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  1. A father and son, separated by decades and a cataclysm that has upturned the world, track a grand and elusive conspiracy in this cyberpunk thriller. In the hellish future of 2044, human beings have become stupefied by the state of permanent happiness they’ve been genetically altered to experience. ‘Dumb’ Jack (Peter Scanavino) offers relief via drugs that bring his customers the welcome phenomenon of pain. But when Jack receives a mysterious videotape of his dead father, he sets out to unmask the dangerous conspiracy that has created this dystopian world. http://vodo.net/zenith
  2. And it is biodegradable. A feast for all kinds of vermin in the field. In the 17th century the inventory of the Tower of London included bullet proof vests made of silk. But they were literally eaten up while in storage.
  3. Sounds quite familiar! The lifelike limb, controlled by a chip planted on the brain, is being tested as part of a program designed to speed development of medical devices. If trials are successful, developers hope the arm will be commercially available in four or five years. http://www.latimes.com/health/la-na-prosth...0,3164096.story
  4. An alternate setting using the interlock system!!! Scheduled for June 2010 and Cubicle 7 delivers on time. I have to calm down and scale down my expectations. But it's Interlock! Genesis Descent Cyberpunk 2054
  5. Hi, we are working on the German translation of Night City right now and we will print the map and sell it separately as well. Shipment to the States should be quite reasonable.
  6. First of all: Games-In only has the rights to publish German editions of RTG cyberpunk books. Second: Mike Pondsmith announced 2020 classic. Nothing was told about the layout. I'm sorry I have to damp the excitement about the English edition. adumbratus
  7. Yes, I'm the editor of the New German Cp 2020 Book. When we sold out the German Cp 2020 1st edition, we decided to reprint it. In the beginning we thought we had only to add the armour rules from the English Cp 2020 3rd Edition, but than we dicovered that the old German edition had used different erratas, it is something like an English 1.5. Therefore we went through the old German edition with a really fine comb, to produce an edition which is attractive for the new and old fans alike. This took us a lot more time than anticipated. We are not allowed to do anything new, but we rep
  8. Maximum Mike wrote: Oh yeah? Okay, well since you asked: One reason we haven't been announcing products is that we have have had a frack of a time just getting THIS book out--the printer messed up so often and so badly that we ended up hiring an outide service bureau to fix it for them. Even so, the book was 4 months late. We hope to get around that with a change in production methods. We are working on other Altcult books right now. Desnai is next,the Riptide followed by Rolling State. Then comes Reef and C-metal. The order is based on a) the "distance" technologica
  9. A really big THANK YOU for the 45(!) pdfs. I know how much work goes into a project like this.
  10. http://cyberpunk.liber-mundi.org/downloads.php?lng=us
  11. In the reprint of Maximum Metal page 106: NEW RULE: High density AP rounds do full damage through armor, like HEAT rounds. adumbratus
  12. Thank you for sharing! And the completist in me is asking: Are there any other PDFs of OOP magazines (especially from the UK) available on the net? adumbratus
  13. The ultimate self-defense bedside table: http://www.jamesmcadam.co.uk/portfolio_html/sb_table.html adumbratus
  14. I forgot, most of the changes are in the Eratta on the Talsorian page. Not included are the changes from the edition updated with Italian art.
  15. The first printing was in a box with the screamsheets in an extra booklet. If you do not have the screamsheets in the back of the book it is from the box. Attention: A few rules were changed in later editions.
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