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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry about this but I'm going to have to call a halt to this game. My dad's partner has been diagnosed with cancer and we're not sure how much time she has left so I won't really have the time or energy to give to this game for the forseeable future. It's been great playing with you.
  2. John's confident stance lasts for all of five seconds before his body starts shaking hard. Another five and he's lying on the ground in what appears to be a grand mal seizure.
  3. The immediate entrance to the tunnel is clear of threats and it seems to be relatively straight. You climb up into the hole in the brickwork and follow the ATRV into the darkness. The earthen floor is firm underfoot, the walls are looser, showers of dirt falling from them every time you brush against them. The ceiling is just about high enough to let you pass without having to stoop, but is just as loose as the walls. The basement is quickly lost behind you as you continue on in the tunnel, the closeness of the heavy earth above you is claustrophobic. The tunnel continues on, the dan
  4. We have two votes for going forward, any more?
  5. That's really good. Nice turn of phrase, drip-fed just enough information that you can work out what's going on without making it obvious. If you'd not said so I wouldn't have guessed it was your first.
  6. OMG!!! Somebody else owns Cyborg Commando! Never played it, but I won it at a tournament, gawd , many years ago. I think the owner of the store just wanted to get rid of it! Funny, I have developed an attachment to it being a (somewhat dubious) prize of the past! I had the novels as well (Oh god!! The Pain!!) Have you read the review of it?
  7. Johnny is right. There is nothing shoring the ceiling of the tunnel up against collapse, although the tunnel itself looks in good condition.
  8. Guilty as charged. The vast majority of stuff I've bought I've never managed to play. Mind you, I haven't had a regular gaming group for nearly 10 years (except for here). The plus side is that having moved in with my fiance I'm in the process of divesting myself of a whole load of it (though there were no takers for Cyborg Commando ). As luck has it, a local gamer spotted it on ebay and invited me to join his group which meets about 10 mins away from my house!
  9. You carefully climb down off the ledge so you can cross to the side opening. Water rises to knee height, makinmg you glad you all brought appropriate clothing. The rails and sleepers make the floor under the water uneven and the noise of the water reverberates in te tunnel no matter how quietly you try to move. The ramp on the other side is made from spoil from the tunnel, loosely trodden down but muddy from the water tracked over it by those who use it. Moving carefully up it reveals the inside of a water-logged cellar. I here, the water only just clears the ankle, making walking con
  10. I like the idea, anything which promotes elegant simplicity is good in my book.
  11. Is everyone going through the side passage into the cellars? If so, how are you ordering yourselves?
  12. Have you ever thought about writing? You come up with the best plots!
  13. Surging the ATRV onwards shows te rest of the cellars for the terrace are likewise abandoned, full of junk and waterlogged. In the last cellar the tunnel continues onwards but the hole in the wall is a foot off the water with no way for the ATRV to climb up. The only way to investigate further would be to enter the cellars.
  14. You carefully move closer to the side tunnel until you stand opposite it, the height of the ledge gives you a good view of the opening. As you move up you can see the ATRV struggle to the top of the spoil heap and move into the side tunnel proper. The lights from the small vehicle show the top of the tunnel is high enough to walk upright (more or less) and is wide enough for single file traffic.
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