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  1. other than phosphorus, what other alternatives are you talking about?
  2. how much control would the corps have in their little parts of the world? would they hold any sway with the law? would they be the law there? would they have similar control methods to the Alt-Cults?
  3. true. im just trying to work out some different compounds to use in ballistic weaponry. Just alternatives. If caesium could be made synthetically (were talking 30 years in the future, so i think theres a chance) it would be more acceptable. A more powerful alternative to phosphorus. im interested in alot of others. Anything anyone can come up with, i want to hear. thats all
  4. "Willis & Anakov, can you two check that way, it might head for the Park. Inaba & me will chekc where this way goes. I think it heads for the mall." "Lets keep each other posted. Let us know if you see anyhting weird and stuff. We'll do the same." With confirmation from his team mates, Tekagi prepares to go down into the subway system. Tekagi addresses the members of PacForce, still in the lower levels of the building. "Can you guys watch our backs out here? We've got to check this out."
  5. is there no way of coating it? so that its safe until it impacts on the target? some sort of inert shell?
  6. CAESIUM this stuff is even nastier than phosphorous
  7. Overall, not something you's take on a duck hunt! Thats just nasty!
  8. Webby

    Glock 17

    at that rate they may as well have just given you a new firearm! what's lef tof the origional afterall?
  9. The owner of the bar starts up a sideline business of bountyhunting (just watched DOMINO, RAAAAARGH!) how about that for the makings of a plot?
  10. Cool Glad to hear that its all going so well. Ill post a general view of the contenants & ill host the timline of Fallout on a site 2morrow too. Keep up the good work boys & grrls
  11. Webby


    Scanning his surroundings, Sergeant Fornway made his desicion. "Good job. CHARLIE. Top side. I want you to prepare to go through the roof into the bridge. Two in, one covering & two as vanguard to cover our rear. Go to it. Dallas, i want you you prep that wall for our entry to the bridge to cover CHARLIE. Corporal Carlson & Private Ericsson. You will take out the Communications & Sensor array to our left. Charles & I will cover the corridor. When Dallas blows the wall, Charle & i will move into the bridge. Dallas. You will cover the corridor." Fornway's
  12. i didnt actaully know it was phosphourous that was used as incendiary in API rounds. Cool. Ill look into a few others. Thanks for the info one & all btw. What chemicals are used in explosive ammo. (smaller calibre, not GL's)
  13. Rubberised flesh is waterproof, insulated (electricity proof) & may have some ballistic protective properties. Also, think Mr Fantastic (strechable) Putty even, mouldqable faces!
  14. What sort of effect wuld alkaline metals have as a munition? Phosphorous reacts with water in an explosive reaction. could this not be instingated with the water in the human body? using some sort of ballistic delivery sysyem? & what effect would it have? also, what other chemicals/materials make good munitions & submunitions?
  15. Requests Gills Glowing skin Transparent skin Camelionic abilities rubberised flesh scaly skin psionic abilities feeder tendrils instead of mouthes stuff of that nature fur allsorts
  16. It may be in russian, but we can translate it & get some good pics BOOYAH!!!
  17. Both posts are great. love 'em, lov 'em, love 'em! one thing. The flight thing. the arms would be stronger so i think a -2 BOD/STR penalty for everything that isnt purely strength based, such as lifting. stuff like BTM & hits should go down to represent the lost toughness. (carrying is still fine, maybe 1/3 carry cap if flying & no hard armours at all. could get away with some armouerd insert plates.) other than that, u are so on a roll! Fallout boy salutes you!
  18. cool been thinking about that mutation skill not sure its necessary think about it. The mutation isnt instantatiopus, they would have grown up with it, so would have natural abilities with it. I think the mutatipons shuld just offer opportunities to get bonus's on some things (Awareness for extra eyes, Armour for scaly skin, etc, bonus actions in certain circumstances for extra limbs, etc...) and so should just cost character points to get them. maybe a blend of the two. what about if you treated each mutation as a skill so that the bonus it gives is dependant on the lvl
  19. well, ive nearly finished the timeline alterations from the wiki site. (down from 29 a4 pages to only 21 now. will be about 10 when im done) & im gonna work on the settings for the rest of the world this weekend
  20. first thing first ive got to bloody sort out a scanner first or else ill have to do it via collage (which im much better at)
  21. fine, falloutboy & morgan blackhand in a bar singning kareoke
  22. true, but nessecity is a great incentive. Eventually they could possibly produce a cheap simple nutirent sludge based on almost anything that contains nutrients? how about using ammonia? similar to how maggots ingest food. They secreet ammonia so that it breaks down the food so they can ingest the nutrients. If it is possible for them, surely it could be done for borgs. Produce a chemical that breaks down the organic matter into a disgusting sludge that is full of yummy goodness?
  23. thought so all good buddy. S'all good! ill do a pipboy with morgan black hand or sumthin as a graphic
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