reason... Rori, worried she's just now picked up on something everybody else already knows, and growing embarrassed that she's rather lost the plot, decides to come clean. She points at the picture: "Sorry, I'm confused now. Who is this guy?"
  13. Rori shrugs helplessly. "I don't know where to start other than that briefcase, but I wasn't inside the building on either occasion, so I don't know of any other leads. Oh, that reminds me..." She fishes the plastic baggie containing the receipts out of her purse and discreetly slides them to Alek. "Here are these. I haven't looked at them yet, myself. I figured you'd like the honors, there." She bites her lip for a moment, then her eyebrows shoot up as she turns to Oleg: "Oh, Oleg...that also reminds me. Don't pay any more for that hotel, eh? They sublet my ro
  14. Hmmmmm... Rori shoots a sideways glance (lasting about a nanosecond) at Andrei as she rises out of her seat and cranes her neck to see what Oleg is looking at. "Ouch," she mutters out the side of her mouth at the sight of the graphic photo. That's gonna hurt no matter where he puts it... Her next question is tinged with enough cynicism to make its rhetorical nature clear: "So, uh, what again does this guy want with that kid?" Eyes narrowing, she looks closer as Oleg leafs through. "...or was he just unfortunate enough to be the wrong person's friend?"
  15. Rori walks up to the table wearing the same thing she had on yesterday (hey, it's not like she'd planned to make a career out of this gig) and sits down, crossing her legs in a way she never really used to feel the need to do. "Hi, guys," she says in the way people tend to do when they are just punching in to work. The decor does not hold much novelty for her, being both a former employee of the prison system and, due to the kind of work she's been doing lately, a prospective inmate. Still, this dumb place does some good toasted sandwiches--when the opportunity is presented, she wi
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