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  1. DragoonCav: The only prob I have is self extraction. It would be exceptable to rescued by the party after they get there sort of slowing your action down a little but before your PC shows up perhaps Eraser will let you run a Solo or two. -------------------------------------------------------- Weapons laws are only enforced by Sov Oil and the State police and are as follows: Permited weapons include all small arms for self defense including fully automatic assualt weapons but high grade explosives and hvy weapons are restricted.
  2. We really need a good vehicle tech as important to the party as the whole group of solos. We have 13 or so Solos I think a Medtech, A fixer we really need a few good techs or this mission is gonna flop. Eraser your weapons would need to be transported and you will have to make arrangements for that, including anything explosive think strick current FAA guidelines. Sorry no Canal to expensive but various pipelines I have not taken a good look at PC except the Water Nomad and erasers Solos, yet.
  3. A few mission Tidbits: Your employers will provide transport from the West Coast of the USA to Tbilsi Gerogia where extra transport will be provided for all men and materials to your destination in a small fishing village in the South of Azerbiajan. Directions will be provided and passcards to an old Summer home of a ( former ) upper level Political boss. Last known occupied 30 some years ago. A boat will be provided there for your use, with some limited equipment. Sov Oil Stock drops 12 points due to terrorist raids and incursions. ( mission end ).
  4. What would be cooking, TV dinners? Damn that diode sauce just won't come out right. More info please.
  5. OK, can I get a role call from everyone playing and what they are playing. Second have they sent the character to me yet? I am preparing to close the game in prep for starting and want to make sure we have everything we need.
  6. Yeah, normally I would reply in a few hours but the last four days I spent in diabetic shock. The funny thing is that I did not even know I was diabetic till now.
  7. Yes I plan to use that armor system. Of course if a bullet penetrates a layer of your armor you will still lose a point of SP in that location. I am going to try combat as (three combat rounds) per game session. Having players decide on a course of action for three rounds at a time so that combat does not bog down the game to much. Players will be able to designate a primary, secondary and tertiary target. During combat I will also need to know before it starts what setting weapons are going to be at for each 1/3 of a post players should get descriptive. For example :
  8. Now mostly we are waiting on characters to be made and posted it is best if you send them to me by email and make sure you include the subject Thumperpunk or cyberpunk so that I do not accidently erase thhe message Email characters to: egrayfox@ev1.net
  9. Yes, we have room for more techs. Make sure you read all the stuff from the begining of these posts cause it incompasses a lot of info you will need when making characters, where we are going to play on the planet and such. Being relatively new won't hurt as long as you know this is a hard tough and fast game characters have about a 40% of not comming out alive after the end of long scenarios. Also make sure to get with the other players and try to cover any kind of skill areas they would not have taken. I hope you have the main book. It is almost necessary and I am not going to r
  10. After checking out the info from Eraser I guess that would be ok.
  11. Well, I don't have any of the Corp books so Sov Oil is going to be made up from my own mind and the NPC's will be realistic based on what equipment they might have.
  12. Before any extra points and such are awarded send in youir characters as you would normally make them and then we can discuss certain modifications.
  13. Players will get 60 points for REF, INT, BOD and such and 40 skill points. Everything else follows basic rules.
  14. Golgotha, techies should be about normal with skills in areas that would work good for naval operations o\picking at least one or two specialities in some water based tech skills either for pick-up skills or normal skills. Lucky 13, it is highly unlikely Submarine will come into play as the water depth never exceeds 500 meters anywhere in the Caspian Sea and large portions of it don't exceed 50 meters. BTW, if it seems the group as a whole is lacking in skills that might be needed I will allow for some changes before we start. ----------------------------------------------------
  15. Eraser, i am going to just about leave it the same in most cases but adding in the proposed pipeline from the west of the Caspian Sea to the baltic across Azerbiazan and Georgia. All of the oil stuff is owned and operated by Sov Oil. Those working for Sov Oil make good money but everyone else is in near starving conditions. ---------------------------------------------------------- Sirius: Azerbiajian is just north of IRAN on the west coast of the Caspian Sea will put map on website. http://users2.ev1.net/~egrayfox/Casper/azer-map01.html Ok all said I will tell the group tha
  16. A little about how I plan to play this. Some characters will almost surely get killed off at some point of the string of adventures. With luck it will only be a Solo or two. It is unlikely everyone will be killed unless a real bad event occurs that the players really should have just avoided. There are not really any subsitute players or characters that could really be introduced that I could think of at this time, so if skill run a little low the mission is going to get a lot tougher. Characters must be able to be landbourne no full aquatics would make it through. -----
  17. Eraser, sound good to me that will relive everyone else to take on only one Character. The normal commados should get as above 60 points for REF, INT, BOD and such and I will allow 70 points for the commander. A few limits as above plus the regular grunts should not have a Combat Sense above 5. IT would be good if most took a specialty of some sort plus at least some thing dealing with ships including naval guns, or target aquistion or such as an expertese. Might be good also for one to be a combat medic. ------------------------------------------------------------ As for a S
  18. OK, an alternative to everyone running two chharacters would be if someone would rather run a small force of commandos. The person running the group of commandos ( Solo's ) would end up being in charge of the entire team of Solos. The Solo's are manly there just for the munchkin type effort of fighting they are in little need of much character development. It would not make sense for me to run them as NPC's due to the nature of combating with myself. The techs are not likely to be joining in any real combat effort. I don't want to give it all away yet but the players will not
  19. OK, it seems that I have reached a minimum group size considering everyone just about plays two characters. One either a tech, or maybe fixer and the second a Solo Character. Ideally the group would contain, besides the Solos, one or two fixers that have very good social and human skills and the remainder Techs with mostly maritime skills expertese. maritime skills would be as follows: ship's engine tech and propulsion. Autoloading shipbourne weaponsystems Radar/Sonar Tech Guided Missle systems tech Some of these can be covered by other areas such as electronics but
  20. Snowtiger, the only thing I am waiting on is for enough players. I really need at least five people due to the scope of this group of adventures. If tis gets off the ground I am planning to run it as a twice a week update. People who wish to play need to be able to make a character move at least once every three days or so.
  21. Actually I have not. Sounds like might be a good book though. I have been wanting to try something for Cyberpunk with the inclusion of elements not normally seen in most games plus I have always wanted to get SOV Oil Corp involved in a scenario based in it's home turf with local terrorist groups. The current situation and some of the other works I have studdied finally lead me down this road. if it does not turn out for a posting game here the info I am working on will become a online module for roleplayers on my website in the same way The Bozos did.
  22. Well we will see if we can get a few more people interested. The party of players needs to be rather large with a lot of specialized techies and such that is why I am going to allow each person to run two PC's one being a Solo. The Solo PC deos not have to be very detailed and can sort of be a munchkin style character mainly for the proitection aspect and combat while the techs and fixers and what have you do the primary real work that will make the mission possible. The whole thing just occured to me when writting part of an article meant to be in edgerunner about the ressurgence of pi
  23. I am trying to see if I can generate interest in a Cyberpunk online game run by my based a little differently than a standard game. The differnece is not in rules or the addition of magic but in the removal of the players and thier characters out of the flashy bright lights of the city and into an almost alien environment to them, still on earth of course. Basis of an adventuring group would include those with skills of maritime activities such as ex sailors and other types familiar with operations on the ocean or at least on coastal vessels and willing to travel and blend in. The s
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