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  1. My vote would be for The Naked God by Peter Hamilton which, with the crappiest cop-out ending I've ever read, manages to destroy an otherwise interesting trilogy. I can't remember any other book which disappointed me quite as much...
  2. Several kilometres away, and fifty metres below mean gound level, pale fingers made deft passes across an ergonomically curved keyboard; multi-coloured overlays winked into existence above schematics for Night City's warren of streets. Sewers, subways, electrical conduits and even bus routes glowed across the map. The stacking effect gave the imprssion of stormclouds gathering which, mused the owner of the fingers, was somewhat appropriate. A storm was most definitely descending upon Night City. (My last contribution. Quite liked the idea, but lack of enthusiasm seems to have sapped the juice out of it...)
  3. In answer Rage sprinted toward the bar, hands searching pockets for the multi-tool he habitually carried.
  4. Bruckner punched the bulkhead in frustration. He spoke to the pilot via his throat mike. "Pissin' contest's over! Park this thing on the Chrysler Building. And don't say a friggin' word!"
  5. If I've counted correctly, this will be my 119th posting. I'm quite proud of my achievement, given that I only get chance to visit the site very occaisionally. Mind you, it'd help if I had anything interesting to submit! So, by your leave, I'll return to my dank corner and keep my own counsel 'til something of note occurs...
  6. In the gunners seat of the Black-Light Hammerhead, Slam Bruckner centered Rage in the targetting reticule of the catch-net launcher. "Hello piggy, come to daddy!" His finger hovered over the fire stud.
  7. Over the crackling of the flames and the sounds of debris falling, Rage can hear Atremis talking calmly into an useen vox. "Situation compromised; blitzkrieg in effect. Request immediate extraction!"
  8. In response the woman turned, cat-footed, long strides carrying her toward a grey Toyota RV parked a block away.
  9. Without inflection, the voice sounded again. "Black-Light are currently unable to access my architecture due to an interference pattern. However, once they realise it is not a random glitch they will undoubtedly attempt to recover me; and by inference, you. Artemis and her colleagues are your best option. But the choice is yours; I have no control over your motor functions."
  10. The woman tilted her head to one side, a grin transfiguring her mouth. "Orpheus gives everyone a headache. But it maintains that even an AS has to have a hobby!"
  11. I'd go with the RipperDoc favour idea - but send them somewhere non lethal where they have to lose the guns for a while - say a Corporate Health Retreat. It worked on my ex-D&D players! Neutral ground - only the Spa security get to carrying guns (stun rounds, toxin flechettes etc). The RipperDoc is either trying to recover something from someone (an option if you have a Paramedic character in the group) or deliver something (a doublecross based on one or more characters being infected with a virus). My scenario revolved around a Paramedic character being asked to remove a piece of hardware from someone - the RipperDoc (who had taken the item from a corpse) discovered that it was a piece of experimental hardware and not a standard item. Fun all round! The players utilised their brains instead of firearms. The downside was that they just spent the money they made on more expensive weaponry. I eventually scrapped that campaign and went for a lower-tech approach, where weapons are still available, but only the Corporations have any real firepower. I spent some time explaining the world set-up, so the players knew there place in the grand scheme, then let them loose. As I've mentioned before, the first scenario revolved around them coming into possession of a gyrojet pistol. Everyone wanted it - the police, go-gangs and especially the Corporation - as the weapon was capable of breaching the armour worn by the Corporation's security forces. Simple stuff, but it worked really well.
  12. I haven't seen No Maps (though there's a website dedicated to it http://www.nomaps.com/) though Gibson has appeared in a couple of documentaries (not as the main subject) on UK television. I'll trawl my failing synapses for titles...
  13. There was the impression of a sigh. "Unfortunately, for me to leave your head would require the excision of your thalamus, basal ganglia and parts of both frontal lobes."
  14. A soft, genderless voice sounded inside Rage's head. "Her name is Artemis and you are the subject of a Black-Light R&D field test."
  15. Well I bought the film (actually a while back - I haven't been This Side for a while) and I like it! It does borrow heavily from Blade Runner and there are a few niggles, but on the whole it's pretty spiffy. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes their violence tempered with a little philosophy...
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