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  1. Truth be told, my weapons company is actualy very normal. A few new gadjets like a tri-shuriken launcher (under-barrel, hand held & rifle versions) & my air cannon (non lethal) but aside from that its the service provided by the custom weapon cunstrucion kit i put into it that i thought would be helpful. I think that they are fair, ven thoughmost people say theyre a little too expencive, but i say that if u want a brand new, one of a kind weapon, its gonna cost more than something of the shelf. right?

  2. Hello there guys. This is my first post on this forum & i must say that this is a damn good forum at that.


    Now, where was i... ah yes!


    My Company is called Protech Arms TM & i am going to make all the media i have available (being my weapon & equipment catalogue, corperate profile, Hiring info & gun customisation catalogue & order forms) as soon as i have them online. They arefully illustared PDF's. Anyone with any thoughts on the subject, your opinions are more than welcome.


    Thanks, Webby - AKA - Axel Rose, CEO of Protect Arms TM

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