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  1. exactly my main issue personaly is tech levels, i see problems there, unless its down to the GM
  2. i think that we need 2 tables: one for minor stuff like the extra/less toes/fingers, boils, sores, melted flesh, etc... this should be random then another for stuff like extra heads, eyes, arms etc... (using similar abilities to those for cyberforms/body modifications maybe (god bless node 16 resource book) not random but buyable with IP & character points
  3. its more to represent their increased resilience & pain threshold plus they will get longetivity (they do live for about 300+ years) possibly even a regen/increased healing ability
  4. so maybe: Ghouls max MA = 5 max ATTR = 3 max BOD = 11 immune to radiation Super Mutants max MA = 5 max INT = 4 max ATTR = 3 max BOD = 15 Mutants = mutations abilities bought in same manner as perks & talents hows that grab u
  5. interesting twists we all love & i would like to see are as follows: revolutions civil wars wars invasions technical/medical/scietific advances disasters (natural & engineered) plagues world affecting crimes assasination i think i got them all there can i suggest another american civil war (north vs south or east vs west) caused by possibly wealth divide, instigation by foregin powers (corps, or even the russians) or even full borg enslavment Also something has to happen with space. High rider revolutions is a good idea - also opens potential for wo
  6. it is i have a copy of gurps lite (in the back of my copy of disc world gurps, ) thanks for the heads up btw phipps, as always, all input is useful
  7. that souns much more viable. what about the future? how far r u going with the economic crisis?
  8. good man u get on to that if u want, all helpis welcome. right mort?
  9. not sure how effective a bunch quality cyberspace shoes would be... but hey. point works
  10. just done some research & IANUS GAMES produces a alternative book for CP (either 2013 or 2020, not sure) called NIGHTS EDGE It was a book for crossing over Vampire & CP, but it had rules in it for other supernatural stuff, including PSIONICS thought u would appreciate the heads up
  11. nice work needs some tweaks but is fundametally sound this is going to be one cool setting & the moment it is done i shall be running it in the online section of the forum
  12. cool, anyway, i gotta fly otherwise im gonna b late for my Roleplay session (old school Warhammer RPG - my dwarf shall become a runsmith & have an iron & Stone harley davidson. He will also wear a long leather coat with 'BORN to RUNE' on the back! HAZAA) good luck with the mutaion homework (lol) & cheers for the input
  13. As posted else where Nice job m8
  14. kinda like frames? or reflex boosts? weve just got to work on the transition what sort of HL do u think becoming a ghoul with a tree in your face would be?
  15. yeah, yeah, looking good so fa isnt it! cyber actually comes from a hi-tech faction that has nothing to do with the brotherhood or vault dwellers (although i dont know who as i havent got that far into tactics yet) there is a whole world for use to use & abuse my m8, so lets get caracking!!! MWAAHAHAHA
  16. cool, it wouldnt be fallout without it ok - equipment - i think we can get away with alot of the stuff thats already in the CP books. Armour & guns included we could even put in the cybertech too to an extent as in tactica there are cyborgs
  17. good thinking on the SA sytem-to-perks & traits idea (does this mean we get to put in the 'bloody mess' perk )
  18. cheers for the input CitizenX, well appreciated if i could see a copy of that (or if your offering to lend a hand, even better) it would be very useful my mail address is in my profile damn good idea btw
  19. Cool Dr. Webby & Mr Mort it is right: 1 - will we be making all facets of life in CPF (Cyberpunk: Fallout - im getting fed up of writing it) available IE: will we be allowing players to be tribesmen & beastlords? members of the brotherhood of steel or other groups who are going to 'save the world' from itself? 2 - will we be inventing new tech - as much as i love whets there already, i think we will need other stuff too. 3 - will we be using a career system or an open out character development system?
  20. i was thinking more of a Dr. Mort & Mr Webby thing, or at least an Igor part!
  21. certainly - if anyone is going to compile a ultra-realistic CP setting, its going to be tough. Every major news report for the last 20 years will be needed along with current, past & predicted social/economic demigraphics will be required its a big job
  22. hmm... also, man of fire has a bit of a bad guy gets away with it thing going on, if u dont watch the DvD's alternative endings - "Mr Kidnapper, meat my 'Butt Plug Bomb'!" -
  23. In the words of teen titan 'Cyborg'... BOOYAH! ok we need to get some stuff on paper. over the next couple of days im going to re read the provided RPG material in the pen & paper version & ill see what we can do with it in the mean time Dr. Mort, can u see what you can dig up on mutations? ive got some ideas on the big mutants (using a simil;ar system to D&D with the altered stats for different races) lets see what we can do
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