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  1. Damien looks out the back of the truck during the ride through town and tries to note how much technical sophistication exists in town. When the truck stops, he keeps one hand on his Glock (out of view) and hopes that trouble doesn't come looking for them.
  2. Quick question: If the pimp has done his research why is he bothering with the daughter of major corporates? Unless she is of legal age and wants to do that sort of work... and even then he is asking for trouble. As for assaulting the roof basicaly if its covert, here is how I would do it. 1. Multiple sniper teams are positioned to cover the roof and excape routes. They recoinoder the site and check for things like security positions and location of heavy weapons that could pop a chopper. 2. Agent at party picks up on girl's location and transmits it. (possibly even
  3. I would recomend Raul Hilberg The Destruction of the European Jews as its concidered the authorative scholary source. Goldhagen (author of Hitler's Willing Executioners)'s works are concidred in most accademic circles to be closer to propaganda than scholary inquiry. http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/id26.htm What we are seing domseticaly is efforts by Shrub&Co to keep us scared so we don't answere questions... Not Facism per se, but certanly not compadable with the American Democratc Tradition. I would also concider a substantial portion of the Repub base to have toltarian leaning
  4. http://sound.westhost.com/counterfeit.htm The excelent basis for a sub plot. Band's amp catches fire, netrunner's deck goes south a the worst possible moment, etc. If the characters have any brains they figure out that the part that started the cascade faiilure was counterfit and someone needs a blanketparty.
  5. Looks like somthing to build a campaign around?. http://www.clevescene.com/issues/2003-06-18/feature.html/1/index.html
  6. Damien looks on during the engine "repair." He asks, slightly paranoid, "where they watching us?"
  7. Damien says, "Might as well stop for some emergency truck repars. If we can avoid the bird so much the better."
  8. OCC: I didn't see the thread moving and as a result was a bit neglegent in checking for progress.... Damien spends much of the ride trying unsucessfully to find a semi-comfortable place to sit. <snip and backpost> Damien looks a little nervous as the helocopeter swoops by overhead. He asks, "Does that mean that the convoy is important or does it just mean that they are paranoid or used to being ambushed by the locals?"
  9. My reading habits include: Salon.Com The Nation (dead tree edition) New York Times (online) As for books I just finished a bunch by Alan First, which has the perfect cyberpunk atmosphere, too bad its set in the 1930s-1940s. Less often: Washington Post, its my hometown newspaper but when I can read the Times, why not read the paper of record? The Economist. Best english foreign coverage, period. I also like the links posted on Democraticunderground.com ( I post there, also). What do you expect, I am a Social Democrat with classical liberal leanings and a li
  10. "I don't see anything that looks like Esteban's or Jason's. I do see lots of SEAL gear." "Fawcett, you're right. We need to aquire some russian guns." Damien muses, "I wonder if its easier to buy or steal them?" He looks for Ebin or Hanna, "how well paid and motivated are Sov oil and the Russian security forces in the area?" OCC: Translation: is it easier to steal them because they tend to get drunk and high or just buy the stuff from them because they are corrupt?
  11. As much as Cyberpunk is my favorate game system, many of the books suffer from "Ge wiz, thats cool" syndrome. For instance, AVs are basicaly a brick with a jet engine under it. With the fuel state (very expensive and centeraly controled) production it doesn't make sense to have them. Use Autogyros, they use less fuel and are just as cool. My biggest problm with neo-tribes is that the concept is cool, but the execution doesn't let characters fit in well. Also the problem of expensive gas and heavy vehicles rears its ugly head. The best book is Wildside which should have been p
  12. Damien says, "Fawcett, thanks for finding my things." He takes his Glock and gives it a throuhgh check over and cleaning. The magazines disapear into his pockets. Other items that would not have gone through customs without questions go into other pockts. He then comments, "so this is home, at least for a while."
  13. Damien climbs back up the stairs. (Note to self, steal or build a proper crane) to handle heavy equipment movements. He is relieaved that everyone seems to be still here and looks for Fawcett.
  14. It depends on where your character is and what they are doing. For the average Nomad/Great Plains, get the aforementioned 7.62mm Bolt action rifle. If you are going to be in a city enviroment somthing like this would be apporperate. If you will be engaging many targets at long range, a semi-automatic rifle that fires the .300 WSM cartrege would be about right. If you realy need to reach out and kill someone (or their APC) the 15mm would be right. Of cource for the urban sniper, I would sugest getting rulles for suppressed firing.
  15. I haven't had much time to spend helping design the next generation cyberpunk, but here is my 2 euro: What we need are refrence prices. As in not just how much things cost but enough data to be able to extrapolate. For instnace including that a pack of gum costs .4 eb tells me that a candy bar will cost about .9 eb and a meal at McDonnalds will run about 7 eb. The idea is to provide a list of common items to help players and GMs come up with prices. The PDA illistrates the concept it nicely. Just don't let players custom design the item in question.
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