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    they also stoned the earth from the heavens! (something the dutch have been doing for years [] ) anyway, i still think they would be ok. at most, the sea would rise about 3 inches if i reckon right (unless they melted over 1/4, then everyone dies!) so they should be ok
  2. something that 110% monarchy. feudal england (medievil style)
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    FORNWAY < ALPHA HQ. THIS IS GOLD LEADER. ROGER THAT. THANK YOU FOR THE INTEL. OVER AND OUT. > This could be really bad. From what intel he received from HQ, this ship could be carrying wounded or at least hospitalised people. Worse yet, with a medical monitoring server, this whole ship could be a delivery system for a biological weapon... "Hear that boys, sounds like we've got ourselves a boat full of organ donors!" Best not unsettle the troops with that just yet. Best get some confirmation on his theory before any rash decisions are made. < GOLD SQUAD.
  4. I think talsorian covered the humanity loss issue pretty well. - borgs - oldschool borgs skill lose HUM exactly the same. the difference is that 'ee' are brought up expecting & anticipating their new body. nothing cold hearted. its all good. the new bodies are much more realistic & are designed so that the loss is minimal. Also, transferance from meat to metal is aided with compulsary psych-therapy. thats why there is no loss. Its a metal body, but it still bleeds & needs to eat. its more like a synthetic human than simply a machine. - State - theyre still human.
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    my sentiment exactly they would be the brokers of information. they wouldnt have everything, but they would have alot.
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    O_o you got bored didnt you... Mr. Mort! go take your medication! seriously though... in 203X, i could see the bloc becoming the powerhouse of europe. they have the last secure data bank on the planet. they have control of very large amounts of money that no-one can prove they own (so embezel it or invest it in their own business) and they are always neutral! they could rule the euro theatre!
  7. eek... that concludes my thoughts on the matter
  8. why? it never left! if you install cyberware, u still lose Humanity its just alt-tech that doesnt make u lose it. or are you suggesting humanity loss for alt-tech?
  9. glad you think so how about some stone skin? or at least some sort of toughened skin (could treat it as skinweave) & horns... & different sized limbs, such as a massive right arm... (yes, i am thinking hellboy)
  10. All good then. On behalf of Mr. Mort & my self, cheers mike! yeah, all the mutant ATTR stuff is good to go by what you said. As for my idea of maximum & a penalty: The idea was that you could have had a penalty, but to get a penalty worth while would mean that you would have to spend the extra just to get to '0 ATTR'. Bu on the flipside, if you simply impose a max limit, then the other Character points get spent else where. Middle ground being, both. max limit with a small negative mod. you have to spend points just to get to ATTR 1 but not many. Also, u cant h
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    You have raised a point that i havent thought of yet: Scandinavia has/had a massive databank! Circa datakrah, would this datavault not be protected? it would not have been designed around standard OS software & certainly would not have been accessable via the net. It would have been a stand alone system. Data would have been transfered to it via hard copy, surley? Also, what happens to all the other computers that werent on the net? did they go tits up when the net went gaga? Anyway, scandinavian bloc... I could see them coming out pretty well off in 203X. wiht
  12. I think the universal consensus is that we are ignoring those bits of the book. Think of it as our version of the EMP rule issue: Content: "The Paper Virus..." Eretta: - circa VftE forum "NEVER HAPPENED!!!"
  13. After reading the info, ghouls are dependant on radiation in very small ammounts, but they are not 100% immune. very high levels still harm them. as for looks, ghouls are called ghouls because they look like walking corpses so: Ghoul ATTR max = 2 suffers a -2 penalty too Super mutants max = 3 suffers a -2 penalty too Mutants ATTR max = 6 suffers a -2 (can still be really pretty, but not super model level) hows that?
  14. Very very cool there MR Mort. how ever.. Wings: i still have miss givings over the whole skill/mutation issue. Why not let them fly (they have bought the wings after all) & use flight in the same manner as 'Pilot'? hows that work for you? Super Mutants: Howabout +5 BOD / -4 INT / -1 REF / -2 ATTR ? Ghouls: ATTR 0? Rad-Resistance of 90% (they arent immune, but will ignore 90% of the damage that would be done to them. Rad-Dependance (similar to Drug-Dependance) must be subjected to a low level of radiation every so often or they begin to die?
  15. I think you got everything except revolutions, strikes, majour technical/scientific/medical breakthoughs/developments & political uprisings
  16. that s9ounds good as a guide line. obviously, some stuff would cause more bleeding (cuts, shrapnel, etc) best ive heard yet
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    (OOC: Malek, your an evil man...) FORNWAY "Stop that process Gunnar! Now!" Fornway reviews the data he is receiving from the comms room. "What the hell is that box? And what the hell is going on abord this ship? Its all wrong!" This was not what he had planned. Where were the damn crewmen. Where were the bogies he had observed onroute? Non of it was normal, not one damn thing. "Alright, listen up! This is totally FUBAR. We will be going with plan 'B'. We all pair off & search this damn boat until all the crew & its contents are in our possesion."
  18. TEKAGI "Holy S@$T!" Tekagi oopens fire at the 'thing' leering at him & Inaba in the darkness. Guns blazing, he hopes that he can drop it with the 14mm SMG. "Why the hell didnt i design a bigger gun! Why!?!?"
  19. Yeah, the best munition that mythbusters proved was frozen chickens! lol
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    (v3) Ooc

    For those who are interested, here is my CHARCTER
  21. how about 'MAYDAY' or 'RESPONSE' class?
  22. wheres this short list then? i can see the massive list of almost everything not covered by the book, but wheres the short version?
  23. "Inaba, RUN!" Tekagi's reactions are instinctive. If the 'thing' that got Willis & Anakov is that big & moving about 20 mph towards them, they have to get out of there. NOW! "Which way?" Inaba asks. "I dont know!" Tekagi's mind races. He hasnt time to think this through, its a split second decision. "That way! Go Thay way!" Tekagi point towards the direction of the mall. At least there should be friendly troops that way at some point. He hopes...
  24. My girlfriend thinks i wasnt born to my parents, but infact found in an iceburg & thawed out...
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