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    A massage parlour that ACTUALLY gives only massages? It is so crazy that it might actually work. Does any 'confusion' arise from this? It's kind of strange to see a genuinely innocent institution (by cyberpunk standards) under threat. The 'better' be single part caught my intention as well. How would a member of staff react if they found out one of their lovers was taken? Would they merely cut off all connection? Rat them out to the clients partner? Or worse?
  2. I always had a problem when people though up of their future worlds and obliterated certain places to shit (not just middle east, India or Pakistan I mean anywhere)but I wasn't sure why. I think Companero and Citzen X's recent posts really pinned it down for me. It is kind of lazy and stops the exploration of some interesting cultures. One concept that I have been thinking about is pan-nationalism and it's effect on a futuristic world but I am not quite sure how to implement it.
  3. I have actualy decided that the whole welfare state being castrated thing could be possible, for a start it may be taken for granted in the future and maybe by then those that support the welfare state may be the 'conservatives' of the time. In a future where the outcome may be so unpredictabe many radical political groups will occur that dislike the welfare state: e.g. a group so upset by the government forcibly removing people from the nation that they oppose all federal interference down to the welfare state. Anything could be imagined up and proper development of the political scene in this world could make it all possible. I realise that most criticism in this world comes from looking at things in a modern context. Maybe in the future the current economic expansion of China would make it a mighty power able to squash Taiwan ( though India would probably also become a power bloc if you expect current good fortune to continue).
  4. *steals your ideas and doesn't give you any credit for them....the smurf one too.*
  5. For some reason I always imagine that a computer match would have you paired up with an ugly person. Sure it would be an ugly person that would be perfect for me but ugly nonetheless... The people in my rpg group are more concerned with...I'm not sure exactly what their goals are they are so thinly constructed but I imagine that a character with a 'little black book' concept would still be around in the cyberpunk universe, even if this little black book is nothing more than a bunch of data stored in a microsoft that they wedge in their ear or neural interface. Even if they do treat people as 'disposable' if you think about the whole idea seems pretty useful. They could at least us the big ol' list as bragging rights to their friends, it is a good way to blag yourself a place to stay for the night, makes for a handy alibi (find a random number in the 'book' and say if anyone asks I was with you all night). Yeah, remembering your conquests seems to be pretty damn useful. Also as this is cyberpunk forgetting a certain woman could even have lethal consequences (think Captain Jack Sparrow's 'i deserved that' schtick except all the women have ripper claws).
  6. Dog Soldier's edited comment about Bill Hicks was something that HAD to be said even though the guy was prone to be was pretty clever, creative and sometimes even right though he was prone to just ranting his beliefs at times. I did read Stupid White Men ago but when I read it again a few years later I couldn't really be bothered with it. Yeah, yeah, you hate George Bush I get it. When he was touching subjects that had nothing to do with Bush (and in some cases not even politics) he is usually better. That guy is a confirmed moron though. Adventures of TV Nation was a fun read though. Some of the nonsense that they got up to on that show was totally righteous. In other news monkey knife fights are my new favourite sport.
  7. So basically it's like the whole well-being of America is balancing on a knife edge. Will the PCs be able to have any effect on the outcome of this as a stuff like the economy and inflation are really hard to have an impact on.
  8. Just because it is a red state doesn't mean the citizens there will just let that happen. Many of the so-called red states have elected Democrat governors and pork barrel politics will mean that these governors almost certainly wouldn't allow the Federal government to eliminate welfare. Also cracking down on illegal immigrants doesn't seem like a real solution to solve the job crisis caused by the near abolished welfare state. On another note from what it seems here the reason the War on Terror is over because the US government can't afford it anymore.
  9. Arcady's right. There is more a risk of the government arresting you because they think you are the gangster.
  10. Phrsst. If someone logged on claiming to be a Crip from the LBC and was gonna cap all of your asses for this insult with his gun that he totally keeps at home we would all just laugh at him and tell hm to fuck off as it's the internet. That's why you are just getting a verbal warning from me. >: (
  11. Fark! That doesn't sound good at all.
  12. Damn you CitizenX! Shortly after reading that I bought more pizza than I know what to do with. Curse your media-savvy ways.
  13. I guess I am just unfortuneate though I am also including ones through pregnancies as well. It is good stuff here though.
  14. Quick warning for people using this. Nearly every character I rolled up got raped at one point or another. :s
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