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  1. She moved around the bay. Moving the ice and cataloging the damage she had seen on the OTV. Already thinking of ways to repair/replace the damaged thruster. ((sorry about not posting, got kinda burned out for a while))
  2. I think tha tif there are no posts by 10-13, I will declare this game dead. It seems to be suffering from lack of interest and player participation. *sigh*
  3. I saw a movie that shows how Gun-Fu should work. It is called Equilibrium. The main MA is a fighting style around pistols. It is well doen with decent combat scenes. The plot and acting is a bit hocky, but fairly well done.
  4. She finished her EVa work and went back inside the OTV. Letting Kea know what she found.
  5. "Watches on the truck are good. We need to make sure it stays here, or it will be gone in the morning. I will take a watch. The last one." He looked around a bit. "I will get information in the morning. After morning prayer." Hanna just nodded. She was willing to share a room. The though of sleeping in a real bed was a slice of heaven to her. She felt she could trust Natasha more than the others. Other than Ebin, she he was going to be doing other things that night.
  6. Arrow: you can access 12 sats and the radar stations are accessable with only a little upgrade. The computers are old enough that the newer programs will not work on them easily. so it is getting harder for the 'runners of the world to hack into them. One reason the second world countries do not upgrade unless they can get the best. Weyland, Murphy: The plane flies easily. The auto-pilot working in good order. Blues: you dreams get a bit...odd, as the motion of the plane enters them.
  7. She nodded. "I think I will go EVA. To check out the damage to the OTV." Glanced at Kea thru her visor. "We have to off-load the ice we already have before we can get more. Besides", she shrugged. The motion barely noticable in the spacesuit. "I do not know howe to set explosives."
  8. Driving up to a hotel he knew of (at least from the last time he had been in the city). Pulling up near the front door. Turned off the engine and got out. Eyes moving along the street and rooftops. checking to see who is out and where the lookouts are. "Hanna, prepare for the night." She nodded. A hand reached under the seat for the berka she wore at times. Her eyes making the same check, but for different reasons. ((ebin is looking for anyone he knows and for the lookouts the local fixers have. They would have the info he is looking for about the city))
  9. GM 2023

    Thrid Street Diner

    Hey, Thumper, you have the restaraunt with out a manager for an hour at night. From 8-9 pm.
  10. Ebin continued to drive. Taking care to avoid the dangerous areas. He drove to the safe area, near the market place the others had to be at for the meet. His eyes constantly moved. Hanna kept her rifle down, out of sight. Her eyes always moving. watching the street, alleys, and rooftops.
  11. Quote The evil UN/Illuminati/IMF money whores whatever finally enact their plan to take over Amerika and make the world safe for their evil communist occultic selves. The UN world takeover theme is the main part aof a three book series. The time is about 2040. The first two books deal with the UN vs the USA/Russian alliance. The books are The Heritage Trilogy series by Ian Douglas. The first two are Semper Mars and Luna Marine. They deal in the UN War. The last book, Europa strike, deales about 10 years after the end of the second book. There is no occult in the books, but many kook theries as the books unfold. A very good read.
  12. What state are they in? according to the home of the Brave, Connecticut and New Jersy, have no state government. So it would be easy to set up shop as your own 'gov'.
  13. "Damn." She muttered. "It figures, the damned 'leaders' of our expidition were so paranoid about security, that they did something as stupid as this." Clicked open the link to the Santa Maria. "Mayuki, we seem to have a problem. The docking bay is asking for a military/security code for entry. There should be an override at the console controls, for the doors."
  14. Arrow: your programs check out fully functional. As does the console. The system send you into the Net. Leaving your body behind as you fly the electronic world. On-line, you check the local sources and the ones in Mexico and Central/South America. At SpySat OnLine! tm , you can find the orbit, altitude, country of origin, and type of sat. Spy satillites in orbit are most likely, USA, EU, Columbia, Japan, China, Arasaka, Militech, Infocomp, IEC, EBM, Lazerous, and a few others. Time slots are low, as there is little call for long distance spying, except for some smuggling. The rescent activity in Columbia by the superpowers has stirred things up a bit, though. Passing thru Mexican airspace is impossible without seeing spotted. The same with radar. The rescent war has inflicted a major increase of attention on the borders and inside airspace by the USA, Mexico and the EU. Radar after Mexico is spotty, till the coast of Columbia is reached. The airspace is watched by a large number of old, US SA I,II radar stations. They are old, easy to fix and replace when they are inevitably blown up by the old drug lords and smugglers. Blues: the dreams you have are very odd and extremely vague. Could mean anything.
  15. Oh,yeah. Welcome back ChalkLine, even if it is only for a week. I've gotten the group moving finally south.
  16. As soon as she had Andrew in the small cargo bay, she closed the hatch door and hurried to the bay. Checking him out for damage. She reported her findings to Kea.
  17. "I will go where you want me to go to. The best way would be thru the suburbs. Less chance of detection." (Thumper, since Ebin knows the city somewhat, are there anyt other ways around, thru the city?) Hanna's eyes never stropped moving. From person to person and ground to windows to rooftops..
  18. (Ok. It's new chapter time, heh,heh) The China Girl, finally in her element, flies smoothly along. The noise from the huge prop engines allowing speak at a tolerable level. Not a shout, but definately no talking to anyone more than several feet away in a whisper. The plane cirlced around the Argos several times. Building altitude. The sight of the two joined hulled ships, floating in a quite sea, surrounded by the floating docks and several ships, not docked. The lights from flying aircraft is easily seen. The plane achieves it's altitude. Headed southeast in direction. The Argos fades into the distance. While to the left, the towers of Night City can be seen, sliding to the rear as the plane moves away from the area. This is a good time to finish giving out any more information to the new party members. The trip will take many hours. Those used to fyling in jets, will be appalled at ther length of time. As it is now. Blues is in a cot. Weyland is flying. Arrow is at the netrunner's station. Angel Wayne and Murphy at the gunner's stations. Making themselves familar to the weapons. Rally is sitting in a seat. Mariposa as well.
  19. "Yes." she said as she made ready to try the grasping arms. If they are damaged, she'll tie a line to herself and go EVA to get him.
  20. Using what she can, Danielle checks the damage from the working part of the HUD. I can see if I can fix or take the damaged Thrusted out of the system. (Thumper, is what she trying, to take the damaged thruster out of the system, possible? She would have an idea and knowledge about the various shuttles and OTVs used.)
  21. Looking the city over, he made note what had changed since he had been here last. "Yes. SovOil is hated. As much as the old Soviet Union was. And the Czars before that. There will be many who will help us. Just out of spite for their 'masters' Remember, that they will notbe too effective though." Finishing the 'check' he closed the hood and did a inspesction of the outside of the truck.
  22. "Not recently. I have been staying away from Baku and it's 'masters' of SovOil. There will be several places that I know of. The owners nearby have no love for SovOil." He stopped the truck near the top of the hill and watched the train pass. Counting the cars out of habit.
  23. "Kea, try to add a dogleg to the course. That way we can avoid most of the debirris trail." Checking one last time that Richard is secure, she made her way to the cockpit. (short trip ) She took place near the radar screen to watch for Andrews. ((yup, I'm here!!!))
  24. I prefer the realistic games. More life- like, but I allow some flashy stuff to happen. Especially if it is cool. There are things like concequensed for your actions. It may not hurt you now, but several months down the road? Definately. I have lost several characters to realism. It doesn't bother me. THe realistic part comes in as the players can lost what they have, more than themselves getting hurt. After all, cars and motorcycles are much bigger then a person is.
  25. I assume that APCA's would be for more of a urban area. And suburban too. The countryside can be fairly hazardus(sp) to the suits. (being filled with dirt, mud, foreign objects of all kinds) The tech support team makes sense. I also assume that the suits would be of a basic design, but need to be 'fitted' to the individual operator. Requiring several hours of tweaking and adjustment to get it just right. As to women in combat....the armies of 2020 can't let 1/2 of the population to just sit there doing nothing. The higher reflex of women would be a good telling point as well. I think they would use up less resouces than a man would. (i.e. less food and such, but I could be wrong)
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