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  1. 1) I do still *occasionally* get RL Cyberpunk games, although lately my limited playing time has been elsewhere... how many people here still get a regular game in? Or intend to soon? We currently still play 3 times a week, though I can only make one while I'm working late. 2) How many people used the original canon setting? We try to, though i think it's evolved over time. You kinda fill in your own blanks 3) I think I might have given the impression that I house-rule my games allover the place, when in fact (thinking about it) the only thing I do is remove Roles and use C
  2. It's funny. I don't think I've ever actually had my jaw drop open before while watching something, and I've seen the Crysis demo! About half way through I realised I must've looked stupid, closed my mouth, looked around to see if anyone had seen (despite being alone, reaction I guess), and tried to stop it happening again.
  3. I recently bought Shadowrun 4th edition and thought the book was amazing. I've always been put off Shadowrun by the Elf/Dwarf/Troll thing, and the magic, but I thought as V3 uses magic (thought they call it nanotech or something...) and we aren't interested in playing that, then I may as well give it a go. I thought it was the best written RPG book I've ever read! The V3 intro talks about making games accessible to new players. Well, reading this book I was instantly drawn into the world that's already been through 3 editions. The book starts with the Buzzkill, which is a short story that's bo
  4. This may be a weird topic so early in the projects developement, but it's also something that needs to be considered. Given that the overall objective of this is to produce publishable works, then at some stage money is going to play a part, both in terms of production costs and profits/losses from sales etc. I just wondered if this was something that has been thought about. On similar lines, if Mirrorshades is to be the project name, the domain Mirrorshades.com is currently for sale.
  5. This all sounds great and I'd love to be involved in it. I've been considering writing some of my ideas down for a while, largely because I have lots of time and nothing to do with it while I have no job.
  6. Wow. That's great. cheers. Dunno how I missed that topic before...
  7. Whatever happened to the book that was meant to follow Stormfront? I so badly want v3 to work just as somewhere to go. I've played from 2020 for ages and through Stormfront 3 times now. I want something new as a change, but v3 is not that thing. It works for some people, but not for me and my group at the moment. I'm sure there was meant to be a follow up book to Stormfront which should fill in some of the gaps between 2020 and v3, but it never appeared. I'd love them to produce that. Failing that though, we're still looking for somewhere else to go with our games. I've heard Ex Machina i
  8. cheers for that. That was interesting to read even though I didn't make myself very clear in my initial post. What I was looking for was more a way to describe the world. Night City has changed, but my players, being 2020 players, and still being in Night City (or at least some place with the same name) try to do the same stuff they did and imagine the world just like 2020. I tried to describe how it's not 2020 and the world is different but it still didn't quite sink in. I imagine new Night City to look a bit like Fifth Element, with the city going up and up. Structurally i think it's a
  9. Like many 2020 players, our group dismissed v3 after one read due to some rules, one thing and another etc. I decided I'd like to give it another go and created house rules and such to run a session. My problem came with describing the world. No-one in the group bar me has read the v3 rulebook, and our group has been playing 2020 for 8 or so years and are kinda set in that. Now the easy option is obviously to carry on with what you know and just play 2020, but I've spent money on a new book and I'll be damned if I aren't at least gonna give it a try. Anyways, I was wondering how pe
  10. I was all set for watching Johnny Mnemonic till this came on. I figured I've seen that a few times before, and this was new. I did like the way they used the archive footage though. Someone who watches Bushes speeches may have recognised all of them, but as someone who doesn't it seemed like all the footage was shot for this film. It was clever. I tried not to think about it as a political statement and enjoy it as a drama. It's the best way on a Friday night.
  11. Just watched this on More 4. To be honest I hadn't heard of it before I saw it but apparently there's been some controversy about it. Just wondered what people who saw it thought of it. For those that don't know it's a film set in 2007 about the assasination of George Bush and the reprocussions of such an event. I enjoyed it. I thought it was well made and told it's story well.
  12. v3 also has a Wealth perk that gives you a disposable income. It's pretty useless at lower levels I reckon, but at high levels gives you a few grand a week. This does use up way too many skill points to be a viable character option though. In 2020, we generally waive the fees for Taxis and drinks just cos the prices are negligable and is speeds up play.
  13. I know that there's already a problem with tank characters, but it's always bugged me that subdermal armour counts as a layer. If you have it too light to notice easily, and it doesn't have a ref penalty (like say SP8 on the chest), then wearing an armourjack shouldn't give you a ref penalty, to my way of thinking.
  14. The compatibility issue is one that bugged me. It doesn't say that they aren't compatible, and even provides a way for the Cee-Metals to use the Rip tech, but it doesn't anywhere say what tech is and isn't compatible with other tech. Presumably, Desnai and Rip tech is compatible with everyone. I don't see why the Edge tech wouldn't be compatible with, say, the Reef of the Rollers, and vice-versa. There would appear to be a compatibility issue with the Cee-Metals and the Reef, as one gives you a metal body and the other alters DNA, but then the new bodies are meant to be made of carbon and can
  15. Yeah, cheers. helped a lot. Any other ideas are welcomed...
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