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  1. As of now, there's a population about the size of California's population of single Indian-males that will never be able to marry an Indian female given the disparage of males to females birth-rates due to society-standards. That's a large army of men with nothing to lose.
  2. "Kima: Fighting the war on drugs... one brutality case at a time. Carver: Girl, you can't even think of calling this shit a war. Herc: Why not? Carver: Wars end." -The Wire.
  3. It various in my city; it's a collection of agriculture communities that grew into a larger city; some cities have a grid, while others do not. I live in a part of town that was build during the Wild-West; it varies so much I can't say. Basically, each individual small-time farmer sold his land to a developer that made the blocks according to how many SFR they could put in that tract of land. Some other cities I've lived in: SLC: Planned city by the Mormons; each block is 10 acres. Irvine, CA: Each large block is a mile with smaller suburbs within. Buenos Aires, Ar.: 100m i
  4. In the Cyberpunk-world, status is by wealth, not really ethnicity in a multi-ethnic world. So would it be possible for a black-guy to run the, "Mafia" with a Samoan enforce and a Japanese front-man or the Yakuza being run by Papua New Gunieans, having learned from when the Japanese invaded in the 1940s?
  5. If it's near the Persian Gulf (the city), it may be too hot to be inhabited by 2070. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/26/1...rming-Continues
  6. OP: thought about it; having my cyberpunk players to into cryo-prison and wake up centuries later on the Blue Planet. But, I like new-game-rules so I would make them remake their PCs to the BP's system. I have the second edition; I am hunting for the first edition which I hear, is deadly to PCs...
  7. I never played paranoia. For me, games with great risk, are the funnest. Re: D&D: D&D is one of the best RPG / roll-playing games out there. Just that the hit-point system is kind of lame. I have converted CP2020 rules to a fantasy setting, but it just loses it.
  8. That is the city's population not included refugees from outside the city. A proper break down should be; Exec.: 1% Corp.: 9% Mod.: 25% C.Z.: 65% or more. W.L.: 500%
  9. If you are making a solo character, or any cyberpunk character in general, what do you think you are going to make your special ability be? I put caps on it so I can start my players at the bottom and watch them grow as they fight to the top. Most do not make it. What divides people in the cyberpunk world is not race, or creed, it is wealth; there are a lots and lots of people super-poor and a few supper rich. The poor want what the rich has (real food) and the rich want to keep and get more of what they have (money). Soylent Green is a good cyberpunk movie. It has everythi
  10. I will assume this means in a future society in which there are concepts like, cameras everywhere, people are monitored and tracked; cashless society etc. A zero would be excluded from society; they would not even be able to enter the arcology through normal means. They would be able to sneak in and if properly dressed, would be difficult to track or discover; security workers would be used to their technology and someone un lo-jacked would be difficult to spot. (lazy) Only in an Ayn Rand wet-dream can a person live outside society and prosper. A zero will have to find other people
  11. Same here; but I have not read them; used books are cheap and easy to come by now.
  12. To play a Corporate successfully, the player has to have the right mentality. 1. Corporate players are NOT cyberpunks. 2. They thrive of of power and control of other players / NPCs. 3. They like structure and organization and how to fit and dominate that structure. 4. Tend to be rather boring compared to most cyberpunk games. 5. You need the right GM that can understand that. One of my players was an business-major; he LOVED Corporate games.
  13. A CP2020 game in which no one dies is a rather boring game.
  14. If it's on CNN, it must be true. If you are right, then I am wrong and the Unions have made an error. Amnesty for all then. Legal. You're weak and you're foolish. ---- About the bombings: Ho Chi Minh was right.
  15. Just stooping to your level. 1. Stop speaking as if you are the elected representative of "Conservatives". You don't speak for me. Most conservatives I know, don't want "Legal" immigrants either. They're sick and tired of all these foreigners coming to our homeland and expecting us to speak their language (they're Asian). 2. I don't care about how many "Immigrant" friends you have: only when it's time to round them up. Are you trying to be liberal? Man, stand up for what you believe in. 3. Because one Union rep (what ever that means) is linked to illegal immigration, t
  16. I loved Cyberpunk 2020's Maximum Metal rules for vehicle combat. I loved the realistic-ness of it. Mind you, we were playing Battletech and Centurion prior. Most of our games in which we had full military combat were not standard CP:2020 games, but rather deviations and CP2020 was just the rule set we used them for. Right now, we are working on a CP2020 game based off of Starship-Troopers to fight a Mar's based human enemy(Gall Force RHEA Mars). Should be an awesome ACPA vs. ACPA game with Deep Space. It will follow to course of the movie and I'm sure the players will know that.
  17. Not to get too off-topic, but bombings happen on a regular basis in the Middle East. Why are Americans so weak they are crying about it? Gees, people trying to get an education; how dare they! Hablas espanol? Um no. Conservatives are the ones profiting most off of immigrant labor. Do you really thing the liberal labor unions are going to push for people that will work for less.
  18. They are enforcing the laws; when someone is caught that is not a US-citizen, they get deported. That's like saying because someone broke into your car, the police aren't enforcing the laws.
  19. So, in a future cyberpunk game I'm creating, the Chinese are heavily investing in modernizing and futurizing their air force, but their ground forces are only getting upgrades. The Chinese still adhere to the Soviet principles of military weapons; they are meant to be used for offense and if they break, throw it away and get another. So, I want to take a Type-63 (a PT-76 with an 85mm Cannon upgrade) and eletrothermally enhance the cannon (treat at 90mm) for a damage of 14D10(rounded down because it's 85mm)! More than a 120mm cannon! Added to that, I have a house rule that says
  20. A cyberpunk game uses a lot of technology; why not have a specific stat that addresses the game-needs to interact and manipulate that technology?
  21. What's this have to do with Obama? It sounds like the Cyprus banks are going after foreign depositors, ie, the Russians. In summery, people are greedy douche-bags. Shocked?
  22. Cool? Are they going to use the same Barbie-dolls or get new ones.
  23. The only gun-control my players were concerned with is short-bursts. I've never implemented or thought of gun control laws in CP2020. However, now that I think about it; the technology of cyberpunk has a lot of big-brother potential. In the Corp. Zones, laws and surveillance are prevalent and in the CZ, forget about it. I believe Protect and Serve had some gun-control laws in place.
  24. Night's Edge has some awesome psychic power rules that if used by a good GM, can make for a good extra-sensory game as long as muchkinism is avoided.
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