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  1. The main forum has been back up for awhile now and there are lots of updates, http://unlimitedcyberpunk.lefora.com/ I've added some custom vehicles, gear, robots, and The News and The Net are always changing and being updated due to player activity.
  2. I'm not sure if someone already recommended this, but an Independent/Freelance Pest Squad or even competing Pest Control groups. Hell they could even be tied to gangs. In an area with lots of abandoned buildings and no real infrastructure, there are going to be lots of vermin, rats, stray cats & dogs, cockroaches, ants, etc. - in my version of Night City, African Snails are a serious problem... ( http://unlimitedcyberpunk.lefora.com/2012/...y-report/#post1 ). Snails are particularly hard to kill, they eat dry wall and stucco, they eat garden crops - they could be a serious pain in the
  3. Well then a big hell yeah to Markc, I honestly didn't know who created it. It was one of those things that's been passed from the ages of old from hardrive to hardrive to email account to email...But I will definitely credit you from here on out.
  4. Its still in progress, but if you have anything you want me to mark on the maps that's a resource - either player made or from your games - that you can provide me intel about - I might add it in.
  5. thanks for the recommend, I might check it out.
  6. In cooperation with Wisdom000 of DF2020 fame, I've begun creating a interactive Night City map for use in my Unlimited Cyberpunk Chat game, but I figured I'd share it here for all of you because I'm sure you'll find some use out of it: Night City Area Map: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/303634510610694144 Night City Center Map: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/315350958689223233
  7. Lefora forums have been having a netwide issue and load only sporadically since the Hurricane on the East coast, since then I've migrated a little bit of the game site over to here: http://unlimitedcyberpunk.proboards.com/index.cgi You can also join us from the chat lobby link: http://us6.chatzy.com/53846271793008
  8. CitizenX


    *Summons Papa Doc Duvalier and the Baron* Anyway, the Corporate isn't an underpowered role, they have assets and resources other Roles do not have. They're the guys who listen to "Its Hip to be Square" and have business meetings with coffee and sushi one day and then are out on the streets brokering a deal the next. On my chat we decided to restrict the Wealth benefit to Corporates, because we purposely want to make them power players with money to throw at other PCs and NPCs. Who do you go to when you need money and what will you have to do to earn it?
  9. Cool idea Triton, I think what would be really nasty to do is replicate high oxygen environments (mimicking earlier periods of Earth's atmosphere - Jurassic/Triassic) and try to create things like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthropleura
  10. Keep up the good work D-Roc, I'll probably have some submissions for you at some point of locales.
  11. I use stuff like Campaign Cartographer 3 and City Designer 3 on occasion, but mostly I just google search.
  12. The year is 2025, cybernetics and nanotechnology have become common place. Individuals modify and upgrade their bodies, trying to be the best of the best. New designer narcotics hit the streets unregulated every night. The shadows of the Corporate wars have faded and the rebuilding has come. The setting of our story is Night City, a metropolis of 5 million registered citizens (and perhaps just as many unregistered) on the United States West Coast in the Free state of Northern California (NorCal). Night City has a new Libertarian-styled Mayor with backing of many Corporations of the city. His g
  13. Awesome, idea stolen for the Cyberpunk chat.... Shameless plug: http://unlimitedcyberpunk.lefora.com/
  14. If you're still looking for online games, join us over at Unlimited Cyberpunk http://unlimitedcyberpunk.lefora.com/
  15. Things have been going, though Datafortress temporarily being done has been a burden, we are up to 3 Referees, four full time players, and we're always on the lookout for more people. If you're not sure if you'll like it, just pop on in the foyer and we can always chat: http://www.chatzy.com/53846271793008 Using a new type of chat software now with a built in die roller. Its much better than what I was using.
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