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  1. I was impressed with Shapeways when I found out about it, but this is a different class altogether. Highly impressive!
  2. The part I like most about cyberpunk as a genre and cp2020 is that it is an umbrella for such a diverse range of themes and moods that no-one can really arbitrate what cyberpunk is beyond a short list of core and inspirational works, half of which would no doubt be argued over - at best they can express what their vision of cyberpunk is, at times with a great deal of eloquence. Anything more borders on arrogance. For example: I believe that essential part of a person being able to articulate their own vision of cyberpunk is how they relate the genre to both transhumanism - science and te
  3. My my, what a surprising amount of bile bouncing around the thread. I've never seen the problem with just ditching or 'urban mything' some aspects of the game, or rejecting them outright for a specific setting. CP2020 is a nice set of building blocks for the game I want to run. I respectfully disagree that Chromebook 2 was the Beginning of the End, though I've noticed agreement here and amongst my friends that the exotic/animal mods were a bit poor. I personally disliked the Corporate War books because the escalation got silly and frankly I can write my own world-changing plots. 'borg
  4. I have not used them to date in games I have ran as anything other than a bogeyman-style threat that is very hard to defend against. They also push that handy little primval fear button that some folks (myself included) have regarding more sinister insects. Money is the natural limiter on these beauties - they are reasonably pricey compared to other solutions (intrusion; placing of cheaper surveillance technology; assassination by poison, sniper, even suicide bomber for the ethically challenged). Another factor is that these chaps can be used as excellent terror weapons - something the
  5. Excellent point - it does not explicitly state either way, at least not in the core book. However the defense skill options offered in the Friday Night Firefight in cp2020v2 pg 111 are: Martial Arts, Fencing, Dodge or Athletics. That doesn't preclude defensive Brawling, but doesn't explictly include it either. Apologies in advance if this was explictly cleared up elsewhere. Regardless of semantics though, I will treat Brawling as a Martial Art in terms of mechanics resolutions as part of my attempt to balance out the various close combat skills with the advantage that they can build th
  6. I completely agree with the rest of the post, but I disagree with this point - I and other GMs I know have managed to move players to the point that they cry. Regarding gear - starting off players with as little gear as possible makes them value what that have - and makes them hungry for the next pay off.
  7. cp2020 suffers a few problems common amongst roleplaying games, particularly those of the 90s. 1. Martials arts are a borderline supernatural power that allows a human to shatter enemies like ripe water melons, and 2. Certain martial arts have superior stats. In cp2020 the damage bonus equal to skill level was oh exploitable, particularly when you start adding cyberlimbs into the mix. I decided to reduce it to a bonus of +1 damage per two levels of Martial Arts - I like that martial arts can do a bit more damage, but not that if a moderately trained chap can always kick an a
  8. Some skills are generally more useful than others. 'Useful' in this case being defined as either frequently useful (Intimidate, Human Perception, Handgun) or returning value to the character in form of goods, information or services (Streetwise, Gamble, Forgery). IP values (at least partially) address the issue in ongoing experience, but not at character creation. My solution - I made a list of all the skills and marked with an asterix specialisation skills which can be raised 1 rank per 1/2 skill point spent. The list below is for my low-to-medium level game I will be running based in
  9. Cheers. In addition to edges I abolished character packages and special abilities (except for Medtech and Interface - refactored as normal skills) and gave people 50 skill points to spend on any skills with a cap of 8 at start up. Interestingly this has resulted in characters which blur the regular archetypes - of the four characters created so far: * Info broker - a Netrunner that dropped the Tech-based aspect of the archetype for more Attr and socialising skills, took 2 Netrunner Edges and a Fixer edge. He still plans to do Runs but will be focused on the trading of information a
  10. Call it heresy, but does cp2020 actually need anything else publishing? I'm gearing up for a 6-person game next week, done the character-gen with half the players. With a bit of judicious tweaking here or there on the background (ISPs instead of the Internet company), removing character class package and replacing Special Abilities with Edges I am pretty much good to go. Already I've noticed that players are making much more flexible characters without the extremely artificial career packages - a Nomad with enough Techie to be self sufficient, a Netrunning Info Broker, a Ripperdoc Medtech w
  11. Ouch. My issue with it was that it was a subsetting of cyberpunk. CP20202 had the potential to be serveral different types of game, but CP3 looked very much like the archtypes and background were too closely bound to allow much creativity. Also - what's a grognad?
  12. Posting this in general rules as the new version of Edges is a drop-in replacement for Special Abilities as opposed to part of a system rewrite. Enjoy! Edges An Alternative to Special Abilities in Cyberpunk2020 Change Log v0.1 Core career SAs and roles sieved for Edges. v0.2 Editing some of the core Edges and dropping 'Tech: Science Edge'. Cop: Badge renamed Conviction, Superstar:Glam renamed Persona. More Edges: Phantom, Extreme Environment, Vehicle Affinity, Sifting. v0.3 Roles expanded to Archetypes. More examples. Tighter wor
  13. Outstanding! Another nice little evil hack - wire the 'sexual gratification' response to firing a smart weapon. . Overclocked cyberoptics that overheat. Nanosurgeons which create a tumour for every wound they treat. Kerenzikovs which stimulate the fear response. What a devastating way to demolish a competing brand. Excuse me a moment. *thieve*
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