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  1. Cowboy Bebop falls in the category of Space Punk. Deep Space covers it well enough. Ghost In The Shell. Wow, three pages and I don't recall seeing that name yet. Covers the question of identity in modern society, A.I. sentience, Corperate/Government playing fast and loose with the laws. Bubblegum Crisis. The Original series from 2032-33. Corperate greed, A.I. sentience, the haves vs. the have nots, Bad ass powered suits, A.D. Police fighting the good fight against the cyber-psychos and boomers, and Priss and the Replicants ripping up the stage in underground clubs. If that's not the CP feel, I must not be getting it. that's just what comes to mind right now.
  2. Thricedamned


    Because the corp wants a more stable brain in the body, and the junk meat from the street just can't do that. The most logical path I've seen is to vatgrow the brains in the body so they are already aclimated to it. The cost of a vat brain, the body, and schooling to teach it it's job vs. The doner's surgery, body, stabilizing drugs, a seperate body for human interaction, phychiatrist bills and still having to train the wackjob in the body to use it. Sounds to me, like the vatjob is cheaper. And in the end isn't that really what matters, saving a few euro.
  3. Thricedamned


    QUOTE human rights organisation would sit upon you and wreak one hell havocin the media In a Cyberpunk World, I don't know if many would give a flying fig what some Human rights group may be trying to say. Especially if the Mega or Government responsible kept it under a tight enough lid that people just thought that it was another grand conspiracy theory (how many are there now a days?) QUOTE how would you raise them? Among others like them. They would be raised like any other child would be. disipline would be diffrent. Think about a time out where you were left aware but imobilized completely. Caretakers would be full conversion borgs as well, just in case of a temper tantrum. Intelligence and inventiveness would not really be diminished due to teaching programs designed around treaching such skills. QUOTE you'd have to wait for years until the brain becomes mature & intelligent enough to carry any mission True. However, maturity is a matter of treatment as well. Between accelerated lerning programs, and proper care, even "maturity" can be instilled in a person. QUOTE using mature recipents, and then controlling them w/ drugs during a mission, although still not perfect, seems to be more sensible And for the short term it is. After a few years, you finally start producing the Dragoon babies, and suddenly you have the instabilities worked out. Most corps won't care about the how, just that it works. QUOTE getting a proper brain growth With proper hormone treatments mixed into the brain case, even that is solved. Finally, a little off topic. QUOTE Pay attention to what happens when a youg kid goes angry... My son is seven months old, so I have a little over seventeen years to deal with that.
  4. Your character has to have the right weapon in CP2020. Like was said before, the sneak will most likely go for the non-lethals or a hold-out of some form. Meanwhile, your booster gangs tend toward lots of noise and ammo. the scarier looking, the better. A Solo goes for his dependables. Rifles with a burstfire option and, if properly chromed, a smartlink. Slung at the hip is his trusty pistol, also linked. Finally, he's got that little something special secreted somewhere on his person for that once in a long while when you just get caught out. The thing is, if you have a person who sits and pores over the rules of the book to squeeze every last possible advantage out of his weapon simply because the rules say so, then rock him from orbit. If he builds a tougher character, hit it with a bigger rock. Then notify him that this is a game about style. If all he wants is a big tough guy character, send him over to the guys playing d20 modern or RIFTS. Plenty of big guns and toys to keep him busy till rapture. Trust me, I play these as a way to burn off steam. Also, with this system's lethality, it's not what gun you own, but how you use it. Two guys with pistols can kill off the walking tank. If they have sound tactics. Remember, ambush, cover and numbers. Old tricks can be the best.
  5. On an odd side note to this. In my chemical warfare classes I have to take once a year(military), The CS is what they use on us for mask canfidence tests. The bad part is taking it off in a room full of the stuff. Your eyes tear up, your nose begins to run like a faucet, and breathing suddenly becomes a minor chore. The worst of it is all this time, your wanting to wipe your nose and eyes to clear them, but know that if you do it's just goung to make it worse. Fun stuff really. P.S. it took anywhere from three to ten seconds to hit me. Then it was time
  6. Thricedamned


    A friend and I were looking at the Dragoon from the Chrome books. The serious detriment to that body, of course, being that that much metal drives a mind off the map. Well, he had a thought. What if the mind was born to that body? Take the mind of an infant and rise it from childhood as a Dragoon. Arm the weapons only when training begins for it. Granted, social skills won't be as great, but since the mind has always been a Dragoon, it shouldn't go insane. Theories? Comments?
  7. Cool pics for the new flick. The Batmobile definitly looks like it could be dangerous.
  8. Yeah, I did. I like it. This is what I'm talking about.
  9. I think the tag said it all. Thing is, with my habit of going overboard on things, I'd probably be in desperate need of a shrink or be in a braindance after cyberpsychosis finally set in. Or, I'd be rolling the road on an old Triumph as an outrider for a nomad pack. I like the idea of the nomad. Just you, the bike, and the hum of the road.
  10. Call me insane, but I had a thought. The whole cyberpunk genre is based off of the nihlistic dark future where hope is usually a lost thought and crime is insanely rampant. Hmm, sounds like Gotham City to me. Let's think about this in a semi-logical manner. The future is bleak, Wayne Enterprises seems to have it's finger in plenty of pies. And in the midst of it all is a dark hero who tries to put a stop to all manner of sociopathic maniacs with agendas of doom, dispair, and agony that plauge everyone. He has all kinds of wiz gear and has a think for keeping his face hidden from view. If anyone thinks I'm off base on this one, please let me know
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