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    I was also wondering if anyone could identify this... Trust a Jap to not be content with a perfectly good weapon...
  2. Webby

    Cool Gear

    http://www.blackhawk.com/?d= I dont know what u guys think, but i want me some of that!
  3. I would split the patrol types, like the CP2020 rule book does. Think of it this way, later it gets, the more dangerous it gets. How about this: Day shift: Single Officer - 6am till 2pm - 1 x Shotgun (both 12g slug & buckshot) 1 x 10mm side arm Evening Shift: Pair of Officers - 2pm till 10pm - 1 x Militech Ronin Carbine* (5.56 dual purpose rounds) 1 x Shotgun (both 12g slug & buckshot) 2 x 10mm side arm Night Shift: Pair of Officers - 10pm till 6am - 2 x Militech Ronin Carbine* (5.56 dual purpose rounds) 2 x 10mm side arm Currently, all British vehicles & arms a
  4. Depends on the character i reckon. I prefer techies, so meat. But if i was going for some gun toting psycho solo, then i'd go for some beefy full borg replacement.
  5. Sounds good. U gonna go for the semi-auto shotgun or the carbine for the bikers?
  6. First of all we need to work out what areas are going to be more likely to have what & at what level, right? Top of the scale i reckon will be either Japan or the USA. Then western Europe & South pacific area, followed by eastern europe & russia. Lastly there would be asia & africa. Japan i would say would have the latest cutting edge stuff and it would be more available. I think that the asia's & the africas would have soviet grade hardware, if not lower. Were talking really screwed up second hand stuff. The sort that should be in a museum or sumthin.
  7. QUOTE As far as locks on guns, I've been toying with the idea of "ring locks" (officer wears a ring on their firing hand that has to be in close proximity to the weapon). This is perfect for weapon snatches, but when a booster gang jacks a patrol cruiser for its weapons, they'd just take the rings off the cops (or take the whole hand). I don't think there's really any feasible way to secure cruiser weapons from such a theft True, but its better than nothing. Also, dual purpose rounds are only a little bit more expencive than AP rounds. (double cost, where AP is 50% extra) So, a p
  8. I have just had a look at the CP2020 rule book. pg 220 - night city encounters. The first daytime encounter is a cop with an AKR20 & kevlar body armour. The first evening encounter, there are 2 officers with FN-RAL's & flak armour & pants. The first midnight onwards encounter is 2 officers with Ronin assault rifles & flak armour, pants & helmet. but i prefer more versatile weapons myself, such as those discussed here!
  9. Way i see it, a 5.56 rifle with an underslung shotgun (similar to the chadran jungle reaper) would be ideal for cops in an SUV, but for the bikers, a pistol grip shotgun will be totally usless. Far too much recoil & not controlable enough. Dont forget, the prime role of the police is to protect & serve the public. Control & accuarcy will be the main idea. H&K MPK20 & a Taser would be my choice for their armament. Duel purpose rounds for all weapons. Anyway, as far as weapons being stolen, just put a DNA scanner or some other sort of lock on the weapons. No proble
  10. beyond shooting clays on a friends farm, sniping a few rats with a .22 semi-automatic rifle or my 4.5mm air rifle, i have no actual experience of fire arms. Explosives, yes. I worked with a demolitions team for 6 months in warehouses & flats. I was basically pointing out that yes, a full barrel will have a small spread, but a barrel about 6" long will have a much broader spred. will it not?
  11. everything has its limits. look at it this way - a 60kg pull bow does almost the same damage as a 7.62 bullet! Isnt that enough for you? Basically, i see it as being a case of the arrow or bolt reaching terminal velocity. it physically cannot fly any faster. also, as to why crossbow bolts do less damage because they are smaller. They carry less weight, thus causing less trauma. basically, there is only so fasst you can make a projectile fly. Thats its limit.
  12. OK KG-------S.BOW----X.BOW 10kg--=- 2D6 - - - - 1D6 20kg--=- 3D6 - - - - 2D6 30kg--=- 3D6+2 - - 2D6+2 40kg--=- 4D6 - - - - 3D6 50kg--=- 5D6 - - - - 4D6 60kg--=- 6D6 - - - - 5D6 70kg--=- 6D6+1 - - 5D6+1 80kg--=- 6D6+3 - - 5D6+3 90kg--=- 7D6 - - - - 6D6 100kg-=- 7D6+1 - - 6D6+1 110kg-=- 7D6+3 - - 6D6+3 120kg-=- 8D6 - - - -7D6 Hows that sound?
  13. Still doesnt beat the Mr. T 'Biatch slap' in the "A-PITEH-DU-FOO" technique! Or the world renowned "I-AINT-GETTIN-ON-NO-PLANE-FOO!!!"
  14. way i see it, even if you miss, you wont, u know? How is it possible to miss anyway at that range with that much spread!!! Thats why i use the pump action shotgun in Counterstrike, i get right up 2 them, then BLAAMO!!! goodnight sweetheart!
  15. Yeah! There is another Law that applies to Yorks main park. If you see a scotsman in there before midday on a sunday you can shoot him with a bow! Kings law, even the queen is bound to it & that means she cant put it aside either! Go figure... Im thinking perfect muder opportunities for welsh & scottish targets!
  16. WW3 has already been & gone. Look in a library & u will easilly find a few books on it. It was a massive worldwide covert op that lasted ages. But a very valid point non the less... ...but something still strikes me as odd... WHY DOES NO-ONE THINK: "Well, its oly a game, i can do what i like!"
  17. By the way, id make the moralle check a COOL roll. its all about keeping your head, right?
  18. Vietnam was one massive blunder by the USA & we all know it. but what got me was the chemical cocktails that they used to try outon troopers, turning them into stone cold killing machines that only thought about how many men they could kill before they were killed. I read a transcript about one guy who was reduced to using his pistol & when he ran out of ammo, he killed them with his bare hands. Made it back to base too...
  19. My character used to pack a crossbow, just because it was silent. (that & i could add a 25mm grenade for that little extra punch) & there is no better way to get a zip line from one rooftop to another!
  20. Yeah. It would also need to be serviced more often. It might even have a major defect, or what i would call... "...Its got character!" Ill root out some rukes i had from a while ago. Back in the days of rat runners...
  21. My character, Axel Rose didnt have the choice. We all know what happens to a character whos being heroic at a crucial moment. Our GM came up with the rule that railguns turned their projectile into plasma when they reached 8000ft per sec. In addition, plasma reacts with water in an explosive manner. So, a railgun that hits water gains a blast & its damage is tripled. Guess who bought it on that run... Anyway, i ended up with a fully personalised 'SAMSON' FBC. Suited me just fine. But out of choice, id go 4 the meat!
  22. Its all to do with pressure. Self bows, being larger in size than crossbows, will get more pressure behind their projectile for the same draw weight than the smaller crossbow. The English Longbow always beat the crossbow, hands down!
  23. Thats the thing though. The charge detonates within the target & it can be shaped, so that the blast is focused away from the user. Be one hell of a mess though... mmm
  24. My bad on the dum-dum issue. Im not as well educated as most of your good selves. Infact, other than my GCSE's, ive got bugger all! If i know about anything, its because ive learnt about it in my own time. I digress though... I stated in one of my last posts: QUOTE (note: I was thinking about maybe having the barrels linked so that they are on a snap on link, so that u have to undo the lock, twist the barrels & you have the carbine available. The sniper barrel slides back into the grip of the weapon.) The idea was that this way, the firer wouldnt have to carry a
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