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    "Holy S@$T!"


    Tekagi oopens fire at the 'thing' leering at him & Inaba in the darkness. Guns blazing, he hopes that he can drop it with the 14mm SMG.


    "Why the hell didnt i design a bigger gun! Why!?!?"

  2. Willis' camera feed hasn't moved in 20 seconds. Anakov's cam pans him, to see the PA suit slumped. There is a roaring sound in the background, a fast thumping beat... Anakovs camera pans around back down the tunnel, light shines off carapace, and then the view is obscured by bright muzzle flash as Anakov's 12.7mm cannon roars over the feed. And then suddenly the camera feed is pointing at the roof, and you hear a thump as the PA system is thrown to the ground.


    Then something black crosses the feed - you see only shiny black, but it must be big, and it is passing very fast... just a loud scuttling noise in the dark.


    And then the camera feed goes black. You've lost both feeds, and its all gone silent except for your rhymic, heavy breathing.



    "Inaba, RUN!"


    Tekagi's reactions are instinctive. If the 'thing' that got Willis & Anakov is that big & moving about 20 mph towards them, they have to get out of there. NOW!


    "Which way?" Inaba asks.


    "I dont know!" Tekagi's mind races. He hasnt time to think this through, its a split second decision. "That way! Go Thay way!" Tekagi point towards the direction of the mall. At least there should be friendly troops that way at some point. He hopes...

  3. true. im just trying to work out some different compounds to use in ballistic weaponry. Just alternatives.


    If caesium could be made synthetically (were talking 30 years in the future, so i think theres a chance) it would be more acceptable. A more powerful alternative to phosphorus.


    im interested in alot of others.


    Anything anyone can come up with, i want to hear. thats all

  4. "Willis & Anakov, can you two check that way, it might head for the Park. Inaba & me will chekc where this way goes. I think it heads for the mall."


    "Lets keep each other posted. Let us know if you see anyhting weird and stuff. We'll do the same."


    With confirmation from his team mates, Tekagi prepares to go down into the subway system.


    Tekagi addresses the members of PacForce, still in the lower levels of the building. "Can you guys watch our backs out here? We've got to check this out."

  5. <Another door Sergeant, interior.> a view pops in the HUD, a gunCam view through a glass portal in the door. The far side is a corridor abeam the ship. <The Bridge is through that wall, the sensor suite room is just left, central. No apparent activity.>



    Scanning his surroundings, Sergeant Fornway made his desicion.


    "Good job. CHARLIE. Top side. I want you to prepare to go through the roof into the bridge. Two in, one covering & two as vanguard to cover our rear. Go to it. Dallas, i want you you prep that wall for our entry to the bridge to cover CHARLIE. Corporal Carlson & Private Ericsson. You will take out the Communications & Sensor array to our left. Charles & I will cover the corridor. When Dallas blows the wall, Charle & i will move into the bridge. Dallas. You will cover the corridor."


    Fornway's attention drifted to the door in front of him.


    "But first, we have to get through this door. Make sure its not booby traped & procede as planned. When i give the signal, we all go at the same time. Go word is 'STARFALL'."



    Satisfied with his plan, Fornway contemplated why this seemed to be so quiet. He had seen several boggies on route. But now they seemed to have vanished. No Apparent Activity. This was too quiet. What on earth was going on? Where were the crew? Where was the damn resistance he had expected?


    Perturbed by the lack of action, Fornway readied his battle rifle.


    "BRAVO, Move out."

  6. i didnt actaully know it was phosphourous that was used as incendiary in API rounds. Cool. Ill look into a few others.


    Thanks for the info one & all


    btw. What chemicals are used in explosive ammo. (smaller calibre, not GL's)

  7. What sort of effect wuld alkaline metals have as a munition?


    Phosphorous reacts with water in an explosive reaction. could this not be instingated with the water in the human body? using some sort of ballistic delivery sysyem? & what effect would it have?


    also, what other chemicals/materials make good munitions & submunitions?

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