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  1. We're still at it. Noncommercial content free for your pleasure. This episode of Cyberpunk Radio is a simple exercise in mind washing- let it cleanse you of corporate media indoctrination. Backing ambience courtesy of the real Veterans of Future Wars playing "PAZUZU" from their album "Temple of the Screaming Electron".
  2. I've heard you're compaints and taken them into consideration- "high pitch voice is annoying" and will be modulated to something less abrasive! Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Yeh, we are constantly working to improve the listening experience- but keep in mind that audio scaping is part of the plan, so not everything is ment to be clearly heard, just absorbed. We like to put in all kinds of music (rap, country, punk, neodisc, etc.) as long as it fits the audio scape of the episode and is (cyber)punkish at heart. Our "huge team" of cyberpunk content producers that contribute to cpr salutes all who listen!
  4. While the "adults" are still busy ruining the world, our little brainwashed chomskyites are again ranting: Cyberpunkradio San Francisco #37 - Mostly interweaves of contemporary message music: Martial Law by Jello Biafra, Sunday Bloody Sunday (Bush Remix) by the Party Party, Here at the End of the World by David Rovics and Julia Davis on Climate Change. Cyberpunk Radio San Francisco Episode 36: Political Punditry Come on over and squirt a few cc's into your auditory nerves. Optic nerves feel left out? Don't fret 'adults', we have also added you
  5. Sounds like a yuppy to me cyberpunk = cybernetic + punk = recursive, counter culture, hacking, assimilating, and converging.
  6. Sounds like someone needs a "time-out". Show your Tech, or just keep walking. changed "art" to "tech" since tech is more the meaning i was grasping for...
  7. Hack vTv Episode 001 The latest from the Pluri Media Group. For those of you who hanker for fresh "cyberpunk", we are pleased to turn you on to our latest freebie video. This is not ment to be spam, just letting you folks interested in things cyberpunk have something to help feed your hunger in this (some old timers say dead) genre. We bring you a complete plot, characters, cyberpunk theme, providing a glimpse into the future- underground media hacking, the cyberpunk genre gone feral. Best of all- you get to SEE mental-escher and cyberpunk "radio" in the flesh. Th
  8. A recent endeavor to bring cyberpunk pirate radio to the "net" has transmorgrafied to Cyberpunk TV! I thought some of you folks/bots here would get a kick out of this contemporary cyberpunk (ie- right now!). Who sez cyberpunk is dead? It's just gone from fiction to near-reality! Feedbacks welcomed at defwheezeratgmaildotcom. Get the feed here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/MentalEscher Watch now, godnabit! (and take a Xanax!): http://www.mental-escher.net/vidcast/cyber...tv_001_vid3.mov Get the promo: http://www.mental-escher.net/vidcast/cpr_vid2.mov
  9. CyberPunk Radio SF turns 16, episodes that is, with GW bush and "My United States of Whatever", Total Beer (another CPR sponsor!), Taco Man from Ebola World updates us on Katrina and GW Idiot, and finally, we listen in to Al Gore Talking to himself. Click Image to Go there.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip!
  10. Are you going to stand on the Neo, or the Olde, side of The New World Order? DJ Defwheezer mixes up a mashin of New World Order Mind Control propaganda war, and the Mental-Escher Counter offensive. cyberpunkradio#15
  11. OK, so it's not the Singularity, but it IS the latest evolution of cyberpunk radio SF, episode #14 titled "Radio 2.0". This episode is, well- anti-war, anti-bush, and anti-matter. We mix the aural landscape like picasso on acid. If you enjoy cyberpunk, you'll become addicted to Cyberpunk Radio SF. And unlike most other addictions, cyberpunk radio SF is Free. Check us out at Cyber Punk Radio SF.
  12. With the decline of oil, I think there will be a huge economic and political stability issues which could disrupt many current state borders and lead to political consolidations such as North America VS Eur-asia, etc. I agree with the Taiwan comment- I think China could concievably take over Taiwan with minimal loss of life and minimal impact on China's armed forces strength. I believe China will be more interested in economic dominance via accumulation of energy resources- the new (like for the next 50 yrs) battle fields. Did you consider the decline of oil and the rise of nuclear (
  13. Episode #13 (~ 17 mb mp3) has just been released - "Echo Chambers": In addition to the usual madness, this episode features: Spearhead - Listener Supported, Imagine - MoveOn.Org, Defwheezer - Socio-political Echo Chambers, Daily-show - Rebranding the War/Struggle on terror and stuff , Spearhead - Bomb The World, Armageddon Cyberpunk Radio - Echo Chambers
  14. Listen in on the Mental-Escher Matrix. Do you know what is science fiction and what is already yesterdays "news"?. Jack into the Mental-Escher Matrix and discover the reality of todays tomorrow. Microcasting Alliance Podcast #1 "Podcasters On Podcasting" Feel free to link, distribute, etc. Website: http://www.mental-escher.net/MA/ MP3 file (16 mb): http://www.mental-escher.net/MA/MAP-001_on-podcasting.mp3
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