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  1. Revisiting this thread 15 years later. I do like that we have faaaaaar better LTE/wifi coverage than the Cyberpunk 2020 rule-set suggested (with its high % of dropped signal if net-running on the move) In home virtual reality for recreation. Everybody is connected, corporations own all our data and know us better than we know ourselves. From the amount of time we spend in front of a screen you would figure all of us were netrunners. But we still largely use brass cased ammunition instead of 10mm case-less.
  2. But there first needs to be a governmental collapse allowing corps to have a great deal more sway than they currently have. Thus pressuring quickness in law makers to approve new products/drugs. What I find really neat in the Cyberpunk time line are the dates of the Centeral American war, and the idea that the former Soviet states and Europe would be on better terms than America and the new Russia. The 2 Centeral American wars were in the very early 90's and in 2003. coincideing with the 2 Persian Gulf wars. But thats pretty much where any heeby jibby concidence end
  3. In the 2020 book it says to re-roll when a charater is standing behind a low-wall and an attack targets his legs. In that case, and in ones like it, such as, 1/2 your body behind a wall, corner ect. My groups and I have kept the roll and just rolled damage to see if it penatrated the cover. Say you are leaning around a wall, only your head, left arm, and 1/2 your torso are showing. An attack on your head would be normal, but on your right arm it would need to try and penatrate the wall. 50% of torso (odd even, high low, what ever) would need to penetrate the wall. Is
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