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  1. You would feel the exact same force on your face as though you had rested the pistol on your nose and fired it. No weapon short of an autocannon would produce enough recoil to damage your neck.
  2. I've enjoyed all of Morgan's books, but the only one I think is actually legitimately good is Altered Carbon. Broken Angels has a fairly uninteresting premise (Kovacs actually doing his job) and the ending of Woken Furies is the biggest deus ex machina I've ever read, pretty much ruining the book for me. I don't think Morgan's thinly-disguised hatred of fighting men really helps his work in the long run. I often find myself stretching to process his incredibly dissolute characters as genuine. Kovacs generally seems to stumble around in a haze of self-induced misery punctuated by inexpl
  3. Yeah. Reading over it, it's a pretty dense narrative and I go into excessive detail on some things which I should really be glossing over. I also notice that most of my paragraphs are about the same length, which makes my writing kind of monotonous. Vic should also be a pithier and more sarcastic narrator than what I've written him as. A few of the passages when Vic waxes poetic about his buddies in the Legion should probably get cut and others reduced. Well, the idea of the story is that Vic is a low-level narrator trapped in very sweeping events. One of my more favorite
  4. Rock, if you want to moan about how I don't respect you intellectually, take it to GD as I said in my last post. Peace brother.
  5. Thanks. I'm not sure when I'll get around to finishing Escalation, depending on whether I'm going to write something in another, unrelated, non-Cyberpunk storyline first or not (I should really get a website to host my fiction on), but it's definitely planned. I also don't know how badly I'm going to get buried in schoolwork when I get back to college next week. This thread is for constructive criticism of the text, let's keep it that way please. Your objections to the inclusion of swordsmanship in a modern context have been noted, Rocky. Now, if y'all want to have a fight about sword
  6. Your veneration of Marine propaganda and "one Marine can kill ten Japs - hand to hand!" bravado brings a smile to my face. The Japanese trumped exactly that, again and again and again. Or have you never read a history of the Pacific War that wasn't written from an explicitly triumphialist point of view? And about bushido. You ever read the Army values or the various codes of conduct American soldiers are expected to abide by? That is bushido. In fact, taken seriously it's close to WWII-era neo-Bushido - there's a part that goes, "I will never allow myself to be taken prisoner as long
  7. So you're going to claim that every Marine on Iwo Jima was combat arms? Gimme a break. Ever read With the Old Breed? REMFs descended on battle sites like vultures. What, you think front-line soldiers have an ounce of weight to spare for enemy militaria? Rock, I also have experience with Aikiken among other things. It's a crock. Real swordsmen are in complete agreement that "look at me I take his sword away" techniques are suicidal and impossible with any kind of skill parity. The entire system revolves around getting off the line and it is impossible to move fast enough int
  8. Well, I don't know about stories told by drunken REMFs fifty years after the fact... ...but I do know for a fact that the usual response from the Army in the Philippines to Japanese counterattacks wasn't to fix bayonets and meet them man to man. It was to retreat as quickly as possible and call for more artillery because they were obviously not all dead yet. Sorry, man, but I haven't read or heard of a single "I survived hand to hand combat with the Japanese" anecdote that I believe at face value. Most of the GIs that were unlucky enough to face the pointy end of a Japanese bayonet or
  9. Author's Notes -Vic's submachine gun has a helical magazine. I should probably explicate on this in the text. As far as the design goes it's kind of the freak mutant offspring of a Kriss V and a Bizon. The smart sights on it are crude, lightweight CQB optics, and he's using them in combination with some aftermarket smartgun software he has installed to dispense with the "gunsight" view entirely and just get crosshairs in his field of view. Military rifles have much more sophisticated targeting systems. -I wrote the police outside the store as being adjusted to the bright overcast
  10. Some more of my fiction. Vic Benson and the Legion are back in action! This is a direct sequel to Barricade, although things happen between the two chapters and I should probably write something to bridge them and allow for, you know, character development outside of cracking heads. --- You take showers for granted. When most people take a shower they’re just washing off whatever molecules of dust and grime they’ve picked up over the course of their office-bound workday. It’s a hell of a way to get the lint out of your bellybutton, but if you’re clean in the first place you d
  11. Here's my three and a half yen... Don't name guns. Don't mention their calibers beyond adjectives. Don't describe a gun unless it's important to the story and a character is actually examining it, and in that event you should describe it in a meaningful way ("the machine gun I had slung over my back was a PKM, a twelve kilo slab of commie steel firing whole belts of 7.62mm rounds that could go through an APC's tinfoil armor and kill people sitting inside it at a kilometer") instead of info dumping ("I carried a Russian PKM machine gun firing belt-fed 7.62x54R ammunition, with an effecti
  12. It's like domestic cops in the US getting fifty-cal rifles. They're nothing more than a $10,000 penis extension and an invitation to use massive and inappropriate force in dealing with pedestrian offenders (link) If they're rolling on you with technicals too tough for 7.62mm fire, you as a contractor should be running in the opposite direction and screaming for the actual military. They're there for "security", not to fight the war. Whether this is true is debatable. Yes. It's ironic how Russia, which all of twenty years ago was the foremost communist state, has tur
  13. Now this is the scary part. 7.62mm covers everything up to and including medium machine guns, and I imagine that "some other defensive weapons" means "defensive" fragmentation grenades - how much more firepower do these guys need if they're being used purely for "security"? Apparently there's two grades of PMCs in Iraq, Western/American ones and third world yahoos hired by the overseas front companies of American PMC corporations. Apparently they were using some of these Nepalese/African/Indonesian/Whatever mercs to provide security at Forward Operating Bases as of 2006. And yo
  14. Well, a shotgun has a pretty small shot pattern unless you're either at stupid long range (in which case buckshot isn't going to be doing a whole lot) or have a stupid/highly concealable short barrel. It seems to me like trying to hit two guys with the same shot spread would be a trick shot, where the shooter deliberately tries to spread his pattern across two enemies instead of just unloading into one guy's center of mass. I'd fudge it, give him a high difficulty for the shot and deal an appropriate amount of damage to both targets if he hits. If he misses that roll there would be a ch
  15. That's what they want you to think. It's good for business. All levity aside, all these things are also hidden costs or would be part of their contract overhead when it comes to deploying mercenaries. Who do you think feeds, supports with big guns, supplies, equips and medicates as necessary all these mercs? The regular military. About the only possible thing that PMCs could possibly do more cheaply than the (US) military is screw their employees on insurance and long-term medical care, and I am sure as hell not going to rely on someone who knows he's getting kicked out on the street
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