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  1. that was supposed to be PM, not picture, doh!
  2. Ok, here we go, these are my initial thoughts pal... #2 What about Just Stumbling Into It? As it implies, plot hooks the character just lucks into. Something falls off the back of a truck, you come across some important item lying in an alley, a dying man hands you an envelope, you answer a wrong number call and get a burst of information, someone sends you an e-mail with sensitive info by mistake, etc... 5 and 10 seem to be kinda the same thing, so maybe it could replace one of them? #3c I kinda get why Shintoism is listed in the "local" category, as it's pretty rare out
  3. Im there, as many of you know. Anyone who wants to add me go ahead, but send me a picture so I know who you are.
  4. Ok pal, since you asked... This is immense, and a bit overwhelming. I just skimmed through the entire thread, and I dig this concept and most of what you have for it. With that being said, in some places it does seem to get overly bogged down in t.he details, like specific corporate entries, or criminal organizations. Not that including them isn't cool. How big do you want this thing? Is their a point where it meets ght be too big for you? Not that it matters, I want to help as much as I ca, .but I must admit I am at a loss for where to begin.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that Rockwolf, my condolences.
  6. I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. I never dreamed I had this much support. In just a few short days your donations have paid for the next two years of hosting for the site. I am afraid I have never done this before, and so the proper etiquette escapes me. I do noy know if I should give a list of my noble benefactors, or what recognition they desire. I do know this... I am so profoundly grateful to you all, to everyone who donated money, to the people that shared the links and spread the word, the people who gave a kind word, and the people who have just enjoyed my work ove
  7. To all fans of the worlds largest and most comprehensive Cyberpunk 2020 fansite, Interlock Unlimited, and fans of Cyberpunk 2020 in general... due to recently losing my job, medical issues, and life being generally shitty right now, I can't afford to keep Datafortress up right now. So after hearing people suggest I open up for donations for years now, I am reluctantly taking that advice. Still not sure about this, but thank you in advance everyone for whatever part you play in Keeping the site up and running. Go here to donate: http://datafortress2020.blogspot.com/
  8. For the first time in over a decade, Datafortress 2020 is whole. The file Project and the Forums are once again up and running, and this time everything is hosted on the same site, so they are up for good, or as long as I pay my bills. Yes you heard right, the File Project has returned, The DF2020 files, the Interlock Unlimited Files, the image archive, and yes, the massive Cyberpunk File Archive... they are all back, running smoothly, and all the material is available once more. The forums are also back, though all the information from the old forums was lost unfortunately. But he
  9. We are back baby! Datafortress 2020 has a new address, and finally has it's own domain http://datafortress2020.com/ the side effect of me finally hitching up my pants and getting a paid host. Expect things to be a little wonky as I Iron out kinks, some of the links may still point to the old, now dead, site address. The e-mail links are also still being worked on. In addition, unfortunately, the host for the Fileproject and forums are still down most of the time. I will be working to fix these issues, I ask you to be patient. For your troubles, a special treat: INTERL
  10. So... it seems to me here that this system kind of eliminates Cyberpsychosis altogether... which I can't really get behind, as it, to me at least, is a pretty interesting aspect of the setting. Or am I missing something?
  11. And obviously, with my extensive gear lists, I fall more into the "if it's a widely manufactured piece, give it a name category. Especially if it has unique options or features. On the other hand, anything under 50 bucks is going to be so widespread and generic anyway, that it generally doesn't rate a separate entry for each model, aka cell phones... and if you want more options than the standard, price will determine that.
  12. Sandevistan is a reference to the eponymous hardwire from Hardwired by Walter John Williams, err with a slight spelling alteration... Santisteven... Not sure where Kerenzikov comes from...
  13. The site should be working, it may be a bit slow, as people deprived of it make a mad rush to feed their addiction... Thanks everyone for worrying about me... between helath, GTA V and the fact that my computer is in my gaming room, which is an unheated garage, and it's balls achingly cold here the past 2 months, I haven't been able to get back on. I meant to post here when I got back online again, but there didn't ever seem to be anything going on to inject myself into... Anyway, love you guys, if you need anything you can't get for whateer reason off the site, let me know.
  14. It was a Rutger Hauer flick called Wedlock. Or maybe Deadlock... I forget...
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