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  1. Burbary Kevlar & Rockport Cyberware, what a horrible thought... ... but very beleivable. CyberChavs, i gotta kill me a half a dozen of them today! I think you would have to add in a whole AltCult dedicated to car moding, seeing as how big it is right now. (i heard about a 60 year old man driving a white Volvo 240 with hydrolics today) Trains, excelant idea! definatly need some sort of water dwelling dudes for the east & anglia & such. acording to the resources for 2020, that areas flooded as i remember. Some sort of Pro Monarchy Cult too (something BNP
  2. ill take a copy too, any resources at al that anyone can provide, im very gratefull, i horde all sorts of rpg stuff
  3. THEY GET BETTER FOOD THAN ALL THE OTHER ALTCULTS!!! also, if you were 8 & you were told u were moving to disney world to live for the rest of your life, would you not be extatic??? Nosie, no issue, sound proofing. Even without that, there are people living next to train tracks now who hardly notice. Routine is a bitch
  4. Obsolete, nah... .. its Retro... never forget how history has the little habit of repeating itself an awful lot! Plus, i have to say, v3 does supply alot potential to the GM. Communists plan a take over of the world with the NeoCorps on the other side with Punks in between, go for it. Freeky religeous SG1 'Ori' stuff going on, why not. AI plot to conqour the world from the ghost town, very matrix but i like it. Revenge from the heavens, nice call. I have to say that i like the new look CP. In particular, i love the character creation alterations. AltCults are a much bett
  5. if it takes up too much space, host the file on a free web page & allow down loads from there by direct link. BTW i have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat Writer if you would like it made into PDF format.
  6. Webby

    Ammo Stats

    "... Fwah fwah fwah, bagged me' self some of them yankee cyborg type other day. Bally good fun dont you know, eh what! Pass the smoked salmon would you old boy, ravenous this morning..." hmm... cant see it myslef. Though im sure that a film of something similar was already done by Chuck Norris
  7. If i were to be a hitamn, i would only do hits in other countries. Travel to country in question using false papers, assume the identity of a nobody, scrub up so i dont leave any DNA evidance, (Gattica style) make the hit, preferable with a rifle or some other long range weapon, dispose of the weapon & any record of my being there, resume prior false identity & travel home. i trust that isnt too complex?
  8. i fail to see what is over complex about buying microsoft, sony, macdonalds & the oil feilds of the east? i run all my plans for world domination by a 5 year old anyway, they see all the flaws.
  9. still going for the methods of murder in the dark future - forget guns, forget up close & personal, the main factor in remaining anonymous is time. If you used a very slow acting poison, for example - some sort of air based compound, you could always 'accidentally sneeze' at them as you walked pastthem in the street, discharging the agent & simply walking away while being carefull not to breathe in yourself. Alternativly (my favorite idea to boot) would be to use a delayed action nano-virus delivered in a simplar manner. Simply set the delay for say 7 - 14 days, your sorted &
  10. Yeah, positive vibes... heck, v.3 is only late about over 3 YEARS!!! Nothing much, right? AAAAAAARRGH!!! Im so gonna turn big & green if something doesnt happen soon...
  11. Hows this sound... Soft Armour = 1/2 sp - full damage Hard Armour = 3/4 sp - full damage an antimaterial round (such as 12.7mm BMG) would tear soft armour to shreds, but it would still screw over hard armour too! when using AP ammo though, the AP effect is in addition to the 'normal' effects of the round. Example: SP 12 - Soft Armour Jacket Hit by: .50 cal Standard round = 1/2 sp = 6 (1/2 of 12 = 6) damage full .50 cal AP round= 1/2 of 1/2 sp = 3 (1/2 of 12 = 6 -- 1/2 of 6 is 3) damage half SP 25 - Metal Gear Hit by: .50 cal Standard round = 3/4 sp =
  12. ill take that as a No then...
  13. does this mean that the weapon is acceptable?
  14. Right... 1: The weapon is designed as a universal weapon, it should be able to switch from SMG to sniper rifle to assault rifle to support weapon at the press of a button. That is why i incorporated the shroud. 2: The mag release was a typo, thats the battery release (the charge bar is that row of dots to the left of the button. 3: The tech read out is mainly for the purposes of maintainance, fine tuning & repair. Its just an addon that would only require software, so it can be added without taking up weight or space. So why not have it if it could prove usefull. As for
  15. dont forget the 'OMGISM' factor! (OH MY GOD, I SHIT MYSELF) The threat of such a weapon in the hands of a trooper should be enough to deter attack, meaning the weapon should not have to be used. Anyone who attacks somone with one of those is either insane or very comfident in their abilities, either way, in that situation, it would be needed!
  16. play them a track from a pop album, you'll kill them with the lack of talent! on a serious note: how about some sort of fletchete? light damage, high armour penetration. just coat the darts in a toxin, & your away
  17. thats a very good point. what would you say be the minimum width of a revolver stole shot gun? (litterally - a revolver fireing shells)
  18. it would be smaller than the f2000. admittedly, the f2000 is a damn sight more manageable than the OICW, but its still a big ass gun. Also, HOW ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO FIT ALL THE DAMN STUFF! there needs to be enough CPU power to work all that stuff. My URR is packed with stuff! weapon scanner computer controled self adjusting barrel (length & calibre) adjustable velocity control red dot laser rangefinder cooling shroud & dont get me started on the sight! The whole thing would not be that much bigger than the FN-P90 & AS FAR AS LOOKS GO, I LIKE IT!
  19. Universal Reciever Rifle What do u guys think? A bit of an improvement on my las idea. Caseless, not binary liquid, but it matches his idea. Able to fire multiple calibres (all the rounds are made to match in size, with only the projectile & its propelant varying) that uses similar tech to the spawn blade for the barrel. a microchip inside the projectile allows the onboard CPU to program the barrel to its required diameter. Barrel length can also be adjusted via the LCD readout. I will have ammuniton designed for the weapon within 48 hours. Let me know what u thik!
  20. CP2020 Sheets & Node 16 ref book 5 I did my best to be as concise as possible. Did i miss anything? let me know what u guys think.
  21. Protech Arms tm sheets & resources let me know what u guys think. ive never done anything to do with websites before, so this is a bit new to me
  22. we know there will still be microsoft... ...so will there still be windows? ...& will it actually work properly & not screw you over?
  23. ok, i may get bawled out for this one, but what the hell... how about a universaal, caseless receiver/barrel rig? standard receiver (all the rounds used for it are fitted to the same size with the caseless propellant & other materials to bulk it out. using the same material as the slamdance spawn blade, or maybe some spider silk based ceramic fiberous materail that can contract or spread given the output of an onboard CPU, u could have a single weapon that can fire all different sizes of rounds at different velocities (it would also be able to shorten & lengthen the barrel a
  24. http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/tgemci/ILAS...as_Flashing.pdf thought it might be usefull
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