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  1. that was supposed to be PM, not picture, doh!
  2. Ok, here we go, these are my initial thoughts pal... #2 What about Just Stumbling Into It? As it implies, plot hooks the character just lucks into. Something falls off the back of a truck, you come across some important item lying in an alley, a dying man hands you an envelope, you answer a wrong number call and get a burst of information, someone sends you an e-mail with sensitive info by mistake, etc... 5 and 10 seem to be kinda the same thing, so maybe it could replace one of them? #3c I kinda get why Shintoism is listed in the "local" category, as it's pretty rare outside of Japan, But why is Judaism not listed as one of the major religions? Why IS spiritism? just curious. Read the footnote, but it doesn't really make sense to me. #3e Do fire and Emergency Response fall under cops? What about bureaucracies like the DMV and City Planning. The Post office? Corps Of Engineers? Parks Department? Sewer, Power, Garbage, and other utilities? #3g The Willfully Ignorant (anti-vaxers, climate change deniers, etc...), The Bigot (racists, homophobes), The Conspiracy Theorists (might just fall under nutjob, but this seems a bit more of it's own thing, like the people screaming incoherently about false flags and crisis actors), the "Waddabout Me's..." (MRA's, Incels, Alt-Right), #3j Hacker Collectives #12 35 Can't have one without the other (fir whatever reason, getting the target, be it goods or people, require you to also take this "other" thing or person in order to function or cooperate) 36 Familiar face the character(s) and someone on the oppositions side know each other and have history) 37 Witness (someone saw you do something that you would rather they didn't see) 38 Surprise phone call (don't you hate telemarketers...) 39 some else is pulling a deal in the same place (what are the odds?) 40 Gotta have it (the opposition possesses something the character simply must possess.... object of quest or unique item type situation, but taking it blows the deal or otherwise mucks things up) #15 I am not sure what use this serves but it's neat. Anyway, those are my impressions and suggestions so far. Overall the tables look great. If you want my input on something more specific, let me know.
  3. Im there, as many of you know. Anyone who wants to add me go ahead, but send me a picture so I know who you are.
  4. Ok pal, since you asked... This is immense, and a bit overwhelming. I just skimmed through the entire thread, and I dig this concept and most of what you have for it. With that being said, in some places it does seem to get overly bogged down in t.he details, like specific corporate entries, or criminal organizations. Not that including them isn't cool. How big do you want this thing? Is their a point where it meets ght be too big for you? Not that it matters, I want to help as much as I ca, .but I must admit I am at a loss for where to begin.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that Rockwolf, my condolences.
  6. I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. I never dreamed I had this much support. In just a few short days your donations have paid for the next two years of hosting for the site. I am afraid I have never done this before, and so the proper etiquette escapes me. I do noy know if I should give a list of my noble benefactors, or what recognition they desire. I do know this... I am so profoundly grateful to you all, to everyone who donated money, to the people that shared the links and spread the word, the people who gave a kind word, and the people who have just enjoyed my work over the years. Thank you, thank you all, from the very deepest wells of my heart.
  7. To all fans of the worlds largest and most comprehensive Cyberpunk 2020 fansite, Interlock Unlimited, and fans of Cyberpunk 2020 in general... due to recently losing my job, medical issues, and life being generally shitty right now, I can't afford to keep Datafortress up right now. So after hearing people suggest I open up for donations for years now, I am reluctantly taking that advice. Still not sure about this, but thank you in advance everyone for whatever part you play in Keeping the site up and running. Go here to donate: http://datafortress2020.blogspot.com/
  8. For the first time in over a decade, Datafortress 2020 is whole. The file Project and the Forums are once again up and running, and this time everything is hosted on the same site, so they are up for good, or as long as I pay my bills. Yes you heard right, the File Project has returned, The DF2020 files, the Interlock Unlimited Files, the image archive, and yes, the massive Cyberpunk File Archive... they are all back, running smoothly, and all the material is available once more. The forums are also back, though all the information from the old forums was lost unfortunately. But hey, a fresh start isn't the worst thing that could happen. It does make me sad, because all the update notes from Interlock Unlimited and a ton of idea bouncing with contributors was there, lost to the ages now, also some contributors had posted some really amazing stuff, I will miss that. If 110.mb ever comes back online, I may be able to grab what was lost, but the chances of that are slim I am afraid. And the backups I had were lost when my external hard drive crashed... while I was trying to copy important files like those over to another back... ugh.... Oh well, enough of the meloncholy and nostalgia, the site is back, whole, and all in one place. I have the larger bundles on Drop Box still on the site,so if you want the entirety of the File Project you can still get it. Anyway, thanks for all the support while we waited to get back up and running.
  9. We are back baby! Datafortress 2020 has a new address, and finally has it's own domain http://datafortress2020.com/ the side effect of me finally hitching up my pants and getting a paid host. Expect things to be a little wonky as I Iron out kinks, some of the links may still point to the old, now dead, site address. The e-mail links are also still being worked on. In addition, unfortunately, the host for the Fileproject and forums are still down most of the time. I will be working to fix these issues, I ask you to be patient. For your troubles, a special treat: INTERLOCK UNLIMITED has undergone a massive update, the changes are pretty big, and the project has gained 2 pages in the processs and required me to redo the character sheets as well. Details of the changes can be found on the Datafortress 2020 Blog (and at the forums when they are back up...). If the File Project main link(s) is down, scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link to the file on Dropbox.... There is also a new Character Sheet Tutorial to help you fill out your Interlock Unlimited Character sheets properly without confusion. Due to the Interlock Unlimited changes, the character sheets themselves have also had to be updated... The Generic IU Sheets, the Basic Gneric IU sheets (just the 4 first pages of the generic), The Simple Sheet, The Cyberpunk 2020 sheets and the full color Elite Cyberpunk 2020 sheets have all been updated. The Hyperlinks page has also been updated. We also have a new contribution in the form of Fight Club from Billy Billerson, which can be used either as an alternate melee system, or as a stand alone game... The following are the list of changes made to Interlock Unlimited... Table Of Contents edited Page 4 Bounty Dog removed, as it is handled just fine by an investigator/cop mix. Fixer's special ability now adds to StreetWise and APPRAISE, instead of Streetwise and Persuasion/Fast Talk. Page 5 New Role added, Magus... SA adds to Library Search and either Education General knowledge or 2 Expert Skills. Med Tech Special Ability now includes Diagnose Illness as a choice for skills to be added to. Mundie was out of order, this has been corrected. Awareness Notice is removed from the skills a Runner may add his special Ability too, instead now the runner is allowed 2 vehicle types. SCOUT - Awareness notice and Survival are replaced by Navigation and Track Shadow - Shadow/Track is replaced by the choice for either Pick Lock or Electronic Security. Solo - Awareness/Notice replaced by Awareness/Tactical Expanded on guidelines for creating new roles. Other minor edits to entries. Page 7 Reformatted skill list completely, now it is just a master skill list listing the skill... The skills as introduced by era have now moved to the back of the book, page 76 Added Wisdom to Special Abilites list Changed Awareness/Notice to Awareness: Notice Added Awareness: Track and Awareness Tactical Removed Shadow Track and Acrobatics Changed all skills designated Pilot to Operate Page 8 Edited Special Abilites to reflect changes Page 9 Endurance, minor edit, changed the word pain to strain Other minor corrections Removed reference to rockers and ability to add +1 to charismatic leadership Expanded the entry for Hypnotism/brainwashing Page 10 Removed Sing from perform description, as singing is its own skill. Page 11 Minor changes page 12 Minor Changes Added swimming to list of things whose speed will be modified by athletics. page 13 Removed Weapon: Submachine Gun entry Removed Makeup/special Effects (disguise handles this just fine, not sure what I was thinking when I added it.) other minor changes Page 14 - 22 Minor edits Page 23 Removed Bounty Dog, added Magus Page 24 The removal of SMG from the skill list necessitated the following rules additions.. KNOWING WHICH SKILL TO USE: Most weapons are easy enough to determine which skill relates to them, but some weapons, like SMG’s can skew the line. Any Firearm that is fired line of sight, but does not have a stock, such as Pistols, Rifles with the stock removed, sawn off-shotguns, or hand held exotics, use the handgun skill. Weapons with a stock, fired from the shoulder, use the Rifle Skill. If the weapon has a folding or removable stock, use the appropriate skill at the time. Indirect fire weapons, such as grenade launchers, heavy machine guns fired from a mount, or artillery use the Heavy Weapons skill. Bows, Crossbows, Blowguns, and Spear guns use the archery skill. And added to the Concealability explanation: Note: adding a Stock to a small arm provides the weapon with a +2 Accuracy bonus. It also changes the range to 250 meters (except for shotguns) and the weapon now is classed as a Rifle, requiring that skill to use. Removing a stock from a Rifle imposes a -2 penalty, changes the range to 50 meters, and the weapon now uses the Handgun Skill. Adding a fixed stock drops the Concealability by two levels, and a folding or retractable stock by one. Other modifications and add-ons, such as scopes, laser sights, and brass catchers, can also change the Concealability, this is at GM discretion. Page 25-36 Minor edits to correct formatting. Page 28 Minor edits Page 30 Addition of new rule, Optional Initiative Rules 2 (used at GM discretion) – Advanced Initiative This method will add more realism to your combats, at the cost of being slightly more time consuming and creating extra book keeping for the GM. A chart, beginning at 33 (tics), is created. Initiative is rolled as normal, with the characters total initiative determining where they begin on the chart. Actions for the turn are declared. On their turn, and every five “tics” after, that player may perform 1 quick action and move at a rate equal to ½ their MA. As the Tics count down, everyone takes their actions in succession. Movement Quick Actions, Standard Actions, and Regular Actions begin on the increment they are declared, and do not end until the Tics have passed. Every 5 ticks equals 1 Quick Action, every ten a Standard, and every 15 a Full. Any player who has actions during that time may take advantage against the position the first character has left himself in. For example, if during your action you decide to run, it will take you five tics to reach your destination, if on the third tic another player’s turn comes up, they can take a shot at you while you are mid run. Firing itself consumes 1 tic, but emerging and re-entering cover from a stationary position still takes a full 5 tic turn, leaving you vulnerable. Changing an action from that declared is possible, but costs a quick action. Any actions remaining after the tic count reaches zero are lost, however the actions that were lost can either be spent on defense rolls, or used to change actions from what was declared. Major reformatting, 2 images and a page is added to keep formatting straight, which of course makes keeping track of page changes from this point on for the rest of this change log rather confusing. Sorry about that... Page 35 (was 34) Added new modifiers, including mods for attacker walking (-2) and changed attacker running mod to -5, added rules for adding a stock to handguns and smg's, and for removing a stock from a rifle. Page 38 (was 37) Changed range for bows to BT x 20 (from 10) pages 39 and 42 (was 38 and 41, also 26) Fixed ranges for casting to be more inline with BT chart on page 3 Pages 63 64 and 65 (62,63,64) Added rules for swimming speed and modifiers.... reformatting and minor edits to sustain book format. Page 77 Moved list of skills introduced by era here. As a result of all these changes, there are now 2 additional pages to Interlock Unlimited. Enjoy...
  10. So... it seems to me here that this system kind of eliminates Cyberpsychosis altogether... which I can't really get behind, as it, to me at least, is a pretty interesting aspect of the setting. Or am I missing something?
  11. And obviously, with my extensive gear lists, I fall more into the "if it's a widely manufactured piece, give it a name category. Especially if it has unique options or features. On the other hand, anything under 50 bucks is going to be so widespread and generic anyway, that it generally doesn't rate a separate entry for each model, aka cell phones... and if you want more options than the standard, price will determine that.
  12. Sandevistan is a reference to the eponymous hardwire from Hardwired by Walter John Williams, err with a slight spelling alteration... Santisteven... Not sure where Kerenzikov comes from...
  13. The site should be working, it may be a bit slow, as people deprived of it make a mad rush to feed their addiction... Thanks everyone for worrying about me... between helath, GTA V and the fact that my computer is in my gaming room, which is an unheated garage, and it's balls achingly cold here the past 2 months, I haven't been able to get back on. I meant to post here when I got back online again, but there didn't ever seem to be anything going on to inject myself into... Anyway, love you guys, if you need anything you can't get for whateer reason off the site, let me know.
  14. It was a Rutger Hauer flick called Wedlock. Or maybe Deadlock... I forget...
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