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  1. My vote is for NO!!! That being said. I likle the simple Interlock system. 2 types of dice, not 5-7 types of dice. It makes more sense to play, run and I like the realistic damage system. Ok, some of you don't think it's realistic, but its more real-life than the D20, and AD&D are.
  2. GM 2023


    Long lasting replace-able batteries are likely the best power source. Altho I can think that a kind of spring wound arm or leg might be do-able. It would require winding the spring every day or so, but wouldn't give off EM that a battery might give off. Would a airpowered one work? One that uses a removable compresses air power source. It coudn't be quiet by any means, I'd think. For the tech tree, consider if the transistor hadn't been invented. What would there be? Maybe cyberware with vacum tubes instead of micro chips and processors. How bulky would that be? Things like that.
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    Quote Don't even get me started on FBCs... The effects of damage on cyberlimbs are too minor. A working, fully articulated prosthetic is an immensely complex lump of metal and myomar. A couple of bullets should really make a difference. True, but concider how fast technology can progress. Take for example the computer. The computer of 1980 and one from 2002. They are worlds apart from eachother. In ability, speed, memory, capabiliy. Another example is home video games. The old Atari games with pong, and missle command are crap compared with the X-Box, Playstation 2, Sega Syste
  4. Ok, I'll give it a shot. #1; Mega-corp. Could be a company that is huge. Example is IEC, Araska. Could be a near monoply, like Militech, Petrochem, SovOil, Orbital Air. Also there is financial/economic clout, (ie. money, bank accounts). A good example is the Eurobanc from the Firestorm books. It had enormous clout and manipulated the markets ruthlessly to it's advantage. The other way for a company to be a mega-corp is political/legal clout. Example is Boitechnia. They are a small company, but are an excellent in-house bioresearch place. They hold the patents on many thin
  5. Quote Technology as it is right now is already eating up our time. It hasn't given us a signifigant competitive edge than it has eaten up more time to serve it. Take a look at e-mails, computers goin down leaving us stranded etc. The technology of the future is not necessarily going to be sleek but rather out of sight and out of mind. Imagine a business suit. Imagine it's just a network of micro Bluetooth enabled antennae woven into the fabric passing information into the devices within 10 inches of the suit itself. That means that all the data devices in your pockets, in your hand, or
  6. I have an opening in my game for a player. The slot open is a medtech. Let me know if you would like to play the existing character or a new one. The game is 'Lowroad Express to Tokyo' Leave me a PM (private message) or drop something in the BS and banter section.
  7. I am apparently in need of several players, as 2 Have disappeared for some reason. The roles are Fixer, Medtechie, and Solo. I have the PC info if you think you can play and existing character (I'm willing to let you make some changes to the PC), or maybe a new PC. If interested, drop me a note in my messenger. Thank you.
  8. I put this in from my admitingly limited info on Berlin (I have only been to England ,12 yrs ago),so it is very limited.But I agree with you and as Berlin is a capital city,It will have all sorts of poeple.The Turkish pop. and the radicals(right AND left) would make it an interesting place.With hvy gov and corp sec all over and the down-trodden in their suburbs(slums?/ghettos?),I can see a good mixture for a little chaos and action. I prefer to think of the Eurosource Plus as a possible guide to what those areas are like and will modify as I need to.
  9. In the Eurosource Plus,Berlin is a big boring city (at least to the average Edgerunner). I t is home to politicals and corps with corresponding security.All in all,what little there is in the book puts it across as fairly boring unless you are doing a job in town, then it gets downright exciting.
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