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  1. Good to go on both counts. now i understand the concepts, i like them alot more. As previously stated, the vaults & mutants are your baby. Your in charge of those. good job btw
  2. 2 things: mayber too far. i could see them being some sort of super soldiers. alternativley they bacame uber muderers. only the strong surviving & all that. not so sure about the deformed monstrocities your describing. or was that due to radiation? (Them, not you!) would they not have extreemly pale skin naturally? or is the darker pigmentation a genetic alteration?
  3. would this lack of Cyber-Munchies not provoke a radical redevelopment of the Cybernetic organism? If there is a shortage of the required items, im sure somone would find an alternative, if not a full replacement. Possibley even remove the need for them alltogether?
  4. ill handle the graphics did a few years at art college & ive got over 14000 images in the MyPictures folder of my PC (all cross indexed & itemised)
  5. EXACTLY! when u get that done can i have a copy? That sounds very Ghost in the Shell to me. & i like it! that to me is a logical step forward. The moment we create a machine that can learn, unless we restrict it heavily & monitor it, it could easily progress & learn beyond its origional means (given time). there is even a divide in 2020 about FBC & meat. FBC's being treated as monsters & shunned by society. If there is a economic crash, anything that can do something better than a human or is even different to a human would be targeted as an
  6. Now, i know that this post will more than likley be a mistake, but im gonna say it anyway: IM NOT A TREKKIE!!! but what about 'Data' from Star Trek Next Gen.? He's an android, which is basically AI. If an AI is programmed with an infinite learning circuit, surely over time it could become self aware (not with current programming capabilities & techniques, but more than likley in the future) But i repeat: IM NOT A TREKKIE!!!
  7. so, logical advances would be things like self repairing nanos for borgs or even human skin? slowish, but still alot faster than natural heraling (say 1 pnt per hour? 1.5 while sleeping?) also, things like reactive nano could work. colourshifting nano that change when a signal or frequency is sent to them? (similar to colourshifting bio stuff from one of thye source books for 2020 (i forget which one)
  8. Found THIS also, i think it could be useful (sort of) if not fun to look at Also i found a link to loads of free rules for RPGs & Boardgames HERE may be useful
  9. I personally have decided to include the timeline data provided by the abandoned Fallout 3 material (it feel like it should be in there after all as almost everything in the fallout universe is abanodned itself). but this is a group effort. Im asking for a vote. Those of you who are working on this project, i ask that you post either: YES - use the Fallout 3 material or NO - dont use the Fallout 3 material I would also like a breif description as to why or why not to use it. It can be found "HERE" I vote YES because having read some of it, i think the
  10. WOW, i want one! however, could i have one in stone, cuz if it comes wiht guys who throw flaming objects around, i dont want to be in the woodedn castle... Comprende?
  11. Would it not be possible to for some sort of charge in the air, similar to static electricity? That is still unproven to my knowledge. Also, in another 30 - 50 years, could they not develop a means round this? I agree whole heartedly! Again, i concur with you on that one. In my view (which may be limited), Nano tech will be a useful tool, but in V3, its gone too far. I could understand Nano as one-shot tools. Like an injection at the doctors. Its designed to cure you, but you'll never get to re-use it. - u see my point
  12. Webby


    "CHARLIE! Cover the LZ. Dallas! I want a hole where that doorway was. STAT!" While CHARLIE takes up positon & Dallas prepares the doorway for blasting, Fornway updates his troops. "Corporal. When that door goes i want you & Ericsson to enter the bridge. I need that room clearer of yours to be the first thing through the hole. The rest of BRAVO will follow you. Remember Lads, offer them surrender first. If they are hostile, we have permission to terminate threats." Satisfied that his team was ready he turns to Private Dallas. "Ready?" "Yes sir!" Dallas re
  14. cheers rock ok, im having a go at the world history & current situations as per our conversation earlier Mort, i know youre doing great with the mutations bit. anyone else helping? if so can they let me or Mort know what theyre doing so we can leave them to it or help them as required this is going so well, i would hate for this to fall apart at the last moment
  15. that sounds like it could work what about time scale. U mentioned that it would take some time. I wouldnt expect the net to be rabid free, but in say a 4 year period, i would estimate a reasonable clearance (that is compares to the whole 'LAND OF THE DEAD' version of the net right now - loads of monsters surrounding the few remaining outposts of cyberspace)
  16. All around the world... OMG O_o imagine russian vaults? this project wont be big, its HUGE! also, we need to look at robotic PC's, i feel the need for a "Warning will robinson" thing to be going on the weapons & equipment will be easy as far as the balisstic stuff is concerned as its all 20th century stuff its the energy stuff we need to look at as the CP laser rules arent gonna cut it theres also as you pointed out, 122 vaults in america (many being empty). there would be a few private ones doted around too. but the rest of the world hasnt even been scr
  17. OK: i have done somethinking: This is what we need for a compilation: now im going to get some headache pills, take 2 & call myself in the morning! 1 - Introduction to the book (yes, a book. ill do it up as a PDF) 2 - Timeline 3 - History of the Fallout setting 4 - update on current events 5 - character creation data - made for V2 or V3 system (lets do it for both) 6 - Specialisations for where the PC comes from 7 - lists of mutations & abilities for mutants ghouls & super mutants 8 - Bestiary - all those criters out there need approximated stats 9 - Full e
  18. if your working on a blood loss issue, a single hole will only bleed so much & with certain weapons (lasers, etc...) they quaterise the wound how about 1 box per 3 rounds/turns per bullet hole?
  19. Thats cool then. they made the paper version exactly the same as the PC game then. sortred
  20. they sounds like Demons loaded with DOG programs to me too i see your point. every problem is simply a matter of time to fix. i could easily see a fixable net by 2040 at the latest. 15 years is a really long time to a hacker working on one system!
  21. Older spacecraft having maunal system backups would have made it it? so a few survivor - they declare independance, etc... yada yada yada - cool, going places, like it. (Although, i thought just recorded knowledge was the problem. I thought it was a data swap & the rabids that were the problems...) what baout the whole NC nuke jobba? is there a hugh jass nuclear reactive hole where NC was? or did mr Arasaka realise what a dumb idea it was to rig a 2 megton nuclear device to his biggest asset while he was still living in the damn building? also, how did the rest of the wor
  22. thats cool it will still fall to the GM though, i just wanted to make clear a point that i would worry about with groups like my own (powergaming issues) anyway, back to mutations: how about a system similar to Agamemnons 'complications & perks' tables in his 3D6 system (its somewhere on the forum) i gtg, so let me know what u think & ill be on again in about 8 -9 hours
  23. Webby

    10mm Rifle Round

    Ok preliminary results are in: the 4D10+2 option was liked by my group & it was found to be a fairly useful round - it was not over powerful, but was capable of taking light borgs, vehicles & ACPA - it was also capable of HVY armoured infantry targets overall a succes so far
  24. by problems, i meant that there could be issues with tribals going up against uber-tough powered armour but that will have to be down to the GM i think we will need some sort of honour code or something to stop people simply culling tribes for cash & stuff too (damn powergamers)
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