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  1. Hmmm - interesting idea that. I've got to admit, I was toying with the idea of doing a random roll within a range - much more appropriate for games than straight random rolls. Or I could randomly generate a single number and then allow the player to assign however much they feel they need to the appropriate stat, What do you think? Thanks for the volunteer malek77 - I'll try to get at least something coded this weekend and post a link for testers.
  2. Thanks for that - it looks pretty good for someone starting out or for quick games. What I'm really looking for (or going to create) is something like the D&D 3.5 generator from PathGuy - it takes an age to load but is amazingly complete. Hehe - I just generated a Netrunner gone Cyberpsycho! Hmmmm. Now that could be fun
  3. Thanks for this thread! I'm a total newbie when it comes to running pbp games - all of my games previously have occurred in real-time, either tabletop or via chat. As I will be running it using a forum, I should be able to up the post rate a fair bit, but I am worried about some PCs running to far ahead, leaving those who can't post as often behind. I actually left a pbp game I was a player in for that reason - everyone else was posting 4 and 5 times a day, and I just couldn't keep up. Any tips on keeping the pace without leaving some behind? I'm guessing I'll need to have some posti
  4. I'm going to start with the basic character generation (without the lifepath) from the CP2020 book. That's more familiar to me than the other ways, and I thought it was a good place to start. Unless you can think of a simpler way to generate characters? Anything that makes my job, or my players' jobs any easier is gratefully recieved!
  5. I've looked and looked and looked for an online CP character generator, to make it easier for some of my players to roll up characters and send them to me. As I can't find one, I thought I would have a go writing one - probably in javascript, but I might end up using PHP. Before I start - does anyone have any tips for me for this endeavour? I'm not exactly an expert at Javascript, so I imagine it's gonna be pretty ugly at least to begin with. Also - would any of you guys be willing to test it when I get it up and running, just to find out what I've missed and to make sure it wor
  6. I'm starting a couple of Cyberpunk games - one is a chat based one (will be on Saturday evenings, but not every week) and one that will be a play-by-post. I'm looking for players of any level to join. GMs are also welcome, as I am wishing to increase the number of CP games, but a little thing like work and sleep always seems to get in the way and cloning tech just isn't up to scratch yet You can have a look at Salroth - the pages devoted to CP are Here Thanks for reading, and be careful out there!
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