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  1. FIX


    Here is a link to the brookings instute page on it: http://www.brook.edu/FP/projects/nucwcost/davyc.HTM Seems kinda pointless (troops would be caught in the blast radius). However firing a conventional warhead with a GPS or laser guidence system would be very intresting (perticulary as a gun-and-run system). As for poping ACPA, Fibere Optic Guided Missles may be the best way to go. Terminaly guided by human and more than capable of killing ACPA it may be the best way. Of cource so would be anything larger than a 20mm autocannon... But a 105mm APFDS would be overkill, even for the largest boris.
  2. I think you are a little off. 10 M in 3.2 sec is 3.125 m/s Is (3.125*60)=187.5 meters per minute is (187.5*60)=11250 M/hr or 0.699 Mi. Which sounds about right. Acording to http://www.onlineconversion.com/, 1 kilometer = 0.6213712 mile. I think its about right.
  3. Damien looks out the back of the truck during the ride through town and tries to note how much technical sophistication exists in town. When the truck stops, he keeps one hand on his Glock (out of view) and hopes that trouble doesn't come looking for them.
  4. Quick question: If the pimp has done his research why is he bothering with the daughter of major corporates? Unless she is of legal age and wants to do that sort of work... and even then he is asking for trouble. As for assaulting the roof basicaly if its covert, here is how I would do it. 1. Multiple sniper teams are positioned to cover the roof and excape routes. They recoinoder the site and check for things like security positions and location of heavy weapons that could pop a chopper. 2. Agent at party picks up on girl's location and transmits it. (possibly even sliping a homing bug into her purse or clothes). 3. Attack birds come in and rocket defensive possitions and/or gaurd houses. They then provide air cover. Extraction team arrives in chopers (AVs are expensive), one team fast ropes down to the first floor and assaults up the building the other team fast ropes onto the roof. The team that ropes onto the roof breaks the glass and enters the party perceded by flash bangs and tear gas. They shoot anyone who resists and grabs the girl. Teams evacuate to the first floor and are picked up by helocopters. 3.5 (optional) Support helocopters rocket loft to "deliver a message." 4. Sniper teams self-exfiltrate. This would be over in about a minute to a minute and a half. Relitively few people are killed unless rockets are fired into the loft. Again, it would happen fast. Either way with any of the assault plans I have seen, the players would probably end up dead if they resisted. Of cource the Players will resist if they are stupid (and probably die).
  5. I would recomend Raul Hilberg The Destruction of the European Jews as its concidered the authorative scholary source. Goldhagen (author of Hitler's Willing Executioners)'s works are concidred in most accademic circles to be closer to propaganda than scholary inquiry. http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/id26.htm What we are seing domseticaly is efforts by Shrub&Co to keep us scared so we don't answere questions... Not Facism per se, but certanly not compadable with the American Democratc Tradition. I would also concider a substantial portion of the Repub base to have toltarian leanings.
  6. On the front page it says that it throws a 5g projectile at 33m/s. I think that given a few more years it will be a slightly more pratical toy.
  7. The only change to the "blackhammer rules:" 1. There is a +1 to supressive rolls for useing a weapon with a bipod. 2. There is a +2 for useing a tripod or vehicle mount. That should make it more brutal.
  8. http://sound.westhost.com/counterfeit.htm The excelent basis for a sub plot. Band's amp catches fire, netrunner's deck goes south a the worst possible moment, etc. If the characters have any brains they figure out that the part that started the cascade faiilure was counterfit and someone needs a blanketparty.
  9. Interesting idea. The screen is too small however. I have a Palm 500 and its screen is a little on the small side. I would hate to mess with somthing that small. It is a good step in the right direction. I would love to have a small easily caried organizer. The idea of interngration with a cell phone or a watch are both promising ideas. I would like to wait for it to mature another generation or two. I like new tek, I just like someone else to alpha test it.
  10. I am partial to the Blackhammer rules: http://www.ambient.ca/cpunk/deltasuppression.html
  11. Looking at it again, It looks like it needs some help. Namely because it fails to provide adaquate protection for layers of armor. Unfortunately I can't properly mess with the formula because Lotus 1-2-3 R9 doesn't like WinXP But you are right that somthing is wrong. I think it needs some tweaking, like doubling the lowest armor value before squareing... I don't know. I need to get 9.8 and start playing with numbers. I agree, it does seem broken.
  12. I tend to agree that external cover (not worn by character) is added to the character's worn armor. However I don't like the RTG armor layering table. Its slightly stupid. Instead I like taking the armor raitings, summing the squares and then taking the square root. Like This: SQRT(Layer1^2 + Layer2^2 + Layer3^2 ... LayerN^2 ) = total armor value.
  13. I think that ECT is not a munchkin tech (remember the weapon needs to gas seal because I suspect it will produce spectacular burns) mostly because it would make an excelent long range rifle, anti-armor weapon or anti-aircraft gun because the weapon fires a projectile at very high velocities. So it will not do too much more damage against a person but will make a nice hole in their armor before penatrating them. Combined with a large heavy fletechet projectile makes an intresting projectile. For instance, tanks, armored vehicles, ACPA and aircraft all are filled with sensitive stuff like engines, fuel, amunition, electronics and opperators. For instance a 14 gram projectile @ 1500 m/s will penatrate anyone wearing metalgear both ways (and probably 'borgs also). Somthing a little heavier will smash light armor and somthing much heavier will make a nice neat hole in an MBT. Of cource the same properties in a rapid firing gun will kill any sort of thing that flies too close. But its definately not a character scale weapon.
  14. Looks like somthing to build a campaign around?. http://www.clevescene.com/issues/2003-06-18/feature.html/1/index.html
  15. FIX


    I don't see how cancling bookings at hotels at last minute would be a bad thing (in and of it self) becaue someone rich enought / important enought to take such security percausitions would also be able to set up a proper front corp that can provide plausable deniability. Or otherwise buy off the relivant people.
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