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  1. Sounds good to me. 84783[/snapback] K.W. Jeter wrote the tragic bladerunner sequels........ i can only imagine this suck as hard as they did
  2. Blasphemy Catcher in thr Rye Book about a loser who never, ever redeems himself. Probably well-writtenm but uttelry frustrating and totally unrewarding. 84781[/snapback] I massively agree dune is amazing
  3. Just asking if anyone has read stephen kings the dark tower series, i saw a brand new copy in waterstones, so i got the gunslinger, part one! looks pretty interesting, i was astonished to find its from way back in '86 that it was first published! anyway i have always associated King with horror, this seems a long way from that! anyway hope i will enjoy, any thoughts would be welcome!
  4. Yeah to be fair shaun is the spaced movie that never was!!! im so looking forward to spaced season three, my mate went snowboarding and met this girl, he went to school with simon pegg and she had done some editing on band of brothers, in particular the episodes where simon pegg makes an appearence, she got chatting to him about spaced season three, and in turn as each of the guys snowboarding new simon they got talking about spaced, and from that i hear its definatley on the cards..........just when!!! for now i watch spaced over and over im sure i know the script.............get off me you bummer!!!!!!!!
  5. Marusatsu


    Titanic, bites.....................my grandfather was a butler to a high household on, he escaped incedentaly, still id like to see anyone stand at the front of a ship like they did withou catchin hypothermia, or runing around in artic seawater.............Romeo and Juliet is 10000000000000000 times better
  6. Its a computer rendered tank, im sure the animator saw a tank photo and said, oh make it like that, dont think he gave a flying fuck about what make it was, im sure its just a tank that looks like all modern tanks..........why do u know so much about tanks, oh my god......................who gives a fuck?
  7. hopefully it will be faithful, whats paycheck like BTW?
  8. Recently been gettin into loads of new music, probably due to downloding ebm radio player, its on pretty much all the time, i think its cool cause its like perfect vackground music for everything, makes me feel im in a movie every time i come on my comp, im even starting to dress more and more gothy, just to surf, its like a whole big role play geekarama when i come to just send mails and stuff!! very cool find, thanx to the post ages ago that had the link.........how ever i decided to try out some harsh noise, maybe not the best way to enter into a scene that more about noise than music, i should have eased in, first off i thought the downloads were corrupted on noisemp3.com, i was however listening to "circuit wound" i was actually quite shocked!!! is this music? weird, now i know why T-M said i would not like it, and hes right, although this is not a dis, it just not my thing, its weird, i have heaps of techy stuff and pedals for my guitar that try to eliminate the exact sounds that these guys are trying to produce!! Still im willing to give power noise a try, can someone describe that? i kind of imagine it being like the start music to the original quake? maybe im wrong? still if there is a beat id like to hear! Thanx T-M for heaps of suggestions
  9. QUOTE (hobgoblin @ Aug 27 2004, 04:13 PM) Marusatsu: even in old japan was sex something that was taken lightly as long as it wasnt the public talk so to speak. see no evil, speak no evil. not unknown for a lower samurai to hire a hooker (or what was it they called it?) for the boss when he dropped in... Only in books like shogun.............its very taboo even these days.
  10. Damn straight, in Japan u see girls finishing high school then straight up to the city in their uniforms, where are they going? well there are these yakuza types in black suits that hang out on famous parts of the city, and they just constantly ask, "you wanna be in a movie?" "you wanna be a model?" the girls know there gonna get naked, and have sex but they just want the cash, they dont care about their body, their dignity if it means the can go buy some Prada or Louis Vuitton clothes, image is the only thing thats important and that means cash...........for a nation that was based on honour and self control for thousands of years, it seems weird that in the last fifty years it has become so materialistic. It worse to turn up at school in the wrong desiner label then it is to have sex on tape with a stanger?? now thats the dark future...................
  11. In japanese history, ninjas are parts of clans, and are always Samurai, Hideo is a faithful retainer and ninja, there is no dishounour or any less prestige in being a ninja, just they specialise in different styles of combat. The term street samurai, does it justice, it shows that in the future, even the warriors of old are just scum on the street, like many samurai after wars, they are forced into being Ronin or Kenshi, and fight for the highest bidder, it happened a lot, so i think it sounds cool and fits well.
  12. Marusatsu


    I have all the noir seris....i think its a little dull its pretty much the same every episode, its also a massive shojo anime (girl anime) and huge in the gay and lesbian anime scene, its not a camp romp like salior moon, but its all girl, "sisterly" love anime?? its somthing i would expect studio 'clamp' do bang out, if u know them, all girl writers and artists, all in all i think its okay just a little slow as anime goes?? dunno love the theme song tho
  13. QUOTE (whisperer @ Aug 12 2004, 11:05 AM) I saw both trailers, American and Japanese. And I agree on the "carnage" part. The Japanese trailer was a lot better. Still, I suppose I'll get old before the movie gets to Europe. And in MY part of Europe, the only chance to see it is some underground, unadvertised screening. BTW: did you know that Mamoru Ooshi made a film in Poland? It was called "Avalon", a major part was played by an actress famous around here from our mild version or "E.R.", and, AFAIK, it sucked. Unlike GITS we had some posts onavalon a while back?? ask winterjewel
  14. QUOTE (techno-muppet @ Aug 10 2004, 05:16 PM) thats what g.i.t.s. is all about in every incarnation. it does to the likes of us, who follow the japanese scene and have discerning tastes when it comes to anime. but to the average western buyer, who buys all their anime (overpriced) from hmv, they're gonna want guns, girls and big explosions. thats all there was available over here untill a year or two ago unless you could import ntsc vids so you cant blame the dist. companies in marketing it towards that demographic. its fine by me as long as they dont touch the picture, and give us an untouched japanese dub with decent subs. if we get those, they can call it death machines froms outer spaces for all i care lol. Yeah thats true, when i think, i would of had no anime back in the day if it wernt for some of them companies selling guns and chick movies from japan!!! its funny cause some of my japanese buddies saw the US trailer and were like, oh my god it looks ace why cant we have it like that, i would have gone and seen it if i had know it was like that, it looked boring when it was here........... but they saw appleseed which gutted me, as i left japan a week before it came to the cinema an april.....shiting shit it!!!!
  15. it was juat called innocence here in japan!! not ghost in the shell two......... i heard that it questions life and reality, but the wetsern trailer is like "The major is gone can Bateau Stop the Carnage......" when will they stop makin trash stuff like that, cant they realise anime sells without having to say its full of rampaging robots and carnage... Still looks so amazing, i was gutted cause i was here in japan in march when it was here on the cinema, but i said nah ill get the DVD in summer, but its not out yet till next month!!! doh................
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