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  1. Syber

    Blade Runner

    i grabbed the Ultimate edition in the briefcase, and i am impressed so far... nice little package.
  2. US site says March 11th DVD release, and they have an updated trailer
  3. got it in the mail today and i must say i am impressed. all booklets with dies and character sheets in near mint/mint condition, box has a couple of scuffs but for $10.50 US i got a hell of a deal. i have become on ebay whore in the process....
  4. US site is up http://www.warnervideo.com/appleseed/
  5. just snagged this for 10 bucks on ebay
  6. hi, i have been looking for the first edition of cyberpunk... the one set in 2013. i have tried ebay with no success. they do have the box set but with the second edition 2020 inside. anyone have a handle on where i might find one?
  7. can anyone recommend Nylon Angel? its the first in a series of Cyberpunk books about a bad ass chick named Parrish Plessis... Code Noir and Crash Deluxe are the others, written by an Australian named Marianne de Pierres i have not read any of them...yet. Amazon Linky
  8. Syber

    Blade Runner

    i haven't seen that version in some time.. looking forward to it as well.
  9. Altered Carbon... a helluva good read for his first novel. his blog says its been bought by hollywood.
  10. Syber

    Blade Runner

    anyone seen a release date yet for the Ultimate Blade Runner DVD's yet?
  11. bummer. was looking forward to seeing the site if you had it.
  12. i kinda remember a site like you describe, but this site is the only one i had thats close. lots of info on the glossary page.
  13. picked it up and its a good read. looking forward to Prodigal
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