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  1. or there is a bunch of grognads complaining that its no longer the same game they have been playing non-stop their teens, no matter what quality rules or presentation...
  2. Not sure about that security thing, as my understanding is that wireless is inherently less secure then physical contact. Sure, that depends on the setup, but at least in theory, a person can rig a portable RFID reader and read peoples cards on public transport or other crowded areas. Tho, adding a pin or biometric on top may help, as then it becomes a to part system, one you have, one you are/know.
  3. Heh, maybe so. I guess the japanese is talked about the most as they came out of a jungle the british considered impassable at the time (thanks to their mechanized focused thinking, maybe).
  4. Didnt the japanese deploy troops by bicycle? I would say this is similar, but with the ability to transport more firepower...
  5. I would say the velocity part is a good thing at least, less chance of over-penetration that way, no? also, how long must a barrel be to be accurate in close quarters anyways?
  6. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.04/esp_pr.html
  7. sounds bit like edgerunner tech at first glance (the put on and use part at least).
  8. ah, its nice to see that some things never change
  9. The "Iron Curtain" created an effective continent sized prison camp. Defensive walls are another matter entirely. one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter im sure the big guys back in moscow claimed it being defensive as well... anyways, thanks for verifying a theory i having when posting that entry
  10. "greater hong kong"? anyways, i must say that its somewhat ironic to see a nation build a wall, when more then one leader of the same nation told another nation to tear down a different wall some 40 year ago...
  11. the sovjets where big on airlifting just about anything...
  12. heh, seeing that "chainsaw" reminds me of what i suspect was the opening animation of dune 2. basically powered armor clad soldiers advancing with gatling guns fired from the hips. as for the first video, i suspect the design shown is a proof of concept. hell, the feed system seems prone to jams...
  13. hmm, i wonder if i can get hold of a belt option for snow use. still, it looks like a wheelchair with a windshield... as for the mall cop issue, have two or more, where the one(s) not in use are charging. or maybe user swapable battery packs. stop, swap, go...
  14. that depends on the "magic" of the neural interface. the current real life tech is based around rerouting nerves to small skin muscles that sensors then read. CP on the other hand has a full feedback loop, and the replacement arm performs at least as well as the real one out of the box (or very close to that). in a way, cyberpsychosis seems to be a kind of cyberware road rage...
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