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  1. I'll agree with you on that, its a cool setting. But the whole Alt-Tech thing make new Alt-Cults a lot harder to come up with (without copying each other) than if they didnt have the tech. I have said it before & i will say it again: Cultures are directed & founded on their technology. This is not a statement about CPV3, but of all life in general. Society is reliant on its technology to survive. without it, we would somply change, our former way of life ceasing to be. that was my origional point for this thread. to point out the neccessity of tech to alt-cu
  2. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    The 5.56 nato round, to my knowledge was made the standard for reasons other than weight. firtly, it was deemed lethal enough. Only 'enough' however. Bullets have got smaller & smaller over the years. in WW1 there were 8mm rifle rounds out there used as standard. in WW2 it was around 7mm. In the 60's it was 50/50 between the 5.56 & 7.62 up until the 80's. Now many units around the world use SMG's instead of rifles to do the fighting. But then there is the P90 with its 5.7x28mm AP ammuniion. But im sure there was talk of a 6.8mm round a while ago. When standard arm
  3. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Cheers for the rules on PEN. whats the standing on D10 weapons aswell, ive always played the 'D10 weapons halve armour, but not the damage that penetrates' rule. with D10 AP ammo does that mean that armour is 1/4 & anything after is 1/2 or what?
  4. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Before i forget: True. Currently, the 7.62 nato is perfectly adequet for all intents and purposes at this time & if its not, then a .50 cal. BMG will do the job. But what about in 30 years time? a 12.7mm round is one BIG MOTHER of a lump of dead weight! I wonder what will become the standard in a future where troopers wear solid armour, better than the body armour of today? .50 cal will still be huge & OTT, but the 7.62 may become obsolete. My point is that as armour technology expands, so must the technology needed to defeat it. What happens when you in
  5. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Cheers all for the info Being british, i dont really get much info on firearms, so i have to ask for the information. BTW, are the penetration rules in Maximum Metal? i lent my copy to a friend & havent tread it for Very long time. If not, could somone pls clue me in to how they are worked out? (wish they had been put in black hands)
  6. Also, if theres one thing i have learned, it is that when you make something illegal (such as corps banning open source) it become 100 times more interesting & much more likley that it will happen, in spite of the rules. We all know that
  7. Also, Rache was a fantastic hacker, but most importantly... HE WASNT STUPID!!! there would be no way that rache would develop something that he couldnt counter himself! He would have to build in a means of control. Even if he didnt care if it got out of control, he was too much into playing people. No-one can tell me that he wouldnt have laid a carfully hidden means to make it all go back. setting a challenge to any would-be heroes. There has to be a back door or a shut off function. Failing that, no worries, there has to be (as mentioned earlier) some old copies or mac
  8. Webby


    Reviewing what data he has at hand, Srgt. Fornway peices together his stratagy. This one is going to be by the book, or so he hope's... "Ok lads, this is how its going to happen..." He sends a simulation through the C3 computer network to the HUD of each member of his squad. "Corporal. You will take Lance Corporal Gunnar's fire team. Call sign, 'CHARLIE'. I will take Lance Corporal Carsons fire team. Call sign, 'BRAVO'. Im designating command HQ as 'ALPHA'. The AV will be 'DELTA'. Primary objective is 'GAMMA'. Read it back!" While listening to his squad reciting th
  9. Well, cheers for the heads up. ill do my best... SIR!
  10. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Im gona work on a 4D10+3 principle I just feel that the .50 calibre BMG is just too monsterous to be used as a standard round for ACPA or Borgs, but the 7.62 doesnt quite cut it anymore with reference to the ability to put down a full cybered target quickly. Im looking for middle ground
  11. Im trying to build up a set of lower end ACPA weapons (more like borg standard stuff) using ballistic ammo. Explosive rounds are a bit too destructive & shotguns are too specialised in role. Im looking more towards an assault rifle which has the potential to be versatile & adaptable (much like the way the MX8) For this purpose, i beleive that the 12.7mm round is just too big & that the 7.62 is just too small. So i got to thinking about an in between calibre. I dod some googleing & came up with THIS! & THIS!! Im curious as to the stats. would the veloc
  12. i have only used this once b4 here on the VftE board & its time to use it again... O_o eek...
  13. Old cyberware: If the dude was in Night City when the nuke went off, then hes gonna need all new stuff. Otherwise, hes fine, but he will need batteries for it. 70% chance of finding batteries & they last about 5 years. think the cost D6x10 NCD Old tech: its all still there & its 100% interchangable. There isnt anything in the V3 book about it cuz its all 2020 tech anyway, except the alt tech.
  14. BTW: how did they end up undergrpound in the first place?
  15. Srgt. Fornway, Royal Marines Commando, 539 Assault squadron REPORTING FRO DUTY SAAAAAA... When do we ship out sir, ive got an itchy trigger finger that needs scratching!
  16. eels! electric eel skin eels could also be used to make power (may be usless however, as i assume that the whole of the place is one huge bio-organic hydroponics lab gone mad with glowing bugs to light up the place) heat i assume is geothermal? makes sense
  17. as far as chem's go, my personal favorites are acids, flamable substances (starship trooper tank bugs) & sticky tar like stuff (Jurasic park)
  18. wolvers type arm melee weapon. - super hard bone that extends from the wrist. Bugs/chemicals fired through organic weapons. Air presure/sphincter valves etc... if anyone has ever played games workshop games, look at warhammer 40,000 tyranids. They are an alien version of the hive/swarm to an extent.
  19. Its vile, disgusting & horrifying to think of... I like it!
  20. Lets kick this pig!!! Hu-aah!
  21. removing internal organs & using bugs instead... not sure how that would work or what sicko would have come up with that idea & what they had to do to convince other people to follow his lead. i suppose that 16 years or so is long enough to work on stuff like that. But im intregued into the inner workings, as such. Are we talking a bunch of bugs that take over the inner workings of the human body, or biologically enhanced oragn replacements? Also, with a hive mind mentality going on, isnt there going to be an issue with singluar beings? a collective mind would pos
  22. I like the Alt-Cult 'theory' but not the extent that it was taken too. I think my main issue with V3, (aside from all the missing stuff like entire descriptions of what EMP does,) is the nano city that eats itself & the idea of storing a 2 megaton nuke next to your most valuable asset & still being only a few hundred feet away! (directly above it, may i add!) Its just dumb! Ok, nuke deterant, i can c that. But staying anywhere near it is the stupidest thing i can think of right now. New net - Yep shouldnt be too hard. how long has it taken for the world to build the i
  23. The Kindred of Avalon are basically the pagan uprising of the British public. I wanted Pikeys to be a nomadic group. I may just throw chavs in with them. (if there is no more dole money, they will have to do something) Also - i like the 'Higher Thinking' idea for the highrider Alt-Cult potential Lastly: In the description of the effects of the 'DataKrash' there is a part that says that is suspected to be at least one group of AI's in the net (plus the soulkiller victims) holed up somewhere. A logical step would be, if u cant run from it & you cant stop it, remove yourse
  24. Webby


    Middle class - no chance. ,Chavs' only occur in the poorest of areas. You are describing ,yuppies'. Chavs live off the state & steal what they cant afford. They drink the cheapest booze, get their girlfriend pregnanat at the age of 13 & then buy them a ring from argos! There are comedy chav cards stating things like: 'Congratulations on your firts ASBO!' or 'happy 30th birthday grandma' **ASBO = Anti Social Behaviour Order**
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