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  1. Got the eighth Cyberpunk Sunday article up. On time this week actually. Covering four links each with their own little cyberpunk ties.
  2. New article is up although a day later than usual. Guess it makes this one Cyberpunk Monday. Give it a look if you wish.
  3. I'm glad you like it. I just put a new one up and it's a bit different from the others. It's more about some of the technology surrounding music nowdays. All the links are to youtube videos also. A little change is never a bad thing... until it kills you.
  4. Oh yeah it's great. I've been mining youtube for The Glitch Mob stuff pretty heavy the last few days. They've become my current favorite band and I end up listening to them as I work on my site stuff.
  5. About two months ago I started up a an article series that I used to do over on a friends now long gone site. It was called Cyberpunk Sunday. Basically I would link to various tech, media, medical, etc news that I felt had some cyberpunk connection. After a long hiatus of doing just about anything I decided to start them up again. I do one every two weeks on sunday (the other sunday is for another article series that I do) and usually try to include at least three or more links to different things. Any constructive criticism, suggestions, etc are very welcome. I've just recently started reupdating my website again so it's somewhat out of date in the links section and all that. Here is the URL to the Cyberpunk Sunday articles I've done so far: Cyberpunk Sunday
  6. One of the bands that I've been following a lot the last week or so has been The Glitch Mob. Plenty of good bass and well done beats. Going to be using a lot of their stuff as background music once I start running Cyberpunk again. Beyond Monday has a nicely done video for it even -
  7. One GM around here runs by the book on personal style rolls. So I got the Nude style once. But I also know a couple people who are nudists. They don't run around everywhere without clothing on. In the day to day they were just what everyone else does, but prefer less restrictive or baggy clothing. So that's the way I ran my character. Now in a persons own home that's a different story.
  8. Do you need someplace to host it so you don't have to email it out to everybody? I've got pleny of space and bandwidth currently as I don't do a whole lot with my site. So the offer is there. By the way I'll be PMing you for a copy anyways
  9. I'll shoot for one that most people either have forgotten about or don't even know it exists. The Lawnmower Man RPG. What I enjoy about it is the setting. It takes place a little while after the end of the first movie (thankfully has nothing in common with the second movie) with CyberJobe trying to make his grab for world power. Other corporations, governments and individuals have fought back, isolated their systems and sent in their own agents. All this has bled over out of the VR world and into the real world as companies send people to take over and secure data processing centers, computer manufacturing plants and such. You play characters who have been pulled into this. Commonly made up of scientists, students and maybe the hired gun as well. The rules of the game is the watered down Pheonix Command system, sadly it's still very crunchy and more in the way than anything. Usually I don't use much of it except for the VR rules. Has some neat ideas in there as well concerning the virtual world and how everything works. As for other games... I also have to give a thumbs up for Kromosome. It is a really neatly thought out setting with a lot of ideas to mine. The Amazing Engine System works but just didn't feel right for it, maybe a few tweaks were needed. Gurps Cyberpunk had a lot of 'thought from the ground up' ideas. You could see where they got to the conclusions they came to on a lot of the material. Gurps Cyberworld I haven't read yet. It's in my long list of books to read. Just recently acquired Digital Burn and started reading it. Never got it originally because of the price tag attached to it. But when it's up on Ebay cheap one can't resist. Cyberpunk 2020. Well that's the game I've ran off and on for several years now. So that pretty much says what needs to be said about my opinion of it. Well that's my two cents at the moment.
  10. Cool. Spotted one you missed. www.talsorian.com/tmplts It's also active.
  11. peteramthor

    Get Ed

    Also you can find it at www.jetix.tv and the channel it's on here (sorry I didn't mention it earlier) is Toon Disney, TDSIE as it's listed on our cable guide here.
  12. peteramthor

    Get Ed

    Been watching a new CGI cartoon on Jetix here lately called Get Ed. It's about a group of couriors in a futuristic city trying to deliver packages and steal other groups deliveries while fighting a corporate bad guy. It's got some cyberpunk aspects to it along with some neat tech stuff. So far the story has been enjoyable and there is a few bigger plot lines going on that flow behind the usual episodic adventures. I would recomend it for at least a single viewing if you get it in your area. May not be your thing and your milage may vary but I like it. Later y'all.
  13. It was stated in the news section that as they slowly redo their site that the forums would be one of the things going. Where the link to the BBS forums used to be is a link to the Yahoo Group now. Guess they figured it was better to let Yahoo handle all the forum stuff and cut some of the strain on their bandwidth (especially with all the pdf links in the V3.0 pdf version).
  14. I've gotten response from them every time. It may take a day or two at times but there has always been one. My questions were usually about their drivethrurpg products and such.
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